What does Rathbun Want?

Discussion in 'St Petersburg Times expose' started by chrisanon, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. Lorelei Member

    Re: What does Rathbun Want?

    I'm not interested in what Marty wants or doesn't want. I'm glad he's consenting to interviews, but I don't see him as a useful "ally" at all, just yet. Seems like he is still trying to parcel out blame for his own actions onto others, DM above all, and still convinced that the Hubtech is worth more than the paper it is printed on, AND he's infecting other people with it. Not so great.

    Also, he needs to apply "paragraph tech" to his posts. Wall'o'text nearly blinded me.
  2. Re: What does Rathbun Want?

    I think pooks understands better than any of us.

    Ultimately, let's start thinking about what this guy wants when there's an actual chance he's gonna get it. Does anyone see him as a leader of scientology anytime soon?
  3. chrisanon Member

    Re: What does Rathbun Want?

    Yeah, I know. I started to make his post more readable, but then I decided that copying it exactly the way he wrote it was important.

    Here's a man who posts on a message board without reading the rules, without any interest in getting to know the other members or the ethos of the board, without thinking about anything but his own needs and how he can use ESMB to get those needs met; and when people object he blasts them with more arrogance.

    Of course anyone that self-focused is going to post a wall o' text. What does he care if we go blind trying to read it?

    So I didn't reformat it. Just by looking at it you learn a lot about its author.
  4. pooks Member

    Re: What does Rathbun Want?

    I agree


    Without a doubt

    Absolutely true, but he's not anywhere near that point yet. He's not even aware that Scn is a scam and he's been both a perp and a vic to an evil fucking cult. He still thinks Hubbard is a great guy with great intentions.

    Getting to the point of being critical of his "church" is major. Again, it's the first step out for him. He has absolutely no idea what's going on in the real world. He views the world through deluded eyes. He views the world through Hubbard's eyes and he's not anywhere near his right mind.

    Each time you rid yourself of the lies and the Hubbard's personality that you've been using to get through life, is a time when you confirm what a dolt you've been. It takes time to deal with all that incredible stupidity and be willing to face the hard facts. Many never do. Some escape into other cults/religions. Some remain deluded Hubbardites, unwilling to deal with the truth.

    Being educated on cults or with some critical thinking skills would certainly help. Smart people get scammed too, shit happens.
    All kinds of seemingly smart people are into kooky new age, religious mumbo jumbo.
    Now with the internetz, it so much easier to expose scams and educate people about them.

    Yes, but Marty doesn't actually think that these processes do that. He believes in his heart of heart that those processes will help people. He doesn't get the big picture of the scam. He's still way to stuck in the mindset to see it.

    I don't know but I would guess that there are a group of people (Ex-SO more than likely) that are gently weening him off of Hubbard's tits.
  5. pooks Member

    Re: What does Rathbun Want?

    I agree.

    When Marty posted to ESMB, my first thought was that this guy could be planning a coup.

    I don't feel that way right now, but whatever happens, it should be fun!
  6. chrisanon Member

    Re: What does Rathbun Want?

    Thanks, pooks. These are really helpful answers.

    You're totally right about critical thinking skills. I'm concerned there's less teaching of these skills than there was in my parents' school-days.

    And your comment about getting weaned off of Hubbard's personality -- a chill went through me. Being a Scieno sounds almost like being possessed, and by such a vengeful, vicious spirit. !!UGH!!

  7. Re: What does Rathbun Want?

    Why would he want to be the leader of the cult? He's having too much fun playing the role of victim, besides there are plenty of delusional suckers in the Freezone willing to line his pockets searching for Xenu.
  8. YAHRLY Member

    Re: What does Rathbun Want?

    I think he wants a Pepsi
    Just one Pepsi
    But DM wouldn't give it to him
    all he wanted was just one Pepsi
  9. Re: What does Rathbun Want?

    Stay on target.

    This is an evolving situation. Right now I could cares less if Rathbun wants to be supreme ruler of teegeeack.

    Chrisanon, I sense you are trying to get your head around Rathbun's motives.

