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  1. 3704950437 Member

    WELLINGTON New Zealand

    We need a rally.
    In Wellington.
    With cake.
    Write back.
    Expect us.
  2. indigo79 Member

    Re: WELLINGTON New Zealand

    We need more support. Anonymous in Wellington needs growth and support for our voice to be heard.
    Im in.
    Tell everyone.
    Kiwi Anon.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: WELLINGTON New Zealand

    I have been thinking for a while that maybe we could organise one-off events in Chch, Wgtn, Akld at travel-friendly times, a few months apart?

    Should add I haven't raided on streets of Auckland (been doing plenty else) for about a year, but I'd probably get my arse out of my chair for something like this.
  4. Conquistador Member

    Re: WELLINGTON New Zealand

    In with a grin
    Wellington hard
  5. Re: WELLINGTON New Zealand

    yes I think that a protest in Wellington, Christchurch and in Auckland is a good idea. we must begin in wellington where the prime minister is - we will send him a message that we will not stand for the injustices in this country. I suggest that we have the protest on the 28th - the first day of the school holidays and a Monday so by having it in the holidays we will be more likely to get attention from the media and maybe, just maybe we can get a meting with the prime minister!
  6. Re: WELLINGTON New Zealand

    Lets get some started up in New Zealand, since all travel times are so small compared to other countrys.
    We need to start our own splinter NZ group of ANMYS.
    Theres a cool name, ANMYSNZ :)

  7. BerryDanish Member

    Re: WELLINGTON New Zealand

    What about Auckland?
    It's a bit far to drive to wellington, and vice versa.
  8. Kenji Member

    Re: WELLINGTON New Zealand

    NZanon should closely watch how groups like Melbanon and ASyd protest, and hopefully learn from how the Melbanon group has grown from 6 or 7 people (August 2009) to 50 (November 2009).

    Hopefully you'll be able to see how we do it, and learn from it, and thus growwwwwwww. It'd be great to see NZanons doing well.
    I mean, I heard a radio broadcast from NZ about a month or so back regarding scientology, and it seems like the public would be quite receptive to a larger effort by anon.

    few questions:
    1. does NZ have a central anonymous site? or anon sites for places like wellington and aukland?
    2. do you have people who are willing to put aside time to work on things?
    3. Do you try to organise monthly protests?

    If you have central sites, pick a date and stick to it. Get some people who are willing to organise (but not be leaderfags) and take the initiative.
    remember; its about quality, not quantity. a few dedicated anons is better than a mass of people who are working half assed.

    even if you just get 10 people at a raid, if those 10 people are motivated and well versed, you will do wonderfully.
  9. Vapourise Member

    Re: WELLINGTON New Zealand

    Yeh, let's do something in Auckland.

    Any Aucklanders know where to buy Guy Fawkes masks? (Cash, of course)
  10. Re: WELLINGTON New Zealand

    I'm keen to help with a Wellington event. Let's get one happening. By the way, where does one get the Guy Fawkes mask here? And how much do they set you back?
  11. Anonymous Member

    Re: WELLINGTON New Zealand

    While Ausfags have borrowed your Aaron Saxton, NZ has produced epic stuff like the "how to spot a cult" documentary so there is lots of potential
  12. Anonymous Member

    Re: WELLINGTON New Zealand

    I've always enjoyed watching the Kiwi protests. Please, keep 'em coming. Kind of a long way for me to travel, but if I happen to be in NZ again before the cult implodes, be assured: I'll protest with you.
  13. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: WELLINGTON New Zealand

    Wellington used to be my favorite raid report of early chanology.

    I <3 the wellies.
  14. randomx Member

    Re: WELLINGTON New Zealand

    I`m the guy who was interviewed on how to spot a cult.

    My name is Lance Hoskins.

    and a good one from NZ - Ex Scientologist Message Board

    I`m here till the job is done.

    Any Kiwis reading this PM me.

    I`m happy to put you in the picture and help coordinate legal
    activism here in NZ. I live in Auckland. Ask OSA for my address
    if you need it.

    You can also join and post in the forums at Kiwi Anon
  15. Jigg Member

    Re: WELLINGTON New Zealand

    I'll repost later on.
  16. Number 5 Member

    I will protest,
    with the best
  17. thefatman Member

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