What does Rathbun Want?

Discussion in 'St Petersburg Times expose' started by chrisanon, Jun 22, 2009.

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    Yeah, and I've got a lot more head where that came from!

    Much better.

    OK, back to work, people.

    Oh, and speaking of these guise:

    Ask Jason to ask Marty to show him a clear.
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    This is a very important point. A typical cult does not survive the death/arrest/demise of its leader. A change of ownership of the RTC is a critical point in the war against Scientology. A cult is at it's weakest when there is a change of leadership. That is the most likely time that it will fall.

    Christianity was once a cult. They hid in the catacombs, had their own secret symbols etc. Personally, I don't want Scientology to be around in 2000 years.
    If the church can reinvent itself, it stands the unfortunate chance of having a new era. And I agree wholeheartedly with the earlier post made that Scientology cannot exist without the abuses. Without intimidating the IRS, without blackmail, they would not have tax exemption, and they would not be around. Without attacking its critics, people would certainly not follow them.

    If Marty does try to take over the church, he could only do the same that David has done. He could not keep Scientology working without doing the same things that DM is doing. He has seen the opulence and wants it IMHO.

    I strongly suspect that wether Rathbun is OSA or not, he is exploiting anonymous. He is enlisting our aid, to assist in his agenda. I don't think it will work. With anonymous doing what anonymous is doing, I don't think Scientology is going to survive another change in leadership. I think the coup would be too well documented by anonymous for the RTC to survive the scandal for a start.

    I also think that the freezone is only there because of the defacto protection of the RTC over Scientology in general, particularly the copyrights. If the tech was made public, and if there were no OSA goons, there would be proper academic study of Scientology, and it would be exposed for what it is. Shutting down the reactive mind is placing someone in a hypnotic state. It is a hypnosis cult. Period.

    The RTC is the target. Without the RTC, Scientology cannot survive.
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    Re: What does Rathbun Want?


    This thread is relevant to our interests. We should keep it alive.
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    Re: What does Rathbun Want?

    I'm still reading this other Rathbun thread, but one thing is clear:

    Marty Rathbun is still insane.
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    Hey assholes, STAY ON TARGET. Hypothetical MR/MR talk is a waste of time.
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    Re: What does Rathbun Want?

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