What can we do...

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Phil-Anon, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Phil-Anon Member

    What can we do...

    Let me preface this by saying, I support what Anonymous is doing 100% - the Church of Scientology is an evil, brainwashing, money-grubbing, murderous, litigous cult, and that needs to stop.

    However, I have not been and will not be showing up for raids. I am in a position to be seriously damaged by Fair Game asshattery - let's just say that if I lose my job, I'd not be in a good financial situation. Also, if I were namefagged, persons close to me could also be targeted. While I have no qualms about placing myself at risk, I have no right to place anyone else at risk. For these reasons, I cannot do most of the IRL stuff that presents a high risk of getting me namefagged and Fair Gamed. The question is, then:

    What can I do?

    What can I, and people like me, do to support the cause? I plan to post at least one or two fliers (can anyone suggest a good flyer to post to reach a wide range of people?), and I plug the cause to those I can trust not to (accidentally or intentionally) betray me to the scilons. I post here when I feel that my ideas/opinions/information could be beneficial. I've (anonymously) emailed all of the major news stations in my area (both network and cable). What else is there? I want to contribute, and I've done a little, but I want to help as much as I can without putting those around me at serious risk.
  2. Hieronymous Member

    Re: What can we do...

    Donate money, write letters to policiticans and the media. Get the word out in public where people can see it but nobody knows who did it
  3. Re: What can we do...

    Check out the Current Ops thread, there's a lot of online only operations going on, just choose a couple and go with those.
  4. Re: What can we do...

    You could wander around town in the dead of night plastering fliers and posters every where. With a ski mask and the cover of night, not many people could recognize you.
  5. Re: What can we do...

    Educate yourself and give money to the anti-Sci-fags who need it (BUY HIS DVD!). Contribute to the weekly e-mail campaigns to your local state and federal reps. Do not join the Cult of Scientology.

    Though you've only done a little so far, you can continue to contribute. Every little bit helps Anonymous. You do not have to believe me when I say that, but I'd like to think it'll help you to do what you feel is right and thus become a red-blooded and bold member of Anonymous. You are not a coward for protecting yourself and your family. You are only a coward if you choose to give up and do absolutely nothing more while the Cult continues to spread like a cancer in wealth and influence around you on the unheard wails of the suffering. You are only a coward as you stand by while the Cult continues to spread its strangling tentacles of censorship and perverse copyrights making your world and the future of your family darker and darker.

    As Anonymous you cannot forgive, and you cannot forget. Can we expect you?
  6. Hieronymous Member

    Re: What can we do...

    If you live in a place with little Sci penetration, talk to your local churches and try to get some outraged letter writing campaigns going
  7. Re: What can we do...

    ... As stated in another thread, getting another religion involved would be a bad idea. A war of souls is not something Anonymous wishes to start or see come about. Anonymous will lose if such a war comes about. Anonymous does not want to convert the heathen. There are no allies to be found within the institutions of the Christ-fags, only the possibility that the Cult's generous tax-exemption is spread to other religions. That would be bad for obvious reasons pertaining to the plating of Scientology's tax exemption with the dense, dark fail of, "The other guys have it, why can't I?"
  8. Hieronymous Member

    Re: What can we do...

    Well in my humble opinion, the IRS would rather cut its ties to Scientology than include more religious groups in such a exemption. It would mean the difference between washing its hands and making more money vs. continuing the secrecy and losing more money. Again I didn't see it as a matter of the two groups going to war, more as having their outrage aid us in shaming the CoS
  9. Re: What can we do...

    In my severely less than humble opinion, Christian shame will not aid us. It will turn into righteous anger which will result in them, associating themselves with us if we reach out to them, undertaking an open war for souls. The thought of megachurch against megachurch makes my stomach turn somersaults. You were right about the IRS not really being inclined to give other religions tax-exemption, but it increases the likelihood all the same. What is much more likely to happen though, is that the Cult will rightly accuse us of preferring one religion over the other, thus destroying any legal or public arguments we might make about our neutrality regarding our commitment to not wish harm on those who follow the faith and religious texts created by L. Ron "My Head is an Egg" Hubbard. You saw the first vid to action, yes? You've seen the others? Anonymous is not about destroying the faith, only the institution of the Cult and getting some lulz in the process.
  10. Hieronymous Member

    Re: What can we do...

    I figure this is a discussion for elsewhere and I don't think either of us is going to change our minds, so I'll just end on this note. I don't think we are going to get 700 club style revivalist evangelist gatherings in the name of anonymous but now more christian dominated and no longer internet based. I figured they would mobilize grassroots style as well, but doing a lot of behind the scenes things like the letter writing campaigns. The politician's listen to Christians. Do remember Christian churches in America aren't much more centralized than we are, so I figure even if it took off they wouldn't come out in such droves that we would get swamped by them. I agree anon and other religious groups would not mix well at all, but they would be a fairly contained contingent doing their thing, while we do ours. At most they could give us covering fire so to speak (not the literal kind scifags).
  11. Re: What can we do...

    Perhaps you are right. I sometimes have trouble taking my worst case scenarios and hyping them into Nostradamic prognostications. While evangelics may smell blood in the water, the real world chances of that are slim and Anonymous doesn't have much to worry from Pat Robertson and the rest of his dust-pissing host.
    Still, I must voice a concern that no church is too small for the Cult to not notice and that unless Anonymous is careful in its quiet ministrations to the grassroots, the Cult will forever use the incident against us. They will not let it die and gullible dumbfucks like Bill O'Dumbfuck with the rest of Faux News would be inclined to spin them into a debate about Anonymous being a front for the X-sect of the Christian Church. This would put the concept into the public consciousness and give a sense of validity in Cult claims of religious intolerance.
    I wish there was an emote for a weary sigh, but there isn't one. The best I can advise is what I seem to always advise: use caution. Until we know the results of the February 15th protest, we must assume that we are vulnerable to spin and that our numbers might just be the tiniest bit inflated, and if they are not only a small section of those new-fags claiming to be Anonymous are actually going to show up much less actually be interested in taking up the cause for themselves.

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