    Miscavige is evil and he wants to do something about it. Plus he sank in life in a swamp and refuses to believe there's no value. I'm sure he'd love to see a Miscavige-less cult and would love to play in that sandbox.

    Right now he's one of the heaviest weapons in the arsenal. Every attempt will be made by the cult to hack him off at the knees and turn the hive against him. To drive him into hiding and silence.

    To start attacking him because he MIGHT to play cult leader is fail.

    ATM assist him against the cult, and shift targeting later if needed.

    This dude has the family jewels. The more credible he seems, the better in the short run.
  10. ChefXenu Member

    Re: What does Rathbun Want?

    I'm not proposing this as something I have any confidence in as being a fact, however when I don my tinfoil hat to see what signals it picks up, I have to ask:

    What if Rathbun and Rinder are OSA, and this is a well organized palace coup in which OSA believes removing David Miscavige will make us go away so they can get back to business as usual?

    Something we have to consider, though it would be the best planned and executed OP they have had in years.

  11. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: What does Rathbun Want?

    Yes. Cof$ is basically a vampire.
  12. chrisanon Member

    Re: What does Rathbun Want?

    Truly, I'm not interested in his motives, and I believe this thread is on target.

    I'm interested in his goals, and in pointing out that his goals are not our goals. It's important to keep this fact in mind.

    I don't feel examining his goals and his character is an attack. It's an examination -- one we need to carry out.

    Us attacking him is the least of his problems. I recognize that what he's doing right now is incredible helpful, and I'm glad of that.

    But my goal is not the Co$ led by COB Rathbun.

    The moment Rathbun says he wants the the tax exemption revoked is the moment he becomes my ally.

  13. Anonymous Member

    Re: What does Rathbun Want?

    Don't be stupid. This statement has been made by others since 9-11 and treated like a serious a threat. It's like saying you want to kill someone, but you want to do it legally so that you can't get in trouble for it, which is a total contradiction.
  14. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: What does Rathbun Want?

    Why did marty do it? He knew being the dragonslayer of the CoS would elevate him to Freezoner god status.

    Simple really. Don't be shocked if these threads take on the weird vibe of apologists / culties / rage. It's going to happen.

    I don't think it matters one bit, his reasons or if he's an opportunistic freezoner. He doesn't realize that he's helping take down his own cult.

    In the end this is all awesome, in it's train wreck beauty.
  15. Re: What does Rathbun Want?

    Marty Rathbun is more or less an open book IMHO. I think he is taking baby steps in the right direction, and pretty soon he will have his head out of his ass.

    Mike Rinder however is still very suspect. I question his goals and motives, and want to know where on the recovery scale he is.
  16. Mutante Member

    Re: What does Rathbun Want?


    Rinder, Rathburn and friends all know how to get fabulously rich working with either the delivery or consequences of Scientology practice and David Miscavige is the only thing standing in their way.

    I would be surprised if in a year's time at least one of them isn't taking significant sums of money off Scientologists even if it's not via a position in official Church of Scientology management.

    In the meantime, backing odious people for short term tactical gain is all good. It's the American way.
  17. Lorelei Member

    Re: What does Rathbun Want?

    Interesting. I'm in "wait and see" / "once bitten" mode, myself.

    Also, nice Roxy Music shout-out. I approve.
  18. Re: What does Rathbun Want?

    agreed...good they are FINALLY speaking OUT...reason why...totally suspect until...they both advocate for the tax exempt status of the cult being eliminated...AND they start telling where the bodies are buried. Right now..they aren't really telling us anything we didn't already know...until they do's all just icing on the anonycaek and we'll deal with them the same way we're dealing with the cult matter who is in power. CULT=CULT...yeah I'd like to start hearing about some REAL violations of the the MONEY...if they don't go into that in these interviews, what they are actually doing is good but mostly bullshit.

  19. ChefXenu Member

    Re: What does Rathbun Want?

    Did anyone else notice how many times Rathbun actually said the word "Scientology" in the interview?

