Well Known Critic Arnaldo Lerma Attempted to Murder his Wife and Committed Suicide

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by thesneakster, Mar 18, 2018.

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  1. thesneakster Member

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  2. Malory Member

    She was going to divorce him and press charges so he tried to murder her.
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  3. thesneakster Member

    The only significant difference between Arnaldo Lerma and Rex Fowler is this: Fowler succeeded at murdering someone else and failed to murder himself. Lerma failed at murdering someone else and successfully murdered himself.

    Both killers were motivated by the discovery of financial crimes for which they likely would have been jailed.

    Yet over on ESMB, the regulars are eulogizing this guy and totally glossing over the fact that he nearly murdered his wife (whom I met and befriended before she married Lerma) and permanently disfigured her.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
    ex-Sea Org Member and Declared SP
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  4. DeathHamster Member

    I did a first-pass capture of everything from his site. Now that that's done, I'll do another pass to insure that I've got everything. (Apparently some files require a password to access.)
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  5. That's the end of lermanet .
  6. BigBeard Member

    Screw you 'sneakster'.

    Lot's of support for Ginger being talked about over on 'The Bunker', and they generally come through.

    R.I.P. Arnie.

    Katana ko chi
    ARSCC(wdne) Right Hand Exit Monitor
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  7. Yes, Lerma has always been a drama queen but trying to murder his wife was taking it a little bit too far.
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  8. Quentinanon Member

    Yes. Arnie WAS my friend and earned my respect until Ginger told me about that and that he attempted to murder her.
    While I can never forgive him, let's save the research he has done to help others recover from scientology brainwashing.
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  9. failboat Member

    I'll watch this space and the Bunker for information on how to help his widow, with the intention of sending her some funds and condolences when the time comes. I cannot fathom such an unimaginably traumatic experience, to be followed by the slow horror of financial recovery, facial surgeries, loss, therapy, and who knows what else? Regardless of what anyone else has to say, she is the victim for whom I have the most concern - it makes the arguing seem petty.

    I understand the feelings both of those who wish to eulogize Lerma's significant and decades-long contributions, and those who wish to condemn him for his absolutely heinous ultimate acts.

    In the meantime, it would be nice if this thread didn't turn into a shitfight, for the sake of decorum.
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  10. Fuck that shit after he did this:

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  11. The Wrong Guy Member

    Ginger Sugerman is facing enormous challenges — and here’s how you can help

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, March 20, 2018


    Ginger Sugerman is making a trip today to her local hospital — which is nearly two hours away by car. She lives in Sylvania, Georgia, a rural spot in the road about halfway between Augusta and Savannah.

    On Friday night, she had to be airlifted to a hospital in Savannah after she was shot in the face from close range with a 9mm handgun.

    “I could feel my lip was hanging off but I didn’t want to touch it,” she tells us. She had turned her head just as her husband, Arnie Lerma, fired at her from close range, and the bullet tore through her lip and took out two teeth. She then ran away, and later that night Lerma used the gun to end his life.

    Ginger is extremely lucky to be alive.

    But she now faces enormous challenges, including at least three surgeries to repair her face, and she’s going to lose more teeth as she begins dental work.

    To help Ginger with the costs of Lerma’s cremation, the surgeries, and other costs she’s facing, former Scientologist Chris Elston has set up a GoFundMe fundraising website. The money that’s raised will go directly to Ginger’s bank account.

    Ginger is still coming to grips with what she went through, which we reported in detail on Sunday. And she tells us one of the reasons she’s still holding things together is through the help of Pastor Reggie Spires of Covenant Church in Sylvania.


    “Being angry about it isn’t going to fix anything. I just need to accept what occurred and fix myself,” she says.

