what about brisbane

Discussion in 'Asia Pacific' started by escapetheblazewithanon, Mar 13, 2010.

  1. what about brisbane

    hay i am trying to find out if anything is happening in brisbane in the near future:D
  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: what about brisbane

    Brisbane has been the quietest of the Australian capitals recently. Most of the larger protests occur in Sydney and Melbourne. The Brisbane planning site seems to be recently defunct, not sure what's going on there as the site was active less than a month ago.

    The Scientology org in Brisbane is a small satellite org out in the suburbs of Annerly. So the Brisbane protests used to be held in Federation Square (outside the Treasury casino). But they ceased regular protests in 2009, I think.
  3. mcode8 Member

    Re: what about brisbane

    I know people in Brisbane and i have been told that the Org moved out of the CBD due to lack of interest and members.I am available to protest but need 2 weeks notice as i am in Far North Queensland.I can also get you on to a couple of people from South East Queensland anons if your interested.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: what about brisbane

    FNQ, eh?
    Living the dream!
  5. Re: what about brisbane

    hey i live not far from brisbane and would love too hear about what happens in brisbane, i know some fellows members here who would love too join in, even tho im still new too this, would love too help
  6. Re: what about brisbane

    I live in Brisbane and would be keen to organise something if there are other people interested.
  7. Activist1 Member

    Re: what about brisbane

    I would like to get involved in any protests in brisbane!:)
  8. AnotherSock Member

    Re: what about brisbane

    A move to the suburbs, or to a smaller unit away from street-level visibility is usually a symptom of a Sci outpost in its death throes. We've seen it in quite a few different cities now.

    Go for it, Brisbane anons. You'll find you've got a lot of public support after all of those TV reports in the last few months, and it shouldn't take much to make your local Martian embassy collapse like a rotten husk. Watch out for a Scilon/CCHR/NarCONon presence at fairs and similar events. That's one tactic that the clams use to try to make the most of limited manpower as an org spirals into oblivion. A little bit of seek-and-annoy and your city will be cult-free in no time!
  9. Activist1 Member

    Re: what about brisbane

    why not cause a raid while the ekka's here?:confused:
    surely we can finish this by the end of August.
  10. Activist1 Member

    Re: what about brisbane

    i count 5 (including yourself) that enough?
    i can provide masks (guy fawkes) that are alright. i guess. 2d ones.

    possible by the end of ekka?

    how about a small time one with a fold out table a flyers.
  11. grazanon Member

    Re: what about brisbane

    xenu jnr and i are keen sat or sun is ok for us
  12. anonparamore Member

    Re: what about brisbane

    yeah im from the Sunnie Coast brizi not far luv to get involved
  13. darkcyn Member

    Re: what about brisbane

    yeh brissie...ish here but hell it seems sleepy up here .....
    almost seems like ppl who even care are a minority here
  14. Pables Member

    This is getting kind of dead, but I'm near Brisbane, and I've got a lot of friends who would love to come along to a protest. The Brisbane cell site has been down though, but if any of you are still here we can try for something reasonably big?
  15. Anonymous Member

  16. CarltonBANKS Member

    How long before the Vulture Ministers hit Brisbane to recruit fresh meat?

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