    Looks like he is still respecting the copyrights and trademarks of RTC/CSI, at least in his public speaking.
  20. Uncle Bruce Member

    Re: What does Rathbun Want?

    This has been my position since the beginning. At some point people have to be responsible for themselves if they don't want others making decisions for them. Human rights abuses have to be stood up to where ever they are found and the cults tax status is unacceptable, but separating one religions (or cults) BS from another is up to the individual.

    Marty, like many ex-scilons is still a believer. As a matter of fact it has always seemed to me that the majority of ex-silons didn't leave voluntarily, they were forced out. I would bet a new leadership of the cult would find many happy to return, whether or not they cleaned up their act.
  21. auchraw Member

    Re: What does Rathbun Want?

    This is a fallacy. The reactive mind and analytical mind are just Hubbardese for conscious and subconscious; the man could read and absorbed a lot of psychoanalytical jargon. What people do to themselves by applying brainwashing techniques is a Human rights abuse, right there. Why do you think so many of them crack up? It is impossible to distinguish between the pseudo-scientific shit and human rights abuses. The one causes the other.

    This may have been said already but it won't do any harm to say it again; I can't read fast enough at the moment.
  22. auchraw Member

    Re: What does Rathbun Want?

    Then I would say you are a credulous, um, person without much experience of power and its corrupting influence. If Marty is trying to help anyone other than himself I would be much surprised.

    I hope he is aware of all these kind thoughts on his behalf. I doubt if he has ever tried to understand what anyone else wanted. Just keep counting your fingers.
  23. auchraw Member

    Re: What does Rathbun Want?

    Marty isn't a gift horse; he's a wolf that has eaten all the sheep and is now trying to cover himself in wool.

    My personal goal is to bring down Scientology, organised or otherwise. If we do it right there will be NOTHING left afterwards.
  24. Re: What does Rathbun Want?

    Marty is still selling Hubbard's insane bullshit, the only difference is the money is now going into his own pocket instead of the cult's. I hope he gets his shit together and finally realizes there are more honest ways to make a living
  25. chrisanon Member

    Re: What does Rathbun Want?

    You know I'm all over this!! My sentiments exactly.
  26. Anonymous Member

    Re: What does Rathbun Want?

  27. whosit Member

    Re: What does Rathbun Want?

    At the moment we can't possible know his motives so this is really moot anyway. Does it bear watching, yes. He was involved in one power struggle/takeover. Is this part II or is it something else? Only time will tell.

    For the moment the fact that he is helping take out the current problem is a good thing. More amusingly is that it will have people trying to figure out what all the hub bub is about and there are now several sites with large amounts of information to help people find the knowledge and the truth. So if he was to try and reinstitute the Church, well there will be even more people innoculated against the scam.
  28. Re: What does Rathbun Want?

    Here's to hoping the Rathbun/Rinder shitstorm starts such an avalanche of fail for the cult that organized Scientology can never truly recover. While Rathbun may not be an ally, he can be a very useful tool. But remember the immortal words of Alastor Moody: CONSTANT VIGILANCE!
  29. 13Heathens Member

    Re: What does Rathbun Want?

    Rathbun's posting makes me wonder if he's hoping to make his own freezone variant to profit from it. Just something about the tone of his message.
  30. Anon-007 Member

    Re: What does Rathbun Want?

    TL; Can't be arsed to read.

    Marty only has two objectives:

    1. To get immunity when the ship goes down, and
    2. To try to take over the remains of the Cult when David Miscavige the Dwarf gets arrested and thrown in the slammer

    That's about it.
  31. Re: What does Rathbun Want?

    No doubt Rathburn wants to take over from doubt whatsoever...sure there is sauce for the uneducated about the cult...but did we notice there was LITTLE TO NO SAUCE in the article for Anon? He only admitted to doing things he COULD NOT go to prison for...beatings...statute of limitations is over...destroying evidence in the McPherson...NO DOUBT done under the guidance of legal council...because the case cannot be reopened...

    What about WHERE THE BODIES ARE? What about the shady finances eh? Those things he CAN go to prison for...and he isn't talking! Sorry for what he did? My sweet ass.

