"What am I protesting?" Pamphlet - dutch translation.

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    "What am I protesting?" Pamphlet - dutch translation.

    Let me first state the obvious : I am not the original author of this great piece of design - just a translator. I managed to get in touch with said author, and he graciously accepted to give me all the materials I needed to make the translation job a lot easier.

    What I would need right now are proofreaders / critics.

    Please take a look at this pdf and let me know if there's anything that needs editing. There are also some words missing in the translation...if anybody could help to fill in the blanks, it would be much appreciated :)

    Here's the original english version, for comparizon's sake.
  2. anonymousbxl Member

  3. Re: "What am I protesting?" Pamphlet - dutch translation.

    I realise I'm rather late with posting this, but I have a few corrections/suggestions for the translation which, by the way, is already quite good, although I would guess the translator is from Belgium, which causes some cases in which the choice of words could be more specific for a Dutchman.

    First page, left balloon:
    harassment is being translated as 'eerroof'. eerroof overlaps in meaning with 'laster'; I think 'intimidatie' would be better. ‘zonder schaamte’ might as well become 'schaamteloos'. (The translation is rather free, but I think it works well in Dutch to say 'misdaden').

    Center block:
    Again, I would say 'intimidatie', not 'eerroof'. 'Fair game policy', I would change 'Mag bedrogen' to 'Mogen bedrogen', because the first sentence has 'mogen' too.

    Operation Snow white: 'hooggeplaatst' should be a single word.

    Second page: 'waar het nekhaar van een magistraat recht van gaat staan.' This sentence is not very eloquent. I would say 'rechter', not 'magistraat'. The function of magistraat is not very specific, nor well-known (for Dutchmen). And the expression is weaker than the English one. In (Netherlandic) Dutch it suggests surprise, not horror. So, something like 'die de haren van een rechter overeind zouden doen staan' or 'te berge zouden doen rijzen' would be better.

    Middle column: 'nefast' is not a common word in The Netherlands; it sounds Flemish to me. I would change it into something like 'kwaadaardig'. Furthermore: 'om zij die zich ... het zwijgen op te leggen' 'om hun die zich ... het zwijgen op te leggen'. 'Het zwijgen' is being 'opgelegd' to 'hun', so this should be dative. (opleggen goes with dative).

    Third column: 'onderzoekende reportages' -> 'onderzoeksreportages'. The current phrasing suggest the reportages themselves are busy with onderzoek. Futhermore, I would include the adjective 'mainstream' in the Dutch version too, to emphasize this is not some tinfoil-hat report. I don't know a nice Dutch word which has the same feeling.

    Also, third column: 'legale afdeling' -> 'juridische afdeling' and 'tussen hun en hun enige doel' -> 'tussen hen en hun enige doel'. Finally: 'dat het volk', this sounds a bit derogatory. 'De bevolking' would be better IMO.

    Anyway: Nice job of translating it. I hope my suggestions are not too Dutch.
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    Re: "What am I protesting?" Pamphlet - dutch translation.

    Thanks! I'll try and implement your suggestions when I have a bit of time.
  5. FrankvdWaal Member

    Re: "What am I protesting?" Pamphlet - dutch translation.

    I should've probably posted it up here as well. Both flyers are already translated and available behind the link in the above quote.
    Quote came from the Amsterdam thread.
  6. anonymousbxl Member

    Re: "What am I protesting?" Pamphlet - dutch translation.

    Thanks! I could only find the "Why am I wearing this mask" version in the file linked in the previous I made the "what am I protesting?" version.
  7. FrankvdWaal Member

    Re: "What am I protesting?" Pamphlet - dutch translation.

    Shit, the other one wasn't in the archive was it? The only difference is the title.
    Proofread it though, please. Skimming over it, I found a few errors. Like "waar protesteer ik voor" has to be "waar protesteer ik tegen". Also "nekharen", not "nekhaaren" and "In een klein vijftig jaar".

    I'll throw the other file on the wiki too as soon as I get home. The only difference is the title anyway.

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