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Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Anonymous, Feb 14, 2011.

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    Webworld Technologies, Inc.
    611 S Fort Harrison Ave Suite 152
    Clearwater FL 33756

    Anyone know if this is a WISE or Scientololgy run business? It looks like it might be. It's in the same building as Craig and Sally Jensen, Calmagstore, and Narconon, per

    Webworld has some connection to the US State Department.



    Do not want US State Dept. having any business dealings with members of a criminal cult!
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    Their site whois makes no mention of the Clearwater headquarters.
    From their About page:
    There is a Cindy Ford on the Completions list.
    A cookie-cutter page: (CoS Site!)

    There are listings for Julie S. Mantis and Julie Mantis:

    Shahriar Nouri, no match.

    Alexander Jones. There is an Alex Jones Completions lists, but the search space is hopelessly poisoned with Alex Jones, the fringe radio guy.

    I think that it's likely a Scientologist-run company, but not proven yet.
  4. Anonymous Member

    ZOMG Scientologists have a business!?!111!
  5. The Lushster Member

    well if you notice the contacts, a Tad reeves is listed. I found a

    Tad Reeves
    Internet Officer
    Church of Scientology International
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