    I for one will not accept a COS under the leadership of Rathburn or anyone else....UNLESS the tax exempt status is removed and can never come back, NOT UNLESS the cult refunds money to each and every ex scientologist who wants a refund...NO...

    (intersted to know what Barbara Swartz thinks about her "marty" now? HEHEHE)
  32. nobodyshome Member

    Re: What does Rathbun Want?

    I'd personally hate to see Marty in charge of the CoS. When he spoke about the pricing being outrageous and making people pay for the same things over and over again, I got worried. He's smart enough to know that it would still be a huge money maker (should he be leading the CoS) if he made his remaining followers happier while bringing in new folks without bankrupting them. Clearing the planet would go a lot faster when people think they are getting a good deal and climb the bridge faster because they haven't run out of money by OT3.

    IMO, best case scenario is that the dwarf manages to convince all the scinos that Marty is a true SP and they reject him for another mindfucked dumbass like our pal Davie. Isat best case scenario only because I tire of waiting on authorities to do the right thing and shut the motherfuckers down.

    /resumes lurking for pooning and digging purposes
  33. Mutante Member

    Re: What does Rathbun Want?

    Slashing prices to 10% of current list and pushing hard on the celebrity angle would be my personal recipe for world domination.

    Anyone who thinks this way is a dangerous fuck.
  34. anon555 Member

    Re: What does Rathbun Want?

    I think somewhere in the bio, Rathbun says he still practices scientology.

    personally, i was really annoyed at how he seemed to blame the McPhearson situation on out-tech, rather than the fact that teh tech sucks.

    However, I would rather see him interviewed now, flaws and all, than wait another 5-10 years for him to get his head on straight. its entirely possible he will never see anything wrong with scientology, other than the Sadistic Slapper (SS). His story has accomplished something, what used to be know only amongst OCMB,WWP types (musical chairs, off-boarding, etc) is now know world-wide. The other ex's will have to tell the stories of disconnection, fraud etc. Hopefully now more reporters will be interested in covering those stories.

    I think it was mentioned somewhere that Rathbun was an auditor. To me, that explains his reluctance to 'give up the tech'. IMHO, auditors are nothing more than high school drop-outs playing doctor with people's heads. But, what an ego trip it must be for those drop-outs. Im sure he (an other auditors) are convinced they're 'really helping people'. No wonder why he doesnt want to give up that power (to get into people's heads).
  35. Oswald2001 Member

    Re: What does Rathbun Want?

    Certainly, it is a lot about Ego.

    It's also about M-O-N-E-Y.

    Even parasitic predatory sociopaths have to meet living expenses somehow.

    His (unearned) inheritance must have run out by now or be close to it.
  36. Mutante Member

    Re: What does Rathbun Want?

    Always and forever.
  37. auchraw Member

    Re: What does Rathbun Want?

    Does anyone know, even in round terms, how much he and the others were paid by the SP Times for their information?
  38. Mutante Member

    Re: What does Rathbun Want?

    The story was probably worth a lot to SP Times but if I had future plans to make a living from Scientology I'd have given up my story for free. In fact I would have paid to have the story published.

    I realize this isn't an answer to your question. I don't have that information.
  39. auchraw Member

    Re: What does Rathbun Want?

    I can't help feeling it is time we start thinking about what might happen when the Dwarf goes. How do we achieve the rest of the plan to destroy Scientology? Who is going to control Scientology if it survives? And it will; there are hundreds of people who know exactly how it runs. Is it likely that its next leader will be any more aware of human rights than L Ron Hubbard, or David Miscavige? Do we want to go on protesting for the next thirty years? Could we start sketching out a few ideas? Lurking in the background the RTF; what if anything are they planning?

    The question about payment was just by the way; I imagine these sources were probably paid quite a lot. It makes it less necessary to be nice to dear Marty who has spilled so many tasty beans.
  40. Smurf Member

    Re: What does Rathbun Want?

    Exactly. Though I suspect he will disappear and never be heard from again before that happens.

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