Week of 12/8: Clearwater Anons steal Scientology's Christmas Spirit

Discussion in 'Follow Up' started by anonymous612, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. anonymous612 Member

    It was when her family was looking for her. I had their photo of her saved to my camera just in case, she walked by all :mad: faced, our OSA handler came by a little bit later and went "HAHA YOU DIDN'T EVEN NOTICE FIONA PEACHEY JUST WALKED BY," I was all "lol at you, Peetie," he left, she came back like ten minutes later and bitched me out. I said, "Why don't you call your family?" and she stormed off with "Why don't you just fuck off?" AMA can confirm that one, she was on the phone with me at the time.

    Also, she died her hair that weird pinkish red you get from a really shitty drugstore hair dye. You know the shade. It's kind of maroon.
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  2. skeptic2girl Member

    Any photos of Sea Org Ryan Gosling would be (sigh!) cherished...
    ps: did a google image search for "ryan gosling scientology" (maybe someone had superimposed an actual quote from him about scientology on a photo?) and the snap of the wee SO Gosling came up in the first row. Well-done, tag queen (or king)!!
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  3. skeptic2girl Member

    I know exactly what shade you're talking about. Doesn't occur in nature.
    Sucks that it would be out of the question for SO ladies to spring for color at a real salon with stuff that won't fry your hair and might resemble your natural shade.
    Might sound petty to some, but when a box of ten-dollar, hair-destroying Miss Clairol is a luxury, well, welcome to Sea Org, ladies.
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  4. skeptic2girl Member

    Oh my gosh, and if only you could get Sea Org Ryan Gosling in a monkey hat!
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  5. anonymous612 Member

    He's like the third row of results for searches for Tampa Scientology, too...and we don't even live in Tampa and he doesn't work at the Tampa Org.

    Also, I googled to see what you mean and...forgot what I was doing. Yeah.
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  6. skeptic2girl Member

    Nothing to reply about -- just want another RG image up there...
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  7. anonymous612 Member

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  8. skeptic2girl Member

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  9. anonymous612 Member

    I like how you clicked "agree" on a post that had no text.

    I too "agree" with Ryan Gosling.
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  10. skeptic2girl Member

    I was wondering, Little Gosling (Sea Org Gosling) is over 18, right? Because he looks about 14, which does NOT do it for me! But if he's underage, my crush is gone yesterday.

    Even if he IS over 18, I ain't joining the Sea Org to be with him. He's not THAT cute.
  11. Anonymous Member

    I like gosling, too.

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  12. anonymous612 Member

    Flagsec Ryan Gosling is a poor man's Ryan Gosling, anyway.

    He's like a Chinese knockoff. Cheap, easily broken, and probably going to give you lead poisoning.
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  13. anonymous612 Member

    We protested again tonight. And it turns out Xander blindly lucked into a good pizza place.

    totally srs: I'm a massive fangirl of the officer we had today. Eeeeee. I didn't know he was still around. omfg.

    Our intrepid out-of-towner Fathertony totally handled a pair of aggressive OT8s that came up and tried to start shit after Xander FUCKING DISAPPEARED AGAIN. I'll let Tony elaborate on that, because I think he has video.

    You remember Drew Sweet? The guy who lied as a "witness" to the fake assault Scientology claimed Shawn Lonsdale made? The guy who stalked Xander while wearing Xander's face as a mask? The guy who totally wants to make a suit out of Xander's skin? He was there today. Coincidentally, I think; he was working at the event as a volunteer and saw us. He of course hasn't confronted us at a protest since we called him by name and he ran off like a pussy. Anyway, I recited off his history re: Xander and he got bitchy and the cop made him GTFO. Yeah. I'm the only one allowed to fuck with Xander.


    ^From our "Help us ID Clearwater Scientologists" thread. Which, by the way, still needs IDs, so feel free to take a second to peruse!

    The "DISPOSE OF UNWANTED SCIENTOLOGY MATERIALS SIGN" struck again, this time with a new back that read " "The man on the cross...there was no Christ." -- founder of Scientology" which worked particularly well in conjunction with Xander's "Winter Wonderland = Scientology" sign. And yes, we got more loot.

    Also, I accidentally proposed marriage to the owner of the pizza place. It's not my fault, they had desserts with rum in them. In fact, it's actually TONY's fault. I still can't believe you sold me out like that, Tony. :(

    My personal favorite line from the night was when the CPD officer stopped Xander and told him his daughter has the same sockmonkey hat as him. Lol.

    I am undoubtedly forgetting somethin--OH RIGHT. XANDER WAS FIFTY MINUTES LATE TO THE MEETUP.

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  14. Anonymous Member

    FLUNK for insufficient trolling.

    Assigned to Condition: Widdle Puddy Tat.

    Remedy: AGP Rundown.
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  15. Darth Xander Member

    Key term there is meetup. The rest of us were in front of Winter Wonderland on time and later saw Six drive right by us on the way to park. So no, The Xander was not late to the WW raid.

    Let's see...there was some really weird, tripped out big guy kind of hanging around us rambling on and on about being a supernatural being, why the price of gold and silver are at record highs, random Hotel California lyrics and assorted other incoherence. I thought the guy was drunk but Six said he was Scilon. Fathertony got some good video of him that I for one can't wait to see.

    Oh, and the reason I was gone during the run-in with the OTs was because I handed Six the jacket I had on when she complained about being cold for the second time. Isn't that very Ryan Gosling of me ladies?

    Not only are we denied the hot chocolate they offer at WW, we're also denied the popcorn they're selling. And let me tell you, we could smell it all night long. Smelled like a friggin movie theatre out there. And I love popcorn. Its just not fair.

    I got very little video that I'm not sure is worth even posting. I might just make it an intro to the video for today's raid of Flag.

