What can you do to help Anonymous?

Discussion in 'Freedom of Expression' started by Anonymous, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Besides taking to the streets to protest, what can you do in the cyber world? Persuming you have at least basic know how of technical skills.
  2. an0nim0uz Member

    Informing people on Scientology related articles on various websites in the comments section, making videos and putting them out there, leaking Scientology related videos and other material, designing flyers/leaflets (and handing them out on the street; you don't have to attend a protest to do that) and probably a fuckton of other stuff that I can't think of right now because I haven't slept in 3 days.
    Have fun.
  3. WMAnon Member

    You can create videos, posters, flyers, and other kinds of (for lack of a better term) propaganda for the movement and share them with others. You can join random forums under different handles and attempt to either recruit or inform the members about the Anonymous initiatives you care about (you'd be surprised just how many people are on Anon's side on most issues). You can upvote Anon materials on digg, reddit, and youtube, and share them on Facebook.

    You can also check around for active projects that need help, or just try posting your skill set and asking if anyone needs your help.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Your locality might have a cult watch group but a shit site. Offer your services and help bring an entire body of cult knowledge onto the interwebs. That’s a project that will whew away your time, but given the tremendous benefit to making localised information easily and readily available it is well worth doing.
  5. Anonymous Member

    write, write, write, to government officials, and state departments of education
    Warn them about Scientology's front groups
    Applied Scholastics, Narconon, Youth For Human Rights, Drug Free Marshals, The Way To Happiness and there are MANY more
  6. over9000OT Member

    inb4 1337 ha><
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  7. Anonymous Member

    >Freedom of expression subforum
    >Majority of posts suggest Sci related stuff
  8. OTBT Member

    I can HERP DERP, because that be my skill sets.
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  9. I'm assuming you are addressing individual Anons here, and not saying as a whole? I admit outside of physical protests i don't do too much. I try to speak directly to Scilons using the naturally occuring Circular Logic of their tech to get them to question their beliefs.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    you can help me in many ways.
    first off, i could use a proverbial joint the size of South America.
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  11. Skinnies Member

    You could always make proxy websites for your school/collage/workarea to acces certain blocked websites.

    Generally stickin' it to the man ;D
  12. Anonymous Member

    Before you can "HELP" anybody else, you gotta help yourself by finding a way to get centered, at peace, living right and getting along with others, accepting and celebrating yours and everyone elses unique talents and quirky gifts and knowing how to agree to disagree.
    and finding a way to laugh together, and lift each others spirits in a positive way.
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  13. Barrett Brown Member

    You can log into and join #opmetalgear, where we have been researching the dozens of companies and government agencies that have been developing extraordinarily dangerous software and methodologies that we already know to be misused. You'll find more specifics on the pads linked to from the topic, and of course if you ask you will be briefed on what's happened so far.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Barrett Brown Lurketh here.
    hey dude, sexy picture of you by your books, but i wished you would have smiled.
    that would have put that over the top.
  15. Anonymous Member

    Dude, do us a favor and stop scaring the shit of Ma and Pa in Midwest Amerika by talking up a shitstorm about war, and being teh leadurrrr.
    It appears that did some damage.
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  16. Anonymous Member

  17. Anonymous Member

    please go away. that is all.
  18. Barrett Brown Member

    I got off heroin months ago and Suboxone a couple weeks ago (the latter presents much more extended withdrawals but I'm about 100 percent now). Sorry about scaring gramps; the NBC interview did not leave the six hours of discussion with the sort of editing I'd have preferred, which is why I'm now disinclined to do anything but live appearances. Also, the revelations regarding Manning's treatment had an effect on me and I definitely reacted without thinking through the strategy, which I had no right to do. I've never referred to myself as the leader of Anonymous and don't consider myself as such.

