WBM Knowledge Report: Scientology Tries to Prevent Filming

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Triumph, Apr 25, 2011.

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    That's the very same haggard looking boiler right there.
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    I have to say that I'm surprised at the anger over my lack of disclaimer on the old video. It exists as it existed when it was made and reflects our experiences at that time. I don't think it helps to go all Lucas on the video and have Greedo fire first. This was the situation we encountered. At that time, the police had softened their stance on Scientology at the behest of City Manager Mike Roberto, who had made a peace agreement between Clearwater and Scientology. Just a few years prior, the police department had issued a declaration stating they knew all about Fair Game and other nasty practices of Scientology:

    That was five years before our arrival. Members of that same police department then were willing to take Scientology's money for a cushy job sitting with Antonio, eating Scientology's food and listening for hours at a time about what criminals we were. I caught Antonio one day handing a copy of a magazine to an officer which had the phony story of how Bob had ripped off the Nigerian government of $5 billion dollars. I confront them and marched over to Sid Klein's office to complain. Most people think I'm fairly unflappable when it comes to Scientology. Indeed, nothing Scientology did really got a reaction from me but seeing officers in this situation made me blow my stack because they should and in many cases did know better, or at least their bosses did.

    This video is about that time frame. It is about the officers who clearly allowed themselves to be used and put themselves in the position to appear biased, and specifically points out some instances where we felt they went over the line such as my hammer attack when the only thing the officer who worked for Scientology needed to know is that I worked for the LMT before siding with Mr. Hammer Guy.

    There's a reason the paper was concerned about the officers' off-duty jobs. There's a reason why Judge Pennick called them "dangerously close to being Scientology's police force." There's a reason why retired Police Lt. Ray Emmons and Gabe Cazares were happy to be in this video. This video is about that time. If there's a documentary about police being biased against blacks in the south during the 50's that doesn't reflect the current situation, the filmmaker doesn't go back and say, times have changed and here's how it's different. It's a record of the time. He/she or some other filmmaker may decide to do a follow-up to show how it's changed and perhaps how much progress remains. And people in the area will likely have to tell visitors "You know, things are different now."

    I'm especially surprised that you think this latest video (or others I've made recently) depict these officers in a bad light. They responded to the call in a professional manner and I treated them with respect and thanked them for their time. I didn't fly off the handle and say they were doing anything wrong and get into their face like a tubby Charlie Sheen. I let them do their job. Scientology called them, wanted them to shut me down and they didn't. Footbullet for Scientology is how I took it.

    Incidentally, one of the officers who showed up was a regular working for Scientology during the LMT years. He had a far less friendly look on his face than the officer that spoke with me, but I didn't include him in the video. He can be seen in the background but I didn't put him in to shame him or make any type of charge against his behavior.

    The injunction was permanent. I was surprised to hear the officer say that there was no record of it in the police department's computers which he did check. But my point was, even if it was there, I didn't break it. I did nothing I didn't do when I lived under that injunction for two years. And my right to film on the streets of Clearwater is something I was ready to assert.

    I'm glad the Clearwater Anons have had a good relationship with the police. I expect the police to be professional just as they were in my exchange. As for my gentle suggestion that perhaps the ignominy of the videotape had a little something to do with making sure they behave, I was not taking a bow for how I brilliantly brought a police force into line. I was suggesting that a police force that engages in a Rodney King type beating that gets seen by the public will be told by the higher-ups that this looks bad and we have to do better. The police got a copy of my tape even bore I released and Sid Klein sat down every officer in a meeting and had a showing of it. I went from a cherubic mid-western boy who never had a run-in with the law to suddenly being known by every officer on the force. I know they saw it at the time and had to answer for it to the press. I think there's a possibility it may have had some influence. Maybe not.

    So, here's what I've done. I've added a little disclaimer to the page on my site saying Anons report that life is swell and I will add that text to the YouTube channel when it comes back, too.

    But I reserve the right to continue signing boobs. (Not that anyone's offered.)
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    When have any of us asked you to? We've always specifically said we don't expect you to edit the videos themselves, nor would we ask or want you to. But thanks for suggesting we did.

    That's all anyone wanted. Pity it took three years.
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    Was from. Was. Baca moved on to a station in Nevada. Keep up, will you? KESQ used to be cool. Now they're sounding like they got snapped at by a clam or two. They didn't seem to mind their material getting wide distribution when Nathan was there. Now it's a problem, 3 years later?

    Back off WBM, faggot. srsly. Go be jackhole someplace else.
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    Bawww more faggot. WBM has explained his side, enabling you to now STFU and DIAF.
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    Meh. Let's just all move on. This part of the thread has dark energy now; its chakra is waning into the seventh house of Jupiter with Xenu ascending. Or something.

    Back to the movie yet to come. ('kay?)
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    So many fat jokes, so little time.
  8. amaX Member

    Three years and we tried to handle it privately.
    I'm huge and it's mother's day: do your worst, son.
  9. amaX Member

    I'd sure LOVE to reply to your PM, but you don't accept PM' just send them out.
    So, nobody else read this, okay? This is just for SP forces. Dude, you protest here---you know what the cops have always been like toward us and you should be actively supporting them here, too. There is no way in hell that I'm going to be arrested for arguing online with Bunker. There was EVERY chance we might have all been hauled off to jail when Epic Starbucks Boy attacked us. So, not really a valid argument.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Scientology always attempts to stop free speech when it reflects poorly upon them.

    I'm glad WBM is still documenting reality

    WBM shouldn't need to put up a disclaimer for cops or sharp-spikes or PIs or wiretaps or politicians or any other tool that Scientology uses to silence it's critics.
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    tl:dr Summary of thread

    Sometimes police can be well err you know.
    Sometimes police can be awesome and cool.

    At some point in the past someone may have done something, but by highlighting it, people at some point in the future are aware.

    Someone almost did something that could have been bad.

    Some folk maybe sinister and in cahoots with other folk.

    No Us follow...

    Long post by anonmom2(highlighting this lady as I dont have her autograph and am in desperate need of an autograph, as this will change my life forever and ever).

    Long post by WBM(highlighting WBM as I dont have his autograph and am in desperate need of an autograph, as this will change my life forever and ever).

    A pic of a cute cat and someone from Star Trek.

    hugs to all
    carry on
    another megaraid soon!
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    This youtube link is not available anymore, it's so Interesting why they try to prevent filming, maybe it happend because of the fact that they want to hide something which is really Invalid.
  15. anonymous612 Member

    Or maybe the video link is down because the account was frozen due to a completely unrelated situation you might know about if you spent the slightest amount of time reading before you post.

    I will, however, be extremely supportive of a movement to accuse KESQ of being a frontgroup for the Clearwater Police Department. That would make me lol.
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    Umm..sure. That makes sense. 2048 miles apart from each other, but who's counting?
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    Distance is of no importance when you have thetans.
  18. LarryBren Member

    Well speaking of the movie yet to come, I like Mark's website for it:

    It includes short preview clips of some interviews he has done. I understand from Mark that a number more may be up on the site very shortly, maybe in a day or two.

    Mark did an interview with me at my place in New Hampshire yesterday (June 21, 2011).

    I really like Mark and enjoyed the afternoon. He's a really sharp guy and also a very nice person. IMO he has a heart of gold and has a great sense of humor. Here we are in my living room:


    Also, here is Mark with his lovely fiance Heather who is helping him pull off the movie:

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    I can't wait! Its gana be sick. I might buy 3 so I can give 2 away.
  20. SwordofTruth Member

    He seems to be covering all bases on this one, it's going to be solid.

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