Way to Happiness Freaks Bond with L.A. Baptist Wives

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    I wonder how the prim and proper Baptist wives would feel about the cult being in bed with the Nation of Islam?

    From: xxxxxxxxxxx<xxxxx>
    To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Subject: News from The Way to Happiness Foundation International

    Date: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    What's Going On At The Way To Happiness Foundation

    In This Issue

    The Wives of Baptist Church Ministers
    Music Night May 27th

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    Dear xxx,

    The Way To Happiness Foundation participated in a retreat with
    wives of Baptist
    Church ministers, read all about the event. Also yet another The
    Way To Happiness


    Wives of Baptist Church Ministers &

    The Way To Happiness

    On Friday, May 20 a seminar was held at the beautiful Hilton Hotel
    in Woodland Hills,
    California. A group of sixteen wives of Baptist Church ministers
    from the Los Angeles
    area was holding a retreat and The Way To Happiness was invited to
    do a presentation
    as part of this educational activity. Caralyn Percy (President of
    The Way to Happiness
    Foundation International) and Joni Ginsberg (Executive Director of
    The Way to Happiness
    Foundation International) both participated in this excellent presentation.
    The 21 Public Service Announcements video was shown to the
    attendees and was well

    Caralyn sang a song for the group and then proceeded to inform them
    of the purpose
    of The Way to Happinessand how it might be of benefit in their
    communities and congregations.
    Caralyn then gave each of the ladies two copies of her personalized
    The Way to Happinessbook.
    Joni spoke further on the value of the book and had the attendees
    participate in
    a couple of skits which were very instructive as well as
    entertaining. Some of
    those ladies could really act and they put on a great performance
    in demonstrating
    the precepts, Be Worthy of Trustand and Try to Treat Others as You
    Would Want Them
    to Treat You.
    The very clear message of the use of The Way to Happinessand its
    value was gotten
    across to these wonderful ladies. I expect we will hear more from
    them in the future.


    "I Hope it Spreads Like Wildfire!"

    "I find that when I act accordingly to the guidelines of this
    booklet, I feel good
    about it afterwords, knowing that I have done the right thing. If a
    lot of people
    where using it, it would be much easier to trust each other ... I

    -- Dennis
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    The Way To Happiness Music Night May 27th!

    The next Music Night is on Friday, May 27th, and will showcase The
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    Dear L, do you know what that really long string of apparently random characters in your links mean? (Hint: they're not random)
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    There are Baptists and Baptists. These sixteen wives of Baptist ministers may be of the Black Baptist Alfreddie Johnson sort. Fortunately, many Black Baptists know Scientology is a cult.

    Cincinnati anons pulled off an amazing raid in April 2009. They found out scifags were infiltrating a Baptist Health Expo that was offering screening for depression as well as several other ailments. So they raided the convention. They told a black woman who was one of the organizers about it. She said, "All these people are Baptists, and they know it is a cult."

    Then the post-raid report says,

    "She said "they white people?" I said, yes, they should stick out like sore thumbs...I describe their flyers and clip boards...and she she stormed across the street "I'm gonna be making me an announcement"...she was hurrying off to make an announcement over the expo LOUD SPEAKERS warning expo goers against taking the flyers and personality test of the sneaky lying Scientologists.

    There is moar info in a thread on a Rant/Rave article about the affair.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Nice scilon holinks...........not.......... please learn to close 'em.

    Q>What do you get when you cross a scilon with a WBC'er?

    A> Not sure but its loud, ugly, and stole my fucking wallet!
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