What can Anonymous achieve?

Discussion in 'Projects' started by TheAnonymouse, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. TheAnonymouse Member

    What can Anonymous achieve?

    Firstly, I fully support Anonymous. I was present at London's 10/2 and plan to attend 15/3.
    But this picture got me thinking.
    What do you say?


    EDIT: The picture is slightly cut off, but that can be fixed by right click -> View Image
  2. itsme Member

    Re: What can Anonymous achieve?

    Truthfully, since the current goal is to achieve awareness of Scientology in the general populace (most of which have absolutely no idea what Scientology is), Anonymous can achieve quite a bit and has already done a great deal.

    The difference between how this is handled and how, say anti-war advocates, need to handle their business is very different. The world is already aware of Iraq and most of the seedy dealings behind it, and it's something that has come to the point where protests aren't aimed at the general populace as much as reaching to community leaders to gather support. There is much more limited impacts when fighting government entities than when attacking the private sector (such as Anonymous is doing).

    Swaying a government away from its own private interests, and swaying a government opinion of an external public interest, are two totally different things. The latter being a very achievable goal.

    Apples and Oranges.
  3. Hostile Member

    Re: What can Anonymous achieve?

    after scientology, I can actually see anon going after corrupt governments... but before that I'm sure we'd stop the iraq war and bring peace to the mid east (or at least a bit of it)
  4. psyborgue Member

    Re: What can Anonymous achieve?

    ER. Other targets might be far more difficult. Busting cults is comparatively easy. They're fragile. They rely on control of communciation, keeping their members in the dark, etc... Things that are easily subverted by what anonymous is really good at: communication / information dissemination. Up to this point, I think that the Co$ isn't too worried, because their members weren't the target of the protest. Our signs were pointed "outwards" instead of "inwards" to the cult members (very effective approach). Look at what Magoo puts on her signs.. stuff like "doubt is the beginning of wisdom", designed to target the members, not the public. Reach the members, and like "wise british robot lady" said, the foundation will crumble and rip the organization apart. Give the current members a way out, show them the truth, etc... IMO, some of LRH's choice quotations on loudspeaker would do a LOT of damage if the members inside were to hear, in LRH's voice (something that they cannot possibly deny as SP lies) just how friggin crazy he actually was. I'd also suggest playing back some of the videos from Voiceless.

    I mean... Scientolgists are told that the whole Xenu thing is a joke (only later told it's true). If they hear LRH talking about that, body thetans, going to the Van Allen belt, claiming to almost get run over by a train on Venus, bashing christ, mohammed, black people, and all that stuff... At the very least, the Co$ will have a field day with damage control. At best, their members will revolt or leave.
  5. A.Non Hubbard Member

    Re: What can Anonymous achieve?

    I'd like to see an Anonymous counterprotest to Nashi. But that's wishful thinking.
  6. AnonKiwi Member

    Re: What can Anonymous achieve?

    This isn't a chan, can we keep the NSFW pictures elsewhere? ta! :lrhcries:

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