What are the most effective ways to topple Iranian Regime? بهترین راه های براندازی

Discussion in 'Iran' started by Unregistered, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. Hi iranian folk and all other freedom seeking people for Iran,
    In this thread we are going to analyze and discuss the operational strategies to fight Iranian Regime. One of the reasons I opened this thread is because at least for myself I have not seen many discussions that really analyzes the resistance movement strategies from a more objective point of view. Since I am privileged to posess a degree in Operational Managment, I thought it might be valuable to share my views with other iranians.

    First of all, let me mention this. I do not belong to any Resistance Party or Opposition party. I dont belong to any Ideology. I have not coorporated with the Islamic Republic of Iran and any other Opposition groups like toodeh, mojahed, fadayee or salatant. As a matter fact I have resented Ideological opposition Parties all my life, and see them as the main culprit for the current and past situation in iran.

    I believe in Individual Liberty and Freedom of Thought and speech. You may say I am against any oppression.

    Now, what's the point. The point is that after I present my openion about the operational strategies to fight iranian regime I dont want any of the parties to label me beloging to some other party. This is a viscous cycle among the iranian political parties.

    In the comming posts from me I will discuss this topic throughly. For any one of you who likes to talk about this topic i invite you to join this thread.
  2. Until Now, تا به امروز

    تا به امروز
    قدم اول
    نافرمانی مدنی ،
    استفاده از نشریات در رسانهای کشور وخارج و اعلام علنی مخالفت با سیاستهای سرکوبانه و غیر انسانی حکومت.
    قدم دوم
    همبستگی تمام گروهای مخالف حکومت و اعلام پشتیبانی از جنبش مردم مخالف با حکومت
    قدم سوم
    استمرار برگزاری تظاهرات در سراسر کشور و پافشاری برای تحقق خواستهای ملت

    Until Now
    First Step
    Civil Diobidience,
    Utilizing all available media eg. foreign and domestic, internet etc, to protest against the Regime.
    Second Step
    Unity among all opposition groups in support of the movemnet of people against the Regime.
    Third Step
    Continuety of holding protests all over the country until the people's demands are met.

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