What can you do to help Anonymous?

Discussion in 'Freedom of Expression' started by Anonymous, Mar 27, 2011.

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    I could make a brooch... or a hat... or a pterodactyl.
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    I could use a handcrafted burlwood mont blanc pen. but i can only pays yew 50 cents an hour, liek tommyboi.
  3. how can i help i live in costa rica(central america)
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    Scientology was recognized as a religion in Costa Rica in 1991
    Write to your government officials and send them links to the real issues on Scientology

    Go over to the Active Projects section of WWP and jump in anywhere. Be sure to protect your identity when writing people via email.
    regular snail mail is good too!
    That is the beauty of the internet, it doesn't matter where you live, you can jump in and help any area
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  8. have you heard of Food Safety Bill S520 this is sick, they trying to control food now to . if this goes into full you will be not or can food or give it away this putts church and good people helping people.
  9. WHAT??????
  10. OP stex would help
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  12. who would be affected ? who would continue without noticing ? this is how
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  13. to answer your question more directly maybe, my post was intended as a spark, only. i know my limits, not the ones of people sharing the same idea and maybe able to concretize it. but why not start discussing it
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  14. I have been writing about the power of A GIFT ECONOMY (=free stuff can destroy their profit based system) for quite long time .... but they banned me from Dailymail today! And they threated me with : "to inform my employer" if I continue to write!!!!
    A GIFT ECONOMY MESSAGE IS too dangerous for their system
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    Candidate for post of the day.
  16. Thinking is a great help, isn't it?
    Gosh, first message here.
  17. What caused this law to pass? This law undoubtedly,
    has been used to arrest, incarcerate, seize property,
    search peoples homes, computers, and cell phones.
    Basically this law lets any "anti-criminal" agency at your
    privacy solely on the conjunction that you MIGHT BE A FUCKING
    SO, for the AMAZING people of ANONYMOUS:

    1. I'm asking for all ANON's to watch the zeitgeist movie
    (if you haven't already, are you dumb? it already)

    2. In this film it hints at a convenient store adjacent to the pentagon. In this store,
    a camera was pointed at the pentagon on 9/11 which recorded the crash of a plane.
    This footage was confiscated and never released to the public. This footage would
    3. Building 7 or world trade center building number 7 also collapsed on 9/11. Not just the twin towers.
    it wasn't hit by a fucking plane! Why doesn't the 9/11 report talk about this?

    4. The goal-
    9/11 was the main reason behind the Patriot Act. SHouldn't we know why are privacy can be
    taken away at a moments notice? Why little jennifer could be woken up in the middle of the
    night, searched, property taken as evidence, and it's FUCKING LEGAL? 1000's of others who have had
    this happen to them already can't defend themselves. THIS IS BULLSHIT. WE ARE HUMANS FOR FUCKSAKE.
    The world needs to know the real truth behind this terrifically horrible tragedy known as 9/11.
    ITS PASSING WAS a PHAT LIE! pLEASE hELP ANONYMOUS?! Anonymous, working with the zeitgeist movement, is
    the only way we can ensure that free speech isn't taken away simply because the people in power think you
    might maybe possibly in a round about way be A MOTHER FLIPPIN' TERRORIST.
    6. P.S. I promise to send you chocolates if you show the world how fucked up this law really is..and maybe punch.
    at a location with ladies,music, and beer...fuck it PROJECT X in minneapolis, MN. Email me
    for location once "THE PATRIOT hACT" IS COMPLETED. I'm for fucking realsies.
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  18. I'm a newbe in Anonymous. I'm not a webster or any type of hacker. I have aquired hands on skills that allow me to do very special assignments. My goal is pure. My goal is just. To Anons- I'm no hackdf but I'm not a protester either. We all must unite as one. We need hard copies we need photoz. Intelligance is key. Its good wd use computers but we must not limit our abillities. If anons want to take down corrupted officials you are only goin to do that by hardcore evidence. We must start trainning in special assignments that are more hands on.
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  19. WMAnon Member

    Hi! If you want to try to get evidence of, um, someone(?) doing bad things, photography is one time-honored option. Be aware of any laws in your city, state, or country that may limit your ability to follow through on your plans. Please note that this website and its community in no way condone illegal activity, even if you think you are acting for a greater good. Many people have come to us claiming that they are able to take on "special operations" and attempted to push initiatives (from the wikileaks supporters to chanology) into more extreme actions, so you have already stepped in a mess by introducing yourself this way.