    More at
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  12. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    Still not seeing any local news coverage of this. Strange.
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  13. Intelligence Member

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  14. Gina Smith Member

    I'll just leave this here IMG_20180322_221721.png
  15. Requiescat in Pace, Arnie.
  16. thesneakster Member

    The actual source of this article is the Sylvania Telephone weekly newspaper (March 22nd Edition). There is an online edition, if anyone wants to confirm it. There is no paywall.
  17. ravenanon Member

    I wish for peace and healing for Arnie's family. This is event is horrific.

    The Arnie I knew was very insightful and helpful to me in regards to the cult. His fb page is covered in fond remembrances of a man who helped them escape a destructive cult.

    For some the demons of scientology will never be escaped from
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  18. Well said Raven. Thank you
  19. The Wrong Guy Member

    Police report released in Arnie Lerma attempted murder, suicide

    By Tony Ortega, March 27, 2018


    We expect to get more details from the Sylvania Police Department in the coming days, but for now we did obtain a copy of the initial incident report from the awful event on March 16, when noted Scientology critic Arnie Lerma shot his wife Ginger Sugerman in the face and then turned the gun on himself.

    Ginger told us that she ran to a neighbor, who then called for emergency services. (We’ve redacted that person’s name until we can contact them.) Sylvania PD officer Michael Dickerson responded at 11:33 pm, according to the report. This is the narrative he later filed:


    We expect to get more information from the police department about the scene itself. Based on what we’ve gathered so far, there were actually two bullet holes in the wall of the apartment near where Ginger had been watching television. She had told us that she had run and fallen before she was shot, but the evidence at the scene suggests she was shot and then ran. Also, that Lerma shot twice, hitting her once. After that initial volley, and after Ginger had run away, a neighbor then heard an additional shot several minutes later, which was apparently the sound of Lerma ending his life. As the report notes, he was found in the bathroom slumped against the door, which had to be removed by its hinges to get to him, another indication that he’d been by himself when he died.

    It’s just a very sad end for a man who had once taken on Scientology in epic battles over the early Internet, and who had amassed a major online repository of critical information of the church. Ginger, meanwhile, continues to heal. We’ll continue to check in on her.

    More at
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  20. Ohai Member

    After being born into Scientology I'm far from religious myself , my point was that you were not exactly pleasant about the posters in this thread yourself.
    If it wasn't for Arnie and another individual I might still be in, my life now is a happy one and I'm highly successful in my career too.
    For that I silently thank Arnie every single day.

    The good in people is something I look for first and in most instances it can be found if you look for it.
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  21. Gina Smith Member

    I'll just leave this here IMG_20180327_201150.png
    Gina Smith
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  22. Malory Member

    Justice? The perpetrator is beyond any justice in this sphere.

    I'm not an ex-Scientologist and I've never ran a Gofundme.

    I really don't think Ginger would need a stranger flying from the other side of the world and turning up on her doorstep, offering to help make tea and sandwiches for the wake. I've also seen some of the incredibly vile allegations Padgett has made about the people who have been decent enough to step forward and help.

    Again with the justice thing. I've a feeling that some people wouldn't be too keen on justice, especially if it transpired they'd been feeding Arnie's paranoia abut OSA.
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  23. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Ok I tried to move the slap fest and derail. If you disagree with a decision about a post that is in derail now, please report it and I’ll take another look.
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  24. thesneakster Member

    No problem. I have uploaded a PDF documenting some of what is talked about in that derail to the derail thread.
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  25. The Wrong Guy Member

    Georgia police department closes its case on Arnie Lerma attempted murder-suicide

    By Tony Ortega, March 30, 2018


    We spoke yesterday with Lt. Tony Taylor of the Sylvania Police Department in Georgia, which investigated the March 16 death of noted Scientology critic Arnie Lerma.


    “The case is closed and we’re going to move on. I’m going to miss Arnie. He was a good guy,” Lt. Taylor said.

