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  1. Commissar Member

    Welcome Anonymous, and a special welcome to citizens and expatriates of Iran.

    This forum has been created to serve as an avenue of communication between Iranians, their families abroad and other interested parties from across the internet. We hope that the collaboration made possible here will further the spread of information regarding Iran's internal affairs. It is also our hope that this board will provide for practical communication needs while helping Iranians to share the personal stories that their nation's state of affairs is woven from. More immediately, we seek a fair, legal and just resolution to the electoral problems facing Iran at the time of this writing.

    Come on in, and enjoy your stay!
  2. We will be working on the forums to add features and more tools over the next few days. Expect a lot more options soon (starting later tonight.)
  3. Thank you!

    I can't thank you guys enough. It will give our brothers and sisters in Iran a lot of hope knowing that there are brave and honorable men and women outside of their country who care about them and help them in their struggle for freedom.
  4. soviette Member

    I'm so glad I stumbled across this site. I have been exercising what little ability I have to support this cause. This isn't just a belief, it's in my blood. I'm half-Iranian and I have family scattered through-out Iran who want to be liberated. I'm in America, and have always been, but this is something I'm passionate about.

    I'm going to keep trying to spread the word.

    Thank you guys for doing this.
  5. Red_wulf454 Member

    Whatever I can...I offer to you

    I have got to say I have never been apart of anything worth while in my life but if anything is worth standing up for its your FREEDOM. I am sorry to say I dont have much more than my time to offer but if I am needed in any way shape or form I will gladly offer it.
  6. I Ran Hubbard Member

    NOTE: Don't reply to obvious trolling, it will be dealt with.
  7. American revolutionary reporting in to help my comrades, brothers, and sisters in Iran topple that scummy regime. Let's help'em out!!!
  8. Free speech?

    I see. Free speech is allowed as long as that speech is on the "approved" list. If it's something that makes you uncomfortable, something you disagree with, or something you find offensive, then it's not allowed.

    In other words, there is no free speech here. Hypocrites.
  9. Feel free to start your own website

    No time for crazies or stoopid people -- there's a crisis going down, bro.
  10. this is a very very good Idea

    Thanks a lot for your supports and your good idea.
  11. Just wanted to express my thanks to you guys for helping my brothers and sisters in Iran. You guys are awesome.
  12. No go for antisemites

    I certainly won't help people, or a site, who believe they have to calm down antisemites.

    The quote is taken from
  13. starfish Member

    I don't know how to thank you for your kindness toward our people. You make us very hopeful in our way, the way that we are not sure to where it would lead, but we just know that this is our way and now we know that we are not alone.And this is enough .
  14. thank you for supporting change

    It is fantastic to see that so many people care for the students and young who demand change in Iran, this is 60% of the populance are under 30, given the murderous war between Iraq and Iran in the 80's it is not so suprising.Let the Iranians choose their own path, and allow them to reform in their own image, as a islamic republic, not as a cats paw for western interests (remember who put the Shah in power) and don't forget the invasion of Iraq, this is a chance for consevative moderates to break the power of the old men of the Supreme Council, who have lived so comfortably since the revolution, maybe they should remember the old Politburo, and what happened when they tried to cling to their perks and power.different creeed same shit.
  15. Abe


    Thank You guys! Very nice initiative!
  16. This Site is clearly run by jew overlords
  17. awesome!

    love this idea- world support= freedom
  18. Azad Member

    Hello to all, my first post.
    I'm an Iranian living in the city of Mashhad, and I will be glad to help as much as i can. A big thanks goes to thepiratebay team for their support. I'm a long time piratebay user and got pretty surprised when i saw the new logo and the link of this forum on the home page. And i would also like to thank the people from all around the world who have been joining the cause. Your support means a lot to us.
  19. Thank you guys on behalf of Iranian people

    We would like to thank you each one of you guys in the forum on behalf of the Iranian people. Please make your posting concise and short, as in this situation we do not have time to go through details, tips we give us enough idea and we will adapt it with our current situation. Thanks again
  20. Free Iran. Greetings from Turkey.
  21. Iran Deckard Member

    I might (or might not) be Jewish, but I support this site, and the lives and courage of all those who are Persian. As much as I do wish to help-
    I also wish to respect.

    I would find it awkward to participate in the moderation or operation of this forum- for that reason. Even so, I don't find it unreasonable to encourage antisemites and semites alike, to calm down :p on occasion.

    It can be good for one's health.

    (BRB, calming down an anti-anti-semite)
  22. Protest


    Do you know of any protests in Jacksonville FL going on?
  23. Paul Thomann Member

    Scorecard of persons, positions and relationships


    For those of us who are not familiar with who all the players are and what their views are could you post a chart. I realize that many public people must keep their options open and so would not want to have their allegiances made public in a forum such as this. Even a list is of those currently in power and their relationships with one another would help those who are not directly involved. If this is already somewhere on the site please indicate where.

    Thank you.
  24. Hechicera Member

    From the early threads, a user Tatsuma wrote of a decent starter who's who and what's what in Iran. Found it on his blog still, even tho that's not been updated and I'm not sure he is following events anymore.

    Yaakov's Lament: Background on the new Iranian Revolution - Who is involved?

    As far as people here, previous poster has it. Most post anonymously (and may be Anonymous or not). I imagine a chart would look like a picture of invisible spaghetti.
  25. Jakomeyu Member

    you're welcome. i will enjoy myself here. (even if this is an old post)
  26. RisingIran Member

    oops wrong thread!
  27. kazim Member

    i am glad that i came across this site and came to so much going on in iran. may god help those poeple
  28. thanks

    I'm so glad I stumbled across this site.thank you

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