Watch your pockets

Discussion in 'Projects' started by The Morrigan, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. The Morrigan Member

    Watch your pockets

    I'm sure that by now everyone knows not to put their ID and other such items in their pockets at the protests, as some crazy scienos may decide to try to steal it/them or whatnot.

    However, I just had a thought, and I figured you guys may want to protect yourselves as well.

    I was reading a story about some guy who a scieno tried to frame by putting pot in his car. Therefore I figured some might try to stick drugs/other incriminating things in our pockets. Try not to wear coats, baggy pants, etc. that have large or open pockets, and keep vigilant. There will probably be a lot of people around you and someone could easily "bump into you" and slip something on your person.
  2. Very good point. I'm simply avoiding pockets altogether.
  3. Amomynous Member

    Oh hey, cool free drugs! :D


    Good thought, thanks for the tip. :)

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