    More at
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  26. Ohai Member

    To me he was a life saver and I'll be eternally grateful for everything he did for me.
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  27. Do "good guys" attempt to murder their spouse? Does his suicide to avoid going to prison for the rest of his life make him a "good guy"?
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  28. Too bad Lt. Taylor can't visit Arnaldo in prison where he most likely would have spent the rest of his life for shooting his wife in the face.
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  29. I wasn't going to press charges. Arnie said " take me to court " it would have been a civil matter not criminal.
  30. There will be NO ONE brought to Justice ! The only crime committed was Arnie shooting me.
  31. Thank you !! I now own and will assure my husband's great works will continue to help others from going into the Cult or getting out ....
  32. Lermanet will continue and has been paid for through 2019 at this point. I'm the new legal owner...Ginger Sugerman Lerma
  33. thesneakster Member

    My good friend, Ginger Sugerman asked me to post the following (which has been posted by her to Facebook and other venues) as she wishes to get this information out broadly.

    It is difficult reading and some may likely be offended, I suppose. However, I believe this information is necessary for the historical record. Additionally, a nutjob by the name of Tom Padgett has been running a propaganda campaign against Ginger for some time (details in her post) that needs to be set straight.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
    Ex-Sea Org Member and Declared SP

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  34. Thank you for posting this.
  35. How much more about your husbands passing do we have to hear before you start to believe your own stories. Did you tell stories such as this about your previous husbands?

    Why have you never used the name Lerma until after his death. Why would you want to suddenly change your name after the Ortega blog that you initiated. Are you sure you know how to pronounce it. Because you nor Tory knew how to pronounce Arnie's middle name at the funeral, or know his birth year. These are defintly not signs of a loving marriage.

    Any relationship of two people (especially two who met online and were married two months later) that had only 4 fights in as many years is taking bullshit to a new level. You actually came here a year or so ago and asked if your loving husband could move back here because you were tired of him.

    If you are going to blog or post such a lengthy and descriptive character assassination of someone who can't counter you, you really should not call them your loving husband. You should also stick to the facts.

    Loving couples do not live separately in their home. You actually asked us to come and look thru Arnie's bedroom not (your bedroom) to look for guns. You didn't find me in (our bedroom on the bed). The bed was half way on the floor. I saw no foil on walls. I also saw no personal effects of yours except boxes and boxes of Ginger Medical Records.

    How can someone who uses words such as evil intended people, conspired together, conspiracy theories, and enemies have the capability to explain the side effects of Oxycodone. Especially when they are on pain meds such as liquid morphine themselves. Paranoia is not a side effect of oxycodone. You should look up all the side effects of morphine.

    Arnie lived here 4 years prior to meeting you. My youngest son has lived with him longer than you. He did not battle paranoia since the day you met. I knew Arnie for 28 years I never saw any paranoia.

    When you were in the Hospital in January you were in Georgia Regional. It is a mental Health Hospital. You are a self proclaimed bi-polar manic depressive individual with suicidal tendencies. You should really not project your issues onto others.

    I do see one truthful couple of words in your statement (not a joint account). You and Arnie had separate accounts. Your car was in his name. You put your money into his account so the IRS would not know you had it. You owe back taxes. You told me and several other people this. There is no way for a husband to steal from wife or vice versa if you have separate accounts. that is why you could you not get the money out of his account after his death. Not because he died per-se but because your name was not on the account.

    You say on 15th March he requested to speak to the pastor of the so called church you attend when according to this so called pastor Arnie requested to speak to him on the 16th and made an appt for Saturday at 4:00. You not only make the mistake of saying March 15th but you reinforce it by saying you had made an appt for the following day March 16th. So how did that so called appointment go because Arnie was not gone until late night March 16th.

    You got shot standing by living room couch. Blood spatter on wall by couch. No shot was fired in the kitchen. Police report can not be gotten however talk to detective if you want the truth. You were not shot with your hands over your brain while begging. That is just not true. If I am supposed to believe the lead investigators words that Arnie shot himself then you should do the same and not make up fantastical stories.

