What Are Volunteer Ministers?

Discussion in 'Education, Research and Inside Reports' started by chanson, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. chanson Member

    What Are Volunteer Ministers?

    And what exactly do they do to help people? Apart from handing out leaflets promoting The Way To Happiness/Narconon/Criminon/insert CoS philanthropic front group name here at sites of major disasters, and promoting Hubbard's 'techniques' in schools of third-world countries.

    A subpoint: do they ever actually offer any physical help like most aid organizations and volunteers from other religions do? Food aid? Medical supplies? Beds, shelter, clothing-- anything tangible apart from 'teaching'? For that matter, what do they actually do to tackle poverty in general, or help the poor?

    Going to try and compile as much information on this in this thread over the next couple of days. Help is appreciated. :anon:
  2. saerat Member

    Re: What Are Volunteer Ministers?

    from what I understand looking into it they are not really trained personnel and just get in the way from actual trained people helping.
  3. Anonproto Member

  4. Re: What Are Volunteer Ministers?

    Why ask permission? They are the authorities on helping people. :lol:
  5. Re: What Are Volunteer Ministers?

    I've done some webpages on the 'disaster' aspect of VMs:

    The other side of VMs is that they are the community outreach arm of the CoS. They have a touring 'yellow tent' that advertises $cientology. The central CoS provides coordinating support staff as required but no actual money for VMs, this is raised from members.

    Please don't misunderstand VMs. They are a cross section of CoS members - some are fanatics, some confused, some genuinely want to help.
  6. Dubber Member

    Re: What Are Volunteer Ministers?

    Are there any particular reasons for someone to end up on VM duty? Does the church use it as a kind of probation? Are they more likely to be in debt than other Scientologists?

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