    And oh yeah, how was that pizza Six? How is it blind luck to say, "I want to go to the place right over there on Fort Harrison?"
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  16. anonymous612 Member

    Hey, all I'm saying is that when I asked you how late you were, your exact words were "FIFTY MINUTES."

    It was AMA's jacket. Stop giving away AMA's possessions.

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  17. Darth Xander Member

    Maybe if I make her gelato with rum she'll swoon like some cheap half breed hussie did last night?
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  18. anonymous612 Member

    I'm about to break that "If you don't try to hump Sarah's leg I won't point out what a creepy manwhore you are" rule, Xander. And I don't mean by humping Sarah's leg.
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  19. fathertony Member

    Watched the vid came out good. Looking forward to getting it uploaded. 6 you forgot about creepy crazy guy!!!
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  20. anonymous612 Member

    No I didn't. I just went "oh, look. Another scilon distraction. Whatever."
  21. fathertony Member

    If said the blind man!
  22. skeptic2girl Member

    Was the jacket some sort of reverse invisibility cloak, then? You take if off and then disappear? ;)
    And YES, Ryan Gosling would absolutely lend his jacket. Well-spotted.

    But if he disappeared after, it's only because he's... magic.
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  23. McLOVIN_1982 Member

    ^^^^ This is SWEET! :D
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  24. lostatsea Member

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  25. xirkylou Member

    has anyone seen my peripheral vision?
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  26. anonymous612 Member

    working on postgame, stand by.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    it's to your left...keep turning
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  28. anonymous612 Member

    Friday, December 14th: Monthly Protest!


    Our capper on the week's worth of protests was the holiday monthly.

    Some highlights:

    -- Turns out, AuntCookie is a literal cookie. With a 'stache. Who brought cookies. Gingerbread men cookies. What I'm saying is, AuntCookie is a cannibal.
    -- We finally found a Guy Fawkes "mask" Xander would wear, but we had to glue it to his face.
    -- We had MUSIC. Because SOMEONE (okay it was me) was At Cause over the city noise ordinance. So we had Christmas and Jew Week songs, and Tony hunted down the audio for the Grinch's Christmas song just for the police officer of the day (apparently it was a favorite?).
    -- You know how they have each FlagSec follow a specific protester? Ryan Gosling was apparently my assigned FlagSec of the day. That's right. Be jealous, ladies.
    -- We discovered Xander has a thing for the Dreidel Song. No, really. All that talk about "oh lol do jews even have music?" and then when I take requests all I hear is "DREIDEL DREIDEL DREIDEL. DREIDEL DREIDEL DREIDEL."? You hypocrite.
    -- I had a fucking elf hat. An ELF HAT. Also apparently they make Christmas tinsel with flamingos. Yeah.

    Listing this separately because fuckyeah.

    Fathertony had a standoff with a fucking VAN. TWICE. And WON.

    So when we were at the Coachman Building (where the courses are offered) a particular van driver swerved into Tony and nearly hit him, in order to try to force him out of the way. This was in front of the officer of the day, and the driver backed down.

    Then we head over to the Ft Harrison, which, for those of you not familiar with it, has a drive-up parking area for drop offs that comes up next to the sidewalk. Because of the inherent safety risk, the boundary between what is sidewalk and what is driveway is very clearly outlined in bright red brick. As soon as we get there, before the officer makes it over there to join us at the new location, the same van with the same driver roars up, practically swipes the building with his mirror, WELL over the red line, and nearly flattens Fathertony. The driver was so far onto the sidewalk that Tony, while standing on the sidewalk, can look the driver straight-on. The driver then bitches Tony out and demands he gets out of the way, and Tony calls him on his intentionally reckless driving. Driver revs the engine and tries to roll into Tony. Tony laughs. Driver tells him to GTFO, Tony tells him "no u." Repeat repeat repeat. Barney the Ft Harrison Hotel pseudosecurity guy goes over to the driver and tells him to back down. Driver hits the gas, spins the wheel, and gets as close as physically possible to Tony before peeling out to the street at high speed, and actually grazes Tony across the chest with his mirror.

    Oh, did I mention Fathertony was filming this entire time? And that this incident was reported to the officer, when he joined us, and the film shown? And the officer called over his supervisor and was, last I saw, waiting for the van to be summoned back to the hotel? Yeah. Will anything come of it? Lol, probably not. I don't think any of us doubt that Sarah "Hey officer, I'll flash you my cleavage if you take my side in an argument" Heller would have come up with any excuse she could to keep that driver out of the officer's reach.

    In fact, Tony went back and told the officer that. His response? "...okay. :| "

    Leaving some things out, partially because of forgetfulness and partially because I don't feel like writing anymore.

    Someone make AMA do the rest of the postgame.
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  29. Darth Xander Member

    Dreildel dreildel dreildel.
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  30. Anonymous Member

    NO U
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  31. Anonymous Member

    good thing they don't grade on spelling any more
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  32. wolfbane Member

    Van tech. FTW.
  33. Darth Xander Member

    I have trouble with Jew words.
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  34. xirkylou Member

    Ryan Gosling?

    Antonio Banderas can follow me around anywhere.....
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  35. xirkylou Member

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  36. anonymous612 Member

    Yiddish, actually.
  37. Darth Xander Member

    auntcookie brought more smiles to Sea Org Alley today than I've ever seen before. Great idea and thanks for toughing it out in the sun AC!
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  38. fathertony Member

    Spending time with wife tonight editing in morning then posting epic vids!!!!
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  39. fathertony Member

    Next time take notes!!! No one messes with the cookie!!
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  40. Anonymous Member

    Interesting how Sea-Org alley was blocked with the tape and all wonder how much that cost them?

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