Week of 12/8: Clearwater Anons steal Scientology's Christmas Spirit

Discussion in 'Follow Up' started by anonymous612, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. amaX Member

    This is what I said. He's not crazy. It's an act. I broke him though. He tried to talk to me twice. After the second time he went across the street and sat down in the grass. Heh.
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  2. snippy Member

    Interesting, he might have been pulling an Alice-in-Wonderland on you, trying to fatigue your critical mind until it shuts down. Then you can't run circles around them logically anymore and also, if they want, they can hypnotize you ...

    [Evil maniacal laugh]
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  3. fathertony Member

    My mind is already fucked cant fuck it up anymore!!!!!!
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  4. tigeratbay Member

    Well, it didn't work on father tony, he went on as a champ! Oh and later a SO member took Crazy into WW to get a touch assist but we swear they were just eating popcorn and drinking hot chocolate.
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  5. amaX Member

    Tiger and I were ready to dive through the bushes and jump headfirst into the popcorn! What is it about popcorn that makes you want it? It smelled so good. But, Tiger and I were good girls and stayed put on the sidewalk.
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  6. fathertony Member

    I asked for some servral times. They wanted to torture us thats all!!!
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  7. Darth Xander Member

    "I'll be right back man." Suuuuuuuuuuurrrrreeeeee you will fathertony. Good stuff. Thanks for posting!
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  8. pooks Member

    It's really good but not epic.
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  9. fathertony Member

    Not bad for only my seconed time in the belly of the beast!!! Only like my 4th raid ever :)
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  10. Anonymous Member

    Father Tony, you are loved.
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  11. fathertony Member

    Awwww Ty you make me feel all tingly. The last time I felt this way was when I met Xander!
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  12. wolfbane Member

    Xander has fanboys too? Who knew!
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  13. skeptic2girl Member

    re: Xander's awful "cheap halfbreed 'hussie'" remark-- btw, it's spelled "hussy," jackass!
    I had thought he was making a comment on some hapless woman passing by the protestors who wasn't exactly dressed in a classy manner, shall we say.
    When I found out it was about 6... well, I don't know if that makes it worse or not, but I guess it was inevitable that DX eventually returned fire, after all of the over-the-top trolling in this thread.
  14. BlooAnon Member

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  15. anonymous612 Member

    This same driver, while driving a bus, not a van, once jumped the curb of the sidewalk after me outside Starbucks. Of the three drivers we recognize regularly (the other two being "that kid I saw in the bookstore" and Wilford Brimley), this one we know because he's a fucking crazy asshole. Explosive temper? Sounds like him.

    Seriously, though, if anyone can confirm that ID you'll be my best friend for life.

    Uhm, yeah. The guy went inside for a touch assist. I've never ever ever seen a non-scilon in Clearwater willingly submit to a touch assist. And he was intentionally standing in front of our signs while trying to talk. I know a distraction attempt when I see one.
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  16. Darth Xander Member

    I wanted to get my free touch assist but you got me kicked out of Winter Wonderland before I could partake half breed. :(
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  17. I liked the sign about 2 clears a month and I also enjoyed Xander's lines about DM's family blowing and (paraphrasing) "What did LRH say about the IAS? Err, nothing at all."

    I bet some of them think on those thoughts.

    I tried getting through the Koolaid haze with someone recently.

    The come-back was ,"Yes, but Scientology is expanding like never before." The idea being that even if bad things happened, it doesn't matter because of the value of the great expansion.

    I don't know how exactly, but lines that hit at the expansion 'statistics' and "ideal orgs" scam might help.
  18. Anonymous Member

    You are a confused man. You quoted skeptic er um, no you quoted 6 and 'misattributed the quote.'
    Oh the horror, next they'll be getting you to write movie scripts for Spielberg.
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  19. RightOn Member

    Holy Crap!
    you guys rock
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  20. amaX Member

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  21. Darth Xander Member

    As a postscript, hit DDs on my way to the airport this morning. As I came out just a minute or two later I looked over at the alley to see Ryan looking over at me watching. Like I said, Flag Security was definitely on their game this week. Then I spotted Crazy Guy walking down Cleveland wearing the same shirt he had on Thursday night. I love Clearwater.
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  22. fathertony Member

    lol Travel Safe my friend!
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  23. tigeratbay Member

    Clearwater loves Xander too!
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  24. skeptic2girl Member

    ^not sure how that quote got attributed to me -- but if any words of six's got put in my mouth, I suppose I'm lucky they were those ;)

    btw, six, I thought of you when we took the sexy Ryan Gosling poster to the SF Santacon raid yesterday. Some drunk Santa pointed it out and said (seriously, apparently), "Hey! It's Gerard Butler!' (wut)

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  25. anonymous612 Member

    That's okay, I'd take him too.

