We are screwed.

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Anonymousriseup, Apr 22, 2011.


People are complaining voice pitch is to low, In later videos should i make it higher?

Poll closed Jun 22, 2015.
Yes, His voice is to low. 31 vote(s) 70.5%
No, I can understand it. 9 vote(s) 20.5%
Eh, I read the transcipts. 4 vote(s) 9.1%
  1. Saintless Member

    I personaly like the voice of Saw Theme's I think if you use the SAW voice (The Movie Saw) you get more attention and you will be taken more serieusly.but thats my view of thinking:p.
  2. Well this is stupidly embarrassing, apparently last year Micheal Atkinson (they guy im referring to in my video) Stepped down because to many people hated him :D still why the fuck don't we have an R18+ rating yet.
  3. zukothecat Member

    Wowww I think Anonymous was about this:
    post your issue or what you think is sth unfair that is happening somewhere and expect to receive some help, from other people, to solve or to fight it.

    But you are just fighting against each other.....

    It is confusing....
    Can you stop complaining? You dont know everything about everything.
    Can you actually accept that for someone else the banning of a video game is sth important?
    if you dont care, just stop reading/listening to it.

    I read the posts and try to see the other´s point of view, even if I dont share the same. That´s how I realize that your reality is not mine, and its ok.
    You fight your injustices in your part of the world I fight my, and we all share our experiences...
  4. Loki's spawn Member

    Please lurk moar. Fighting is a regular part of life here, and it is one of the most effective ways of making sure the best ideas prevail. We don't mollycoddle here.
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  5. go baww to your mother you asshole.
  6. zukothecat Member

    that is exactly my point.
    El ser
    Retrasado mental con una pc no te da derecho a nada.
  7. zukothecat Member

    ok, I´m in the wrong place then.
  8. Anonymous Member

    I was told ...
  9. y que?
    tu todavia eres uns guaguita chillona. haste un favor a ti misma ok?
    date quenta de que estupida eres antes de que el resto se de cuenta y vengan a partirte en pedazos okay?
  10. Robocat Member

    Belt fight!
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  11. Anonymous Member

    *clicks on drama thread link*

    i'm looking for some lulz, and i was told to go to them
  12. zukothecat Member

    cuando aprendas a escribir capaz q podes expresar una idea completa, ahi hablamos gil.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Hablen inglés, cabrones.

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