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    My first experience with a Scientologist was back in 2004 - 2006. Back then I was just hitting my early twentys and knew next to nothing about Scientology outside the wonderful treatment it got from South Park.

    I got work at an Adult Foster home for the mentally ill. The owner had me come in on the weekends to care for 5 clients with scizophrenia to bi-polar disorderf from Friday to Sunday (on duty 24 h). When the owner was dumped by a man she was really in love with; the worker that I had replaced started coming around and would put up a sign on the owners bedroom door saying, "Do not disturb! Auditing in session" or something like that. Every time this owner got her auditing she would become horribly "enturbulated". Then I would notice all these L Ron books she was buying and an e-meter. I was also keeping her books and noticed $200 - $4000 checks the owner was making out to her "auditer". She tried to bully me into reading Dienetics because I was over weight and when I told her I do not believe in any religion that charges its memebers for knowledge she berated me, called me supressive, and complianed that I was full of isms and whiney. Needless to say the further along her auditing the more "enturbulated" she became. At one point she was telling her clients "Know the tech, apply the tech! If you do it it works and if it isn't working YOU are doing something wrong! You can get off your meds if you only applied the Tech!"

    So yeah, I had to deal with an enturbulated bat shit crazy boss who was telling very, very, mentally ill patients if they could only apply the Tech correctly they would have no need for meds or docs anymore. A very toxic enviroment that I could no longer work in. None of the clients would speak out about the owner bullying them in to Scientology(with out even letting them read any of the basics and if they did read them most of the stuff in there they didn't get or thought was completely insane; and that coming from those who know what it is to be actually insane!) and told me flat out they would deny everthing in order to stay at this particular home. Very sad.

    At least this was a home regulated by the State and the owner did dispense the medication as she should have; however when it came to painkillers she would activly discourage and bully them into not taking them, instead giving them Tech to treat their pain. Only when I was on duty would they build up the courage to ask for their PRNs (medication that is commonly 'as needed' i.e. pain killers, antianxiety ect). However, since these PRNs were narcotics most of the time I would have to log it in their files and would get an earful of shit when the owner found that I had dispensed them and admonish me for "drugging my guys! Always talk them down from their PRNs! They don't NEED them!" It has been almost 10 years since I worked for that crazy woman and I believe she has since retired.

    I posted this on and got a suggestion to come here and tell my story and see if there are any trusted anons out there that would be willing to see if this woman is really retired so that no more clients have to go thru what I have been talking about on tonys blog. I post as Bella. PM if interested. Thanks.
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    Thanks for the story Bella and welcome to wwp. I would suggest that rather than asking here for people to look into this, that you yourself are in the best position to do this, learn to google etc., let us know what you find.
    Pretty bat-shit stuff.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    state regulated? hmm
  4. Anonymous Member

    Yup......paid by state and from clients.......
  5. Anonymous Member

    See there was always a fine fine line with the way she treated her clients and pushed scientology on them. When I left I was totally and completely sickened. The treatment of the clients and myself resemble that of the Church itself. And this is coming from a source who was more then likely and indie and had been since the early 80's, because she did not get regged at all. At the very least these people ( the owner and her auditor) were squrreling and doing it to those who already were mentally ill and in the system and would be whether or not they applied the Tech correctly. That what was so sad about this.
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