Welcome KiaTed

Discussion in 'New Members Area - Start Here' started by Jaycee Wiseboy, Nov 15, 2021.

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  1. Gnome Chomsky Member

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  2. I got nothing else to do so why not.

    I think I may use this thread to mention any of his other "friends" who may appear and re-appear on his thread rather than make a separate thread for each and every bot.

    After all, they are all the same person anyway.
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  3. Welcome to new member:


    Member, Female
    ntk1958 was last seen:

    Viewing forum list, 43 minutes ago

    Are you from Vietspam?

    I bet you are.
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  4. Welcome to

    Soon you will be deleted along with your two spamming posts, you piece of shit.
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  5. Welcome to
    Bob ToysReview

    I notice you just post stupid YouTube videos that have nothing to do with the thread. You never answer my PMs.

    Come on, drop the guise and post more Vietnamese shit just like you do with all your other bots!

    Other than that, could you please commit suicide?
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  6. Welcome new member:

    Congratulations on your 49 posts which will be deleted.
  7. Congratulations asshole on over 70 posts. Check your inbox.
  8. Come on asshole. Answer me. You now have over 70 PMs from me in your inbox.
  9. Welcome to

    Hope you can do better than that other asshole. Oh wait, I forgot . You are all the same person.
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  10. Hey, Kia baby. You came back! Why haven't you answered my PMs?

    I mean I know you are a spamming bot who hasn't yet spammed here but that is no excuse to ignore me you knob!




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    Member Since:

    Dec 25, 2018



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    +0 / 0 / -0
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    KiaTed was last seen:

    Yesterday at 1:26 PM
  11. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    He was prolific
  12. Making up for lost time, it seems.

    I had nothing better to do and I was tracking him as he was spamming. I even sent him over 80 PMs which of course he never looked at. What a dick!
  13. Welcome to

    What is keeping you from posting your shit? Don't be shy.

    Now go out and spam ma'am! And then can you please kill yourself?
  14. I am thinking of buying a new car, Ted.

    I don't think I am going to buy a KIA though for obvious reasons.
  15. TorontosRoot Member

    Woah! I'm missing out on the entertainment!
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  16. Gnome Chomsky Member


    Here's another one come to play the game.
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  17. Welcome 3ngon!

    Are you going to stay dormant for a while and then bless us with your offerings?

    Other than that, can you cut your hands off?
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  18. Welcome

    I no longer bother wondering if you are a spammer. I mean really.:rolleyes:
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  19. KiaTed is back! How's it hanging Kia baby?

    He's getting ready!

    He's gonna post!

    Just you wait!
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  20. Gnome Chomsky Member


    Another spammer come to visit us.
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  21. KiaTed came back again! Why don't you view this thread?

    While were at it, why don't you kill yourself?
  22. You have time to view the Situation Rooms but you won't read my PMs?
    What's wrong with you?
    Oh, you're a spamming piece of shit, I see. Now I understand.:)
  23. You know Kia, I always thought you commies didn't engage in such decadent capitalistic activities such as spamming. On the other hand maybe this is the new guerilla warfare. You Vietdong you!

    Pass it on, Ho Chi Minh sucks!
  24. TorontosRoot Member

    Mehahahahhheheheheh!!! Gourge 'em!!
  25. Hey Kia baby! Welcome back!

    Check your inbox you wild and crazy Vietnamese knob!

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  26. Glad you came back! You must love John Travolta or something. Check your inbox, you knob.

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  27. Kia must not have any friends.

    I suggest that we all send him a friendly PM.

    Check your inbox you crazy commie.
  28. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    I can’t find him via the search bar. Can you link me to his profile page? Then he can go on vacation.
  29. TorontosRoot Member

    If only there was a way to trigger radio to be played on their end. LOL
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  30. Welcome to

    Please answer my PMs. I am beginning to think you are some sort of Vietspspahmese spammer or something like that.
  31. Welcome to

    Do you know, cpclogistics1?
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  32. TorontosRoot Member

    They probably are the same one.
  33. Oh, I have no doubt of that.;)

    I just might ask them all the same question just for the sake of it.:)
  34. Wecome

    Do you know phungvanhien?

    And if you do, do you know cpclogistics1?

    And if you do, do you know KiaTed?

    And if you do, do you know how to kill yourself?

    And if you do, why don't you?
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