    This is the first time you have called my son by is name. What brought that on - maybe the person or persons helping you make coherent sentences.

    The mother (me) did not ask you to remove something from the trash. If your going to say it get it right. Just like telling everyone part of your medical issues. Arnie said you had a broken whooha. Isn't that where your settlement money came from (vaginal mesh).

    Another look at lead investigator will show there was no windows in bathroom. However there was another access to that bathroom. Bathroom photos where you just don't take pictures of the other access only make simple minded people believe you.

    You say that Arnie's wedding ring was taken from his drawer where you put it that day. Although you say you immediately went to Joe Lerma's home, don't you mean immediately after your pastor was in your home. Didn't he stay in Savannah until you got out of hospital. Which couldn't have been too long of a stay since he didn't find out you were in hospital until Sunday. You also said church people came to clean up the mess. The landlord cleaned up the mess. Church people went and didn't have to clean anything. You got home by way of pastor, and according to you took a shower, apparently then put ring in desk drawer. Then while we were there you said you would give my youngest son $25 if he took a TV back Walmart for you. He did try but you had no receipt. He never got $25 from you by the way.

    You also accused us of taking your ebay scales. They were on your coffee table. You are also wanting a mess trash can that Arnie took from our house. You say it is yours. Really.

    Joseph never sent you an offer asking for every single thing. The first offer was sent from you to him. You wanted everything Joseph could have his computer after you delete whatever. Joseph has never asked for any of the money because you wanted it so bad that was all you could think about. Joseph said he wanted and you said you would fight to the death to get it.

    It really is terrible how you have treated (I hate to say it) your stepson but how many children of your own do you bad mouth and not speak to. ALL. MANY. For a women with so many children you certainly have been alone. Have any come to see their distraught mother. Where are your children.

    And while you and Tory were having a phone conversation with someone that told you that had Arnie never met her this tragedy would not have occurred (which is only a fact that I agree with) Ginger was in the background screaming Joseph is a bastard. He is a little shit and other choice names.

    I personally believe that those that start a smear campaign should be able to handle the backlash.

    Your conclusions are the opinion of not a doctor but somebody who needs one. Can you diagnose PTSD, or tell everyone the side effects of oxycodone, or diagnose a psychotic break. I think not.
  36. He assassinated his own character when he shot his wife.
  37. Maybe. But why all the other stuff. Drug addiction. Paranoia. Suicidal. Theft. Come on. When does it end.
  38. Live here 4 years. Then live with Ginger less than 4 years and change completely. No. You should not believe everything you read. Hers or mine. Use your head.
  39. 1. Arnie said he had PTSD can't help if he never felt safe enough to express that to you. I'm very aware of the symptoms of PTSD because I have it and am diagnosed with it.

    2. Paranoia is a side effect of Oxy per A. Mayo Clinic B. Harvard University C. Local Pharmacy Sylvania and our Pain Management Specialist we were both seeing in Georgia. Where do you get the idea it doesn't ? Are the sources I checked not to be believed ?

    3. You have two sons and both their fathers committed suicide so what does that say about you ? Ever heard of Disconnection ? If so then you know what $cientology does to families. Were you not complaining to me that Arnie made $cientology fight more important than his own son and he didn't even show up for his son's first Birthday ?

    4. Maria Cuervo is a liar if she told you I called Joseph names. Bold face lie. Ask Tory she was here. The crowd you and your son have connected to is full of drama and shit stirring at best.

    5. In regards to the bathroom are you saying I killed my husband ?

    6. I know what happened that night and remember it very clearly. I was begging for my life. Even if he hit me with a bullet when I was getting up from the couch then it means he hit me again out of the three shots he took at me. I WAS begging for my life and you can think what you want. He may have shot himself because he was looking at going to PRISON for attempted murder. Once I got away he knew I was alive. The stove and refrigerator and close area's to the kitchen are still being looked through for the third bullet. Maybe I'll find it when I move.

