We need a site to point people to.

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Tel, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. Tel

    We need a site to point people to.

    I’m thinking we need to get a nice new clean website that we can refer people to.
    Coming into it raw the looks confusing and somewhat like a crazed conspiracy theory website. The ‘Unfunny Truth’ video is great, but it’s a little melodramatic, and some people will automatically dismiss it.
    We need a nice clean site that clearly states our objections, references them well to official materials (news sites, news papers, court documents), and has links for ‘father reading’ down the bottom.

    What other valid religion considers it’s holy books to be ‘Trade Secrets’?
    The Church of Scientology aggressively litigates against those who share its inner teachings.

    What other valid religion makes people pay thousands of dollars for enlightenment?
    The Church of Scientology demands that members pay to take courses, so that they may one day ‘cross the bridge’ of enlightenment. Individual courses range from $50 to $3000, and members have become hopelessly in dept.

    What other valid religion demands that it’s members dissociate from their family?
    The Church of Scientology’s ‘disconnection policy’ breaks up families and social networks, forcing members to rely solely on the ‘Church’ for support.

    What other religion has been convicted of deliberately infiltrating government agencies with the intent of wiretapping and theft of documents? 11 prominent members of the Church of Scientology were convicted of the above charge, including the wife of Scientology’s founder.

    What other valid religion asks its members to commit suicide to save face in public? The leadership of the Church of Scientology asked former Scientology member Steven Fishman to ‘go end of cycle’ (kill himself) when he was arrested for participating in a securities class action fraud scheme with other Scientology staff members.

    What other valid religion stalks its critics? The Church of Scientology’s harassment of its critics is legendary. From individual protesters, to BBC Documentary producer John Sweeney - The Church of Scientology’s ‘Fair Game’ policy instructs members to do anything in their power to discredit Scientology’s critics.

    In the 1994 Los Angeles Superior Court case "Church of Scientology of California vs Gerald Armstrong", Judge John Breckenridge describes the Church of Scientology as "Schizophrenic, bizarre, ... paranoid[;] ... an organisation that harasses its enemies ... and abuses the trust of its members.

    The Church of Scientology is not a religion.
    The Church of Scientology is a business.
    The Church of Scientology is a Cult.

    The Church of Scientology must be stopped.
  2. The main page of this website works, I think.
  3. anonEmouser Member

    I asked Tamphex about creating a "Why we fight" page and he mentioned he was throwing together something involving their crimes.

    So, its in the works. :) is a good one too.
  4. MarkSherman Member

    I agree. We need a minimalist site with lots of sources. Maybe a wiki page on partyvan?
  5. Tel

    I like that idea - as long as it's not down when people try to connect.
  6. I Am Member

    Anon basically needs to do 2 things with a central website. First off

    The media has always been Anti-Anonymous(well with that fox news report at least)

    We need to basically describe what Anon REALLY is. Have you seen the sky news report on the war? - Sky News report

    Even with a group that is hated around the world and mocked they still choose Scientology's side over Anons, painting a ugly picture that Anon is a group of internet hackers and "cyber terrorists" as Scientology calls us and Scientology will play on this misconception to create a bad image for Anonymous.

    The fact of the matter is, as much as people may hate it, we must use the media to be successful, we HAVE to change the public image about Anonymous being some super computer hackers. If the general public views us as being bad, then guess what no one will listen and we will fail.


    In a website a long with the true definition of anonymous we have to spell out what Co$ does illegally, has done illegally and why we are fighting against them.

    People don't want to have to do their own research and find a little bit of info here then a little bit there. A website with ALL the information on it is what they want.

    It also needs to be well thought-out with credible sources, wikipedia can but used but it is not considered a credible source by many because anyone can edit it.

    By doing these 2 very simple things it will make us be more organized and be taken more seriously.
  7. Tel

    Great points 'I Am'
  8. AttackMudkipz Member is pretty well put together.
  9. I Am Member

    Yes, is very well put together except theres still one issue and thats the media..

    There needs to be somewhere that we can point people to with a very good definition of Anonymous and clarify some misconceptions about anon. All people hear on the news about us is "Scientology is calling them cyber-terrorists and religious bigots" which if people hear that over and over will start to believe

    Now this is unstoppable, Scientology is of course going to call names. But we need something to show people what we REALLY are and what we aren't.

    Hell even email your local news station, I saw a post on here of what Anon is and what it isn't, if enough people send that to them. Or people make fliers and hand them out the truth will spread and people will see through Scientology's lies about Anon.
  10. an om onus Member

    I really like the idea of a site with questions and answers, a very simple format; in my opinion I find youfoundthecard a very good idea but very difficult to read (in regards to how fonts and other things are aranged).
  11. MarkSherman Member

    We need a site with two pages.

    What is wrong with the Church of Scientology?
    Who is Anonymous?

    Just have some javascript to toggle showing different parts on the page, much like how Facebook's Help page works. You have question as a link and when you click it the answer shows up below. Example:
  12. why we fight

    I know someone that has already started to do it with his site. His group came out about Scientology back in 2006, but their lack of notoriety helped keep Scientology off their back. He put a table on his blog (filled with anti scifag material) "The Case Against Scientology". It's basically a series of links that really show the dark side of the church(not).

    I think it's I've since moved to another state but we keep in touch.

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