    If you're an accomplished photographer and you're searching for ways to support Anonymous, might I direct you towards the Production Studio? Lots of Anons need pictures for videos, flyers, graphics and websites, and having ones provided for us makes it a lot easier to get the look and feel we need and avoid any copyright infringement claims.
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  21. I understand #2. but I am still 'going to ask'...I am what you would call a dreamer I suppose.

    There are many crisis's in this that I am conflicted with everyday is the war on CHILDREN.

    Where you not a child once? So please read on...this CONCERNS you!

    I am demanding a call for action from Anonymous. I am a citizen of the United States of Injustice and I am demanding that the HUMAN RIGHTS OF CHILDREN STOP BEING DENIED! I am not asking for your help...I am begging, I am demanding, I am pleading for it. The laws are currently NOT set up to protect children and EVERYDAY children are being placed into VIOLENT and SEXUALLY abusive homes! What will you do about this? Will you turn a blind eye to THIS?! It is only my opinion...but the denying of human rights of children is the WORST crime ever committed. Any ideas?
  22. email
  23. Anonymous Member

    It would help a lot if you were more specific.

    What, exactly, is the problem?

    Please include in your reply:

    - a definition of exactly which laws you're arguing should be amended,

    - some real-life examples of this injustice as reported by mainstream media sources,

    - what is being done through 'normal' political channels to address this issue.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    Chilren being abused? Where . . . show me where they are?

  25. Incompleted. Member

    Perhaps you would recieve more positive attention for you cause if you planned it out sufficiently, without caps raping and 'demanding' attention from members. If you presented a structured and formulated idea and plan of what you were trying to achieve, you may see better results.
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  26. I totally agree. That is what all the religions are based on. Put God first, who is really yourself (so religions base that on loving oneself first) Jesus said after putting God first, Love your neighbor as yourself. The DAM assholes got it wrong and started HOLY WARS killing others "in the name of God". Jesus, who I believe was a man, not a GOD (if he was in "heaven" now, He'd be really pissed off about what we did in his name) He said basically to worship yourself, Love oneself, then treat your neighbor as yourself. HE WAS RIGHT THERE! Then the assholes saw how powerful that was and used it for their own political benefit. Yes the dam priests led those HOLY WARS. Its all about respect. Respect yourself and your neighbors. Even the homeless and those worshipping "other GODS". MAN STILL SUCKS BUT HOPEFULLY CHANGE IS COMING.
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  28. I agree that you cannot create change without action. To achieve peace, like the song "Let There be Peace on Earth and Let it Begin with Me" I have found that my Church who accepts gays and women as pastors, UCC has a wonderful mission of Housing the Homeless during the winter. The more people we have with that mentality, we may achieve Peace. I think the one way to do that is to get all the leaders of the worlds major religions to get along!! They all have the same mission. Peace on Earth. Get the leaders of Christianity, Islam, (all created originally by the Jews from the old testament who have not created empires of military power), Hinduism are the leaders so far. My friend who passed away was Baha'i and her last words were to love one another. HOW SIMPLE!?!? I believe that LOVE = RESPECT. If we respect all our global neighbors and we all abide by that rule. . . . The first mission however is to respect one self. That's not easy for some. They need to get over the bullshit like saying the trinity is the only way to GOD .
  29. If there is some one out there who has the intellectual ability and the moral compass to us those satellites up there to find immoral actions (war like).

    Here we come to a very difficult decision. Kind of like Eve when she decided to eat from the tree of knowledge. She was destined to and the serpent was also inevitable. The children of the garden had to grow up and use the knowledge they had properly. So far the assholes have used the knowledge to go to war.

    The satellites can find out who actually shot down planes, raped children, abuse others. . . But how do we change that behavior via peaceful measures???? Those who are doing those things are also surrounded by many moral people who need to be made aware what their "leaders" are doing. . . .

    Let there be peace on earth
  30. Lol
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