    (no, really, is that an option?)
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  26. pelagic Member

    Somethings you could say to the SO as they are getting off the bus.

    Mary Sue Hubbard died of cancer.
    Why did Hubbard's wife die of cancer?
    Why does any OT die of cancer?
    Why was her death kept from the Sea Org, staff and public?

    What happened to Mary Sue Hubbard's children?
    Why where they cut out of Hubbard's will?
    Dianna - still in the Sea Org
    Quentin - committed suicide
    Suzette - blew the sea org
    Arthur - off Scientology lines but not declared

    What happened to L Ron Hubbard Jnr?
    (rejected Scientology and changed his name to Ronald DeWolf)

    Narconon Oklahoma is being sued for wrongful death.

    More on David Miscavige:
    What happened to Ronnie Miscagive Jnr, former Marketing Executive International and David Miscavige's brother?
    What happened to Ronnie Miscagive Snr, former Golden Era Musician and David Miscavige's father?
    (both blown Sea Org).
    How did David Miscavige's mother in-law (Flo Barnett) shoot herself three times in the chest and once in the head with a rifle?
    Where is Shelly Miscavige, former Assistant to the Chairman of the Board RTC and David Miscavige's wife?
    (no-one is sure, but suspicion is she is being held at the Twin Peaks facility).
    Hubbard created the Exec (executive) Strata, why did David Miscavige destroy it?
    When was the last time your Org had an Eval (investigation and handling of what is wrong with the org) from Exec Strata? When was the last time any org got an Eval from Exec Strata?

    When the bus is unloading, the security guys stand in front of you, watching the people coming off the bus. Its not just to hide your signs, its also so they can take note of and later handle anyone who looks at or listens to you. So if you can get a lot of them to look, security is going to be very busy.

    Please make sure someone is watching your back if you start saying these things...
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  27. anonymous612 Member

    Thank you, Pelagic, we're well aware what the point of Flag Security is. Also, have you watched Xander's videos? Because we shout basically everything you listed every day we raid.


    We also know how to do our jobs. :|
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  28. Anonymous Member

    I know it's annoying when protestors tell us what we should say -- but I think that poster was just trying to be helpful, and not to say you guys aren't doing your job.
    DX has a ton of videos posted -- it's a huge task to watch them all. (Also, you'd o.d. on xander obnoxiousness.)
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  29. Darth Xander Member

    You only need to watch one, maybe two of my vids for that to happen.
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  30. anonymous612 Member

    And it doesn't take watching a video to realize we probably know about these "Flag Security" guys.

    But I do agree he(/she?) was (probably) trying to be helpful. Which is why there aren't considerably more cursewords in my post. Doesn't make it less irritating to hear every.single.month.over.and.over.again.
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  31. snippy Member

    More like is there a Narconon that isn't being sued?

    just wrongful death - off the top of my head
    1. Watsonville, N. Ca: patients Justin Smith and Chad Skoglie killed in auto crash.
    2. Watsonville, N. Ca: Robert Gallion murdered by step-son after patients meds withheld.
    3. Narconon Arrowhead - numerous wrongful death suits
    4. Narconon Georgia: Desmond case.
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  32. skeptic2girl Member

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  33. amaX Member

    What's not to love? D'awwwww!
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  34. pelagic Member

    Oh well, carry on then.
  35. conatus Member

    <3<3<3<3 CW Anons
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  36. anonymous612 Member

    I approve of this post so much, I clicked "like" on AMA's response purely because she quoted it, thereby causing this photo to be posted again.
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  37. pelagic Member

    FWIW, I posted those things to say, because earlier ITT Amax mentioned that is nice to find new things to say to the Sea Org...obviously not new enough.

    I think it's great that you keep turning up, time after time after time. I really appreciate that. What you do there makes me laugh, and I appreciate that too.

    Now, what you are doing wrong is
    a) when holding your signs up you need to maintain 11 to 13 degrees of flex at the elbow
    and b) your feet should be closer together.

    Other than that its all good.

    I would have watched every video but I ran out of bourbon and eye drops and only got through the ones in this thread.

    When I get more bourbon eye drops I will watch the rest. But in future I'm only watching videos with the Gingerbread man in them.
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  38. fathertony Member

    Gingy makes all things watchable
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  39. Cute dog. Who's the kid? :p
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  40. Anonymous Member

    Indiana Jones?

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