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  1. Anonymous Member

    The plan is for this website to exist as a centralized place for friends and family of those who have been killed in the protests in Iran and other Middle Eastern nations to post stories and memorials for their loved ones.

    We very badly need translators (especially Farsi and Arabic), writers, researchers, moderators, and people to help spread the word so we can start collecting submissions. We'll be using a moderated wiki format to screen out obvious trolls, but otherwise submissions can be entirely anonymous. If you'd like to help out, please post here or come find us on anonnet irc (#wedonotforget).
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  2. Ann O'Nymous Member

  3. Rockyj Member

    I posted this on twitter. We need more people to post:
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  4. COREarg Member

    ^Shared and I will try to share it to my non-anon friends too.
  5. hushpuppy Member

    What a great idea! Will spread the word as well!
  6. iraniam Member

    I can Translate Farsi to English and English to Farsi......Please let me know how I can help.
  7. Anonymous Member

    I could probably recruit a non-Anon Arabic translator and a non-Anon Farsi translator to help out. They would not be into any kind of trolling or shenanigans, though, and they must remain completely anonymous - I won't namefag them to anyone. They're srsbusiness types, and well-respected in their communities. Both of them are fluent in English and their native languages.

    Since I don't/won't do IRC, now what?

    You might want to reach out to universities. Who knows - there may be professors who could assign this kind of project to their Arabic Language students or to poli-sci students who are dual-linguistic as an assignment or something. Just a thought.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Unfortunately missed this until now. Must lurk moar.

    I have some friends and twitter followers who speak Arabic as a first language, so sent out Rockyj's message. Hopefully gets some takers.
  9. lulzgasm Member

    Tweeted and shared.
  10. Kilia Member

  11. Anonymous Member

    Great site and idea! I notice that Yemen is not listed on the "Countries of Interest" (left side of home page) but it is listed under the "Conflicts" page. Might want to add it to the left front-page list?
  12. Anonymous Member

  13. Margeuvi Member

    ill volunteer to help in anyway you need
  14. Anonymous Member

    We need translators and people to spread the word in the affected countries. Think you could manage either?
  15. Margeuvi Member

    The best i got for translating is bing translator haha, and how would i spread the word in the affected countries?
  16. Linxis° Member

    Wonderful idea. I would translate for Russian but nothing happens there.
    Rest in Peace.

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