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  1. Here are the new developments regarding the situation at W&LUniversity.
    A protest was held in Lexington as a response to the removal of the flags in the Lee Chapel.
    But the university unexpectedly closed the Lee Chapel because of talk about a protest taking place there on the 26th of July.

    This is a email sent to the president of the school by a group of "multi-cultural" law students calling themselves "The Committee"


    This is what the inside of Lee's tomb looks like now that the demands have been ment.


    Do you think that the flags should be put back?

    Explain why or why not.

    Here is my opinion:

    Robert E. Lee is a American icon whether you like him or hate him he is and you can't change that.
    By removing flags placed in the Lee Chapel in the 1930's because of the interest of a select few you might as well dig the general up and dump him somewhere.

    The same could be said of any american veteran and I think that this is just stupid.
    the committee should have stated in their letter why they felt "alienated" and why they felt that the flags should be removed from the Lee Chapel.

    The flags in my opinion should stay in the Lee Chapel.
    Also Lee gave several years of his life to that school he worked his ass off to make sure that the school got back on it's feet after the war and I think that the committee is ungrateful for his efforts.
    If it wasn't for him the school would have gone bankrupt and would have been forced to close.

    And anyone that has done research on Lee would know that he wasn't a racist and actually favored the abolition of slavery.

    The level of stupidity here is just mind boggling.

    The committee bosts about how much they think that the school's honor code should be upheld and that the flags should be removed and how much Lee was a racist yet they fail to realise that the honor code is Lee's honor code!!

    I have seen how groups like the committee go about doing things in the past...they will want something else.

    A protest was held there on the 26th of July and the there was alot af people there.
    A 15 year old boy was told he had to remove his hat and turn his shirt inside out before he could go visit general Lee on the school campus.

    At first the school said several times that this never happened but they latter admitted to it.

    For more look at the links provided.

    ~Deo Vindice~ X



    If you look closely you'll see that general Lee has three stars on his collar this signifies a Confederate Colonel.
    Lee however was a general and he refused to wear the uniform of a Confederate general and instead he weared the uniform of a Confederate colonel.

    Lee held this rank in the US army before the war and the only time he weared the uniform of a Confederate general was on April 9th 1865 at his surrender to general U.S. Grant.

    Source: The Museum of The Confederatcy in Richmond Virginia

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