water4gas and "Ozzie Freedom"

Discussion in 'CoS Front Groups' started by anonymal, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. anonymal Member

    water4gas and "Ozzie Freedom"

    A couple weeks ago James Randi's SWIFT newsletter had a blurb on Looking at that website, I noticed that the guy (Dennis Klein) featured in the youtube video (clip from FOX24) lives in Clearwater. So of course I started looking around. Now, it turns out that the Clearwater guy and his company Hydrogen Technology Applications, Inc specifically say that RunYourCarOnWater (note On/With seem to be used interchangeably) is not affiliated with them. I also noted a website that seemed to connect RYCOW with '', carrying 'reviews' of both sites and a few others.

    Finding no connection between Clearwater resident Dennis Klein and s¢ientology, I stopped and moved on.

    Then on OCMB someone posted that the guy behind water4gas is a scilon. (Note that that ocmb thread quickly devolves into baawwwing, bad science, and poop flinging - what else is new?)

    But, indeed "Ozzie Freedom" appears to be a scilon. His resume posted on another site of his notes that his name used to be Eyal Siman-tov and also mentions he has been awarded for "Sponsor for Total Freedom" from IAS.

    So today I started looking into water4gas again and I've noticed that there are a LOT of sites that have "water4gas scam" or "water4gas reviews" that explain that it isn't a scam. Those websites invariably end the 'review' as an advertisement for water4gas ("go to for more information!" - does that sound familiar? hint - replace water4gas with scientology). The few that indeed say that it IS a scam turn out to be advertisements for runyourcaronwater.

    So it looks like a LOT of effort has gone into placing water4gas propaganda all over the web so that anyone trying to research it comes away with "scam is not a scam". Here's a comment I found on a blog
    "Ozzie" has started tons of 'companies' like,, If anyone wants to help figure out if and how all these water fuel and review and scam debunking sites and ozzie's sites are related, please do!
  2. carwaterguide Member

    Re: water4gas and "Ozzie Freedom"

    ok...this is ads and may be a scam? but if you don't satisfy you can asked for refund!!! more pain ...why not? i hope my site may be help many people....that hope it's true!!!!

    i think many people don't have to try something to understand that it works.
    I've seen facts on the news and all over the Internet, that running a car on water IS possible. Even that I haven't tried doing it, it doesn't mean that it's on mind site and nothing to loss...CarWaterGuide i will come again and to talk with you

    thank you very much for visit my site
  3. AnonOrange_ Member

    Re: water4gas and "Ozzie Freedom"

    The green car in the picture is owned by a Scilon that sells a 25% gas saving system. Don't know if it's hydrogen based though.


    None of this stuff actually works.

    In the case of the hydrogen system, where you generate hydrogen and re-burn it, it is a scientific CERTAINTY that these approaches will REDUCE your gas mileage. The reason is that it takes energy to make hydrogen and that is not 100% efficient (probably no more than 40%) Then, when you burn the hydrogen and convert it to mechanical energy, that process is no more than 30% efficient in an internal combustion engine.

    So, there's a net loss of energy, which is why perpetual motion machines and similar concepts can be dismissed summarily. Just more lies from your favorite cult.
  4. novocherkassk Member

    Re: water4gas and "Ozzie Freedom"

    wow, i've heard about this! spreading the word naow

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