What can you do to help Anonymous?

Discussion in 'Freedom of Expression' started by Anonymous, Mar 27, 2011.

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    rof, tell us about your titties, plz.
  3. over9000OT Member

    Assuming that this isn't a troll account:
    Far be it from me to speak for Anonymous (see what I did thar?) but... Fuck you Barrett.

    You stick your dick in the hornet's nest and don't expect anyone to laugh and point?

    If you really gave a fuck about any of this, you'd post anonymously and then there would be no focus on you at all. amirite?

    Somewhat on topic, the best thing I can do for Anonymous is avoid self-aggrandizing myself if I happen to have a reason to speak about Anonymous or Chanology.
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  4. rof Member

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  5. you fucking hippie :D
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  6. Anonymous Member

    rof, could you please go breastfeed Barrett?
    He is hongray.
  7. Anonymous Member

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    We luv you really rof.
  11. PresidentShaw Member

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  12. Anonymous Member

    Some guy Barrett who wants to be famous and call himself yer leadurrr and spokeshole, scare people and taunt the Feds into closing our party.
  13. Anonymous Member

    For Shawi,
  14. PresidentShaw Member

    Aw ty bb <3
  15. Anonymous Member

    I hate you all. Someone asked a legitimate question and all you can do is bitch at each other about stupid drama.

    Barrett, it's called "Reply Anonymously" and it's your friend. Let your words do the talking instead of your name.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    The reply anonymously button is hardly hidden, he's using his name to try to recruit. Also, congrats on being yet another poster, in this thread and elsewhere, to demonstrate his or her superiority by whining about the stupidity of others. If you're so smart then why are you here?
  17. Anonymous Member

    I responded to OP with constructive advice, I was looking to see what other Anons had suggested he try out. You know, useful shit.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Sorry, I do believe you are trying to be productive. Here (I couldn't resist taking a bite first, ya know #stupidpeopleproblems):

  19. Anonymous Member

  20. grebe Member

    I'm glad someone is looking into the ties between the intelligence community and large corporations. The connections alone aren't the problem, but the potential for snooping and spying upon people without due process or judicial review is concerning.

    A number of IT and telco companies are loosely linked to Scientology, which appears to quietly market an impressive data gathering service for hire. No wants.

    I don't know computer and need simple instructions regarding how to hide my IP before going into a chat room. Or maybe I could help organize an info dump into chunks for a wiki.

    That chocolate chip cookie looks really good. Damn I need to go shopping.
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  21. Also- OperationPaperstorm is going until March 31st. Leaflet or sneak around papering libraries and toilets across the land. (like me)
  22. november5 Member

    Spreading the word.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Noob question, how/where to get leaflets to handout? I have a COPYCAT in my town, I decided to start sticking posters around my collage due to how unkown Anonymous are in my area.
  24. WMAnon Member

    what kinds of flyers are you looking for? There are threads in different places for paperstorm, wikileaks, bradley manning, chanology, and other topics.
  25. Anonymous Member

    ^ Mainly to spread awarness of scientology, you know, website information, what we do, who we are, Legion.
  26. OTBT Member

    Fliers & Pamphlets

    which can be found in this sub forum

  27. Anonymous Member

  28. Anonymous Member

    Pick up a sign and go to a protest. Warm up the poon launcher. Help this "arm" of Anonymous without leaderfagging. Be concerned about the various human rights violations in Scientology, Iraq, Libya, et al. Wonder wtf is keeping this crap going and going and then do whatever can be done to peacefully stop it. Apply Gandhi tech instead of egofag tech.

    Help out here and you might find assistance where you claim you need it.
  29. Anonymous Member

    The way you faggots throw the term around you'd be chewing Gandhi out for being an egofag, too.
  30. Orson Member

    I may regret this.

    Barrett, if this really is you, I hope you log back in and see this response.

    OpMetalGear is a worthy project and it falls well within our FoI focus area. Those users here who are focused on those issues would likely help with the Op. The users of this site have proven to be very effective over the past 3 years at getting shit done that has an impact while keeping our names out of the papers for the most part. I could list the accomplishments but that would take more time and effort than is needed to make my point.*

    But don't come here and ask for help and then shit on the users when you don't get the response you want. That NBC interview did you no favors, and quite frankly, drew the wrong kind of attention to ALL of anonymous, not just your bunch in Anonops. Chanology has worked diligently to maintain and develop a positive working relationship with LEOs around the world to offset Scientology's claims that we are "cyberterrorists."

    Editing is not solely responsible for you coming off as a complete douche in the Isikoff interview. Given what we learned in the D Magazine article, withdrawal symptoms are the more likely cause. Good on ya for getting cleaned up.

    The folks in Anonops may be able to concentrate "on tasks rather than the fun business of Barrett Brown analysis," but, be honest, you had to expect your first appearance at WWP would draw this kind of response (especially since you have obviously lurked enough to read the other threads in which you are mentioned).

    You've done good work for anon ops (I lurk and pay attention), but if you want to gather more to support your Op, I suggest you remove your identity from that effort. One of the distinctions of WWP is that we don't do illegal activities, and you are closely tied (allegedly) to efforts that are considered (sometimes wrongly) criminal. The heat is on you and people don't want the heat on them. Using your name hurts your recruitment efforts at this point.

    Start a new thread in the FoI subforum (or get someone to do it). Post it anonymously. Provide links to the docs, projects, etc. that are relevant, and then like any other group of anons, the users here will self-select into action if your argument is compelling enough.

    There's been too much drama lately. Users, mods and admins here getting doxed is a bad thing (not blaming you for that at all, just saying, the dramallama has been around too much lately). We don't want the drama, we just want to get shit done.

    You know some of the players here and you are of course welcome here. But, I suggest you create a new sock account if you want your ideas to overcome your recent history. Or post anonymously.

    *The list of accomplishments is often overshadowed by pointless threads about nonsense. Dig deeper than what gets bumped on the front page and you'll find all kinds of ongoing projects that are making a difference.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    We are always looking for a good media spokes-person to speak to media for all of us.
  32. Anonymous Member

    ^^ none of us speaks for all us.
  33. Anonymous Member

    'like' to the 9001st power
  34. Anonymous Member

    he did? why?
  35. Anonymous Member

    Well, he IS our leader.
    Effective leaders maintain good awareness of how their minions operate.
  36. Anonymous Member

    effective leaders know when to keep their heads down and stfu
  37. He is drawing their fire, he is doxxed. Maybe we can blame him for everything illegal, leaving everyone else clear.
    Barrett, I made fun of you in IRC and I'm sorry, you do a lot more around here than I have ever done.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Barrets amazing,when he's not being the leader of anonymous and planning ops.
    He saves cat's that are stuck up tree's.
  39. Anonymous Member

    when I google 'pussy in tree' i get this
    *shrug* make of it what you will
  40. Anonymous Member

    MILF Mother Nature doing what she does best.

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