we need VPN services

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by blackchanceblog, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. Guys, we need VPN connections. it will be great if anybody provide one or two vpn connections for iranians inside iran. fascist government can't anything about it if you provide many vpn servers
  2. Bobby Member

    yes we are almost blocked and they soon will block this site also. that will be great if any VPN service will be provided
  3. Are you not

    Are you not able to use's vpn service?
  4. no I haven't seen piratebay's vpn service
    would you please let me know where to find ip addresses and ID passwords?
  5. disregard the above - wrong thread, mods plz baleeted, cocks etc

    re this thread: what kind of VPN can you connect to? it can be arranged.
  6. a Client-Server VPN connection
    I need a VPN server that I can use connect to as a client. no site-2-site connection is needed.
    many thanks
  7. and please email us IP and ID and password. because no pulic announced specifications can be trusted (and they can be blocked soon too)
    so please email us and I'll give it to some trusted activists.
    my email address is - blackchanceblog (at) gmail -
    thank you and all supporters of democracy and liberty
  8. Artaban Member

    vpn didn't work atm

    VPN ports are closed in Iran; no individual VPNs, just default ports;
    you can't use any vpn, instead if you change ports!?!
    if anyone have a working VPN server (working in Iran!), I'll appreciate if share it with me too, I have tow VPN's accounts, one in UK and one in US but both not working from election day!
    I dunno why someone of protest leaders didn't ask govt that why you filter internet mr.ugly?! I mean not in current events, but always! they act with people like lil childes and Executor! what a shame really for us Iranian ppl!
    it's the time to ask em and want our rights at free cycle of informations;
    we are not litle childes! we have the right to choose for ourselves! :(:mad:

  9. Too right you do, i really hope you and your ppl get to enjoy the freedoms you so rightly deserve.
  10. VPN Connection

    Salaaam Doostane Aziz !!!
    Man VPN Provide Mikonam Baraye Irania !
    Faghat aGar Baraye Karaye Siasi Bekhad Anjam Beshe Moteassefane Bayad Ghatesh Konam ! Chon Aslan Doos Nadaram Khodam Gir Bioftam !!!
    baraye inkar Faghat Ba Man Az Tarighe Y! Messenger : lvlr.pasha
    Tamas begirin ;)
  11. i can set up a permanent VPN server on one of my mac machines that are lying around. it will be connected to the internet with a speed of 24mbit/1mbit so the speed will be limited unless i personally prioritize who and how many that can have access.

    the connection will go through a router however. will this be a problem if connecting from abroad? the machine/server will be located in Stockholm. let me know if this can be of any help.

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