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  1. Praevus Member

    Okay, the government has gotten way out of hand. where do they get off thinking they can keep secrets from us? do you know what it is called when the citizens keep secrets from their people? "Obstruction of Justice", "Purgury", and many more. I say we pass a bill making it unlawful for the United States Government to keep secrets. We are not slaves of our governments. THEY are slaves to US

    and Just to Keep them from trying something such as this again, I say we add into that bill a section that limits all future legislation to 10 pages max, and makes all government activities outside of the folowing list unlawful:

    ● Enforce laws to ensure water and air remain clean and safe

    ● Provide roads and infrastructure, maintain them, and enforce standards for their safety

    ● Enforce safety codes and health standards for workplaces, and set a reasonable minimum wage

    ● Enforcing health standards for food and medicine

    ● Installing, funding, and maintaining fire stations and police stations.

    ● Enforcing the honesty of organizations both public and private

    ● Keeping peace with other nations and entities via diplomacy

    ● Maintaining a reasonably sized malitia, and deploying it upon external enemies in, and only in, times of ABSOLUTE NECESSITY
  2. Anonymous Member

    Also, we need to limit all-caps subject line.
  3. Anonymous Member

    You want fire departments and police departments under federal control?
  4. Herro Member

    No money for schools or libraries? No money for research? Bummer.
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  5. Ann O'Nymous Member

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  6. ziptang Member

    Congress already doesn't obey the Constitution that created it, what makes you think it will obey one more fucking law?

    No. No more laws except one; For every new law that gets passed, 3 must be repealed.

    Now just start obeying the Constitution.
  7. Anonymous Member

    You know, I've had schoolteachers like you.
  8. Anonymous Member

    I hope you are not trying to be sexy.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Hey, take that however you want, babe.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Don't tempt me.
  11. Jsn Member

  12. Jsn Member

    Self defense is a personal responsibility. Our founding fathers had such great insight when they established our country I am constantly amazed! Our right to bear arms is not a choice but a responsibility. They saw the future and anticipated the possibility of our government going overboard, and so they gave us guns so that the people may protect there freedoms. If you look at the past 200 years of genocide around the world they all have one common denominator, they took away peoples rights to defend themselves with weapons equal to those of there oppressors. Be wary of anyone who wants gun control. Many country's started out requiring permits like we do in the U.S. today, this tells the powers that be who has what. Oddly enough you are still required to state your race on these permits, I believe this goes back to the days when slaves or freed slaves could not own guns. The native Indians did not have the power to protect them selves and look what happened to them. I will gladly give you more examples of genocide where gun control played a key role, just ask.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Which would be a perfectly sensible point if the new United States government didn't immediately go around quashing armed revolt as soon as they stopped shooting the British. Go look up Shay's Rebellion.
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  14. Squirrel King Member

    Yeah, simplistic answers always work. I hate how the government controls the launch codes for our missile defense. No secrets!!!!
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  15. Anonymous Member

    and find some soldiers/marines and ask them what they would do if orderded to fire on American citizens
  16. Jsn Member

    A soldier is just a human like you and me. In order to kill they have to dehumanize us which is very simple now that the word terrorist apply s to most of us. Our military will fire on us if told to. Did you know that the American flag is actually the military's flag? Our flag (citizens) is very different. Look it up.
  17. Jsn Member

    True we are doing so great in Afghanistan stopping rebellion. The soviet union also did a great job there. As of yet gorilla forces are able to hold off very large army's with great resources.
  18. Ann O'Nymous Member

    I thought these apes were an endangered species and thus exempted of military duty. My bad.
  19. Jsn Member

    I am not saying that you must have completely equal weapons to that of your military but this government was set up to protect us from our military. The afgans took down the soviet union a super power at the time.
  20. Jsn Member

    I am an ape and was in the military so yes sir you are wrong.
  21. anonymous612 Member

    Gorilla forces?

  22. Ann O'Nymous Member

    To avoid misconception, please read the post I quoted again.
    IMHO, it was a spelling mistake. But nice picture.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Well if history is any indication they would use what they deem to be "appropriate force" to deal with an extremist uprising. One could hope that they might have the courage to stand up to their commanding officers and make what we believe to be the right choice, but look at how most of them are treating Bradley Manning right now.
  24. Squirrel King Member

    I see, that must be your 164 IQ at work. You might actually want to do some research on that war to find out who was supplying weapons to them. My flag has a gold fringe.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    Anticipating a "legislation I haz written" thread soon.
  26. Jsn Member

    The military is a whole world unto itself. You can not understand active service unless you make the mistake of joining.
  27. SOJOA Member

    im guessing you were one of those join ups out of high school cause you had nothing better to do or to go. This is just fucking stupid what your typing. My sister served her term and so many others did and everyone has a very different opinion but do yourself a favor and go on the streets and get a gun in your fucking face then type about weapons and the freedom of it.

    A gun is so impersonal and I come from a history of this shit and just stfu. Its obvious you have never had somethign like this happen to you and your ranting about guns as a need is fucking stupid. I had a kid in the UK say to me once....Sure you americans have more crime and its easy.......I said what do you mean......He said here in the UK we dont have guns so we get people with knives and bats with nails in it. Picture yourself getting nail batted to death.

    Guns just make it impersonal and the person to feel powerful. I cant even begin to explain how many fucking scars I have from fights and knives and the like and not cause I was some "solider".

    JSN just stop typing. Honestly you sound like just some young punk bitch who has next to no experience and its just insulting the rest of us.
  28. Anonymous Member

    Anonymous isn't American.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    Dude, I was under the impression he was just making a gorilla joke. Chill.
  30. Anonymous Member

    We need to limit mod powers.

    Even since the the update, the threat of "mods gone wild" still haunts our hubsite
    a pervasive "chilling effect" shadows each thread
    and every poster who may step out of line...
  31. none given Member

    I AGREE 100%.
  32. Shinythings Member

    samefag lol
  33. Anonymous Member

  34. Anonymous Member

    You'd be surprised. i have talked to them. the answer is not always what you think.
  35. Anonymous Member

    The Marcabian fleet has strict orders not to fire on its citizens under any circumstances.

    Does not apply to aliens. Hope y'all can find your identity papers....
  36. BLiP Member

    Never ceases to amaze me the number of otherwise relatively intelligent people who think of the government as an entity separate from the people.

    Sarah Palin in 2012 . . . please.
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  37. missy Member

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  38. Herro Member

    "Chilling effect" = you being told when you're a fucking moron. Cry more bitch.
  39. Anonymous Member

    What is the meaning of `American´ for you?

    Are the Ecuatorians,or cubans americans?
  40. xenubarb Member

    The rich fat white guys who run our gummint will look at these items and realize it'll cost them money they could better spend on defense contractors. Just sayin...

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