    7. Yes, I have Bi Polar and your point is ?

    8. I had to give Jackson money for bread and milk one night because you didn't have any. But you walked through the door with your bottle of trusty Jack Daniels.

    9 When Jackson at 14 got caught smoking pot, You told him to lie to the authorities. The State was coming to your house to do an in home visit. You finally cleaned your home which is disgustingly dirty so the State would see a nice home. Great lesson to teach your son.

    10. Yes Arnie is on my car title and so am I. Why is that an issue ? LOL

    11. Yes, I owe the IRS money and I'm making payments to them. So what. Are the payments on your house caught up or are you still loosing it ? Do you report all the cash you make to the IRS ??? Report all the cash you pay Joseph under the table ?????

    12. I wasn't in Georgia Regional for any Psychiatric issue.

    13. I didn't type, print or read anything that went out regarding Arnie's date of birth. I know when My husband was born sheesh. And I pronounce his middle name the way he pronounced it to me minus the Italian accent.

    14. I never said the pastor cleaned up my house. He had offered and when he got there it had already been cleaned by the owner. I didn't know that until I got home. The Pastor didn't stay with me in the Hospital, get your facts straight. Arnie has a letter here saying what a bad memory you have. He would give you gifts on your Birthday and you would claim he didn't give you certain things and you got them yourself.

    15. I have the email dated and timed from my attorney with what Joseph was asking for. Joseph also wanted to be in charge of Arnie's Estate which isn't very much. YOU DAM RIGHT I'm concerned about money. Let me see, surgerie's face and possibly hip, air flighted to hospital ( one person told me her bill was 18.000.00 for that ), hospital bill, two ER visits, Anesthesiologists, dental surgeon and regular dentist and lab work.

    16. Why are you contacting my friend asking her why she ruined her relationship with Tom Padgett ? Why is that your business ? She gave you her phone number but you never called her. Why not ?

    17. Your right I forgot to pay Jackson the 25.00. Let me see I was just almost murdered and lost my husband. You have to excuse me for forgetting and not making it a priority. When Joe comes to get the tables I will make sure he gets it for Jackson.

    18. I wasn't using Lerma in my name because I was OUT of the Ex-$cientoogy community and though the Cult would be looking for my name as Ginger Lerma on Facebook. That's why and don't act as if it means something in regards to my love or marriage to my husband. After all he didn't love you enough to marry you now did he.

    19. Your a liar regarding having me get something out of the trashcan. It was a sodering iron that didn't work and you said you still wanted it!!! So I opened the can and got it for you. Your environment over there where you live is like horders crap every place there can be. I can tell how many times I stepped in cat crap in your house because there were no cat boxes and the fireplace was already full from cat crap.

    20. You saw me once at your house after a fight with Arnie. This is the same time Arnie called Tom Padgett. So what ! That doesn't constitute the whole marriage and love we had for one another. We would lay down together and fall asleep but I have terrible insomnia and I'd go downstairs to watch television. So, I slept on the couch after that. And he snores a lot lol.

    21. As far as my vagina is concerned or HooHaa as you call it. It had nothing to do with our sexual activity. Very gross for you to even go there regarding my sex life.

    22. When the Autopsy, Toxicology reports come out they will be posted. I will be going to see Tony Ortega as soon as he is back to work from his broken leg.

    23. In this State I could have given Joseph NOTHING ! Based of the law called " Year's Support " That's why you didn't take me to court because Joseph would have lost everything. I was kind enough to give him something especially KNOWING he dissed his dad for all that time. Then comes in acting like his dad and he had this incredible relationship when they didn't.

    24. This is NOTICE and I'll mail it too. You are NOT to come to my home when your son picks up the rest of what I've given him. I will have witnesses here to observe the transfer. Only Joseph and Jackson are allowed.
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