    I'd like to talk about #OpMetalGear and other issues of actual substance if that's going to be possible here.
  19. Anonymous Member

    why now?
  20. Barrett Brown Member

    Because we need more people helping with research, so I'm venturing out into the various forums. It's a huge project that keeps getting bigger as we discover to what extent the methodology has already been developed, implemented, and sometimes misused. Look into In-Q-Tel, for instance, and its board of trustees, and its connection to the big tech firms. That's just the beginning. So I'm looking for people who actually want to work on this project.
  21. Anonymous Member

    It's not my thing.
  22. Anonymous Member

    It seems like a worthy op, but speaking only for myself I would be hesitant to get involved with anything you are repping as you have shown yourself to be quite careless. Maybe someone else (maybe even someone... anonymous) would be a better internal spokesman for anonops around here.
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  23. Barrett Brown Member

    Most of the people with whom I'm working on this obviously don't share your assessment that the op is something with which one should avoid getting involved simply because I'm heavily involved, too. If you haven't heard of Op Metal Gear until now, then you may not have followed my work well enough to decide if "quite careless" is the best way to describe me. I'd say the Visa and Mastercard operations were pretty fucking careless insomuch as that 40 people were raided and their data compromised by the feds, but I provided them with pro bono lawyers just the same rather than saying, "Oh, fuck, these guys made a tactical mistake, I'd better not get involved." Your mileage may vary, though. I admit to and learn from my mistakes, and that's more than one can say for a number of other people.
  24. Anonymous Member

    Speak for yourself, only.
    that is all.
    And, don't compromise with your carelenesness the good works of so many good-hearted good guise around these parts.
    Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    Also, there's the likelihood that any thread you post here (this one, for example) quickly becomes mostly about you. I'm done.
  26. Anonymous Member

    Answering the topic:

    1) Thoroughly do your research to know and understand the Anonymous culture.
    2) Don't come to Anonymous requesting help for your cause, you won't get any.
    3) Lrn2forum.
    4) Lrn2research even more than you had to previously.
    5) Accept individual responsibility for your own actions, cause no one has your back if you do something retarded.
    6) Grow a second layer of skin.
    7) Contribute to the Anonymous supply of relevant information, boobs, and cake
    8) ????
    9) Profit!
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  27. Anonymous Member

    You sir are a genius, yes, I am aren't I?
  28. rof Member

    Beware: The amount of stupid here is measured in terabukkits per hour.

    It should have a kilometers wide exclusion zone for actual ops.
  29. Barrett Brown Member

    Perhaps the problem, #25, is that some here are more interested in bullshit drama than actually working; obviously you guys didn't need my help starting up several long threads about me that inevitably received more responses than many of the posts that deal with substance. So when I actually show up, don't focus on me and then bitch that people are focusing on me. There are plenty of people at Anonops that are entirely capable of concentrating on tasks rather than the fun business of Barrett Brown analysis. I figure that some people here can, like, bear that heavy fucking burden, even if you can't.
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  30. Anonymous Member

  31. Anonymous Member

    I dunno, Barrett.
    I would be afraid that after letting you see my TITS, (irc chat logs) that you would get a hard on from sharing that image with all of your friendz.
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  32. rof Member

    Let's talk about Julian Assange's penis next!

    Truly, mang, it's a land of stupid.
  33. Anonymous Member

  34. Anonymous Member

    Don't mind ROF.
    She is suffering from a terminal case of PMS.

  35. Anonymous Member

    What about Julian's Penis? Do tell us. Not liek we haven't already heard enough.
  36. Anonymous Member

  37. Pythorian Member

    +1 #opmetalgear
  38. wow...
    you actually have the balls to show up on here barret.
    my intense dislike for you has lessened a minuscule bit. i actually kinda respect you for it. :::swallows her own pride:::
    you still need to stfu and gtfo and consentrate on recovery.
    i hear heroine is the hardest drug to get off of and stay off of in the longrun.
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  39. Anonymous Member

    #opsyria +1
    And this.
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  40. rof Member

    Say it loud and proud: I AM A MINUSCULE HEROINE

    Kill yourselves.

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