What happened to Rick Greene?

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by Super Power Entheta, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. I hear there was some major drama. Anybody?
  2. Anonymous Member

    And which Rick Greene would you be referring to?
  3. Management consultant, President of CCHR Oregon. May be in Vegas now.
  4. Anonymous Member

  5. Anonymous Member

    DOX or STFU!
  6. God NO! Get the V word outta your mouf!
  7. Haha are you fucking with me now?
  8. OR AUNGST, JIM, sec., Citizens Commission on Human Rights of Oregon OR BARNARD, GWEN, agent & sec., Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre Portland, Inc. OR BARNARD, GWEN, agent, Hubbard Dianetics Foundation OR BURT, ROBERT G., representative, The Delphian School OR CRANDELL., STEVEN R, pres., Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre Portland, Inc. OR DIXON, KATHY S., agent Church of Scientology Mission of Portland OR GREEN, RICK , agent & pres., Citizens Commission on Human Rights of Oregon OR SCHERER, VICKI, agent & sec., Church of Scientology, of Portland OR WALSH, LAURA, pres., Church of Scientology, of Portland
  9. Anonymous Member

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  10. Anonymous Member

    No one is fucking with you. If an OP wants to have credibility for their post, there must be some documentation supporting the topic, claim, subject or in this case, individual.

    Links will serve the purpose and if these prove credible, the case will be recognized as valid. Otherwise, fffttttt..... away we go.
  11. Yes, I have seen this too. His allegedly committed some crimes in the real world. Crimes that would put one's life in jeopardy in prison. "8 year olds dude".

    So, who knows wtf happened to Rick Green(e)?
  12. Yes, I misunderstood your post. My apologies.
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  13. Anonymous Member

  14. Not at all. I heard he may have committed some serious crimes and left town. I did some shitty research, but it was logical to connect enemies list with criminal charges carrying prison time in theory. Does that make sense?
  15. Anonymous Member

    Yes, but your presentation of this thread is very poor. Please, lurk around some more and examine how WWP members deliver topics like this to the community. Thank you.
  16. Smurf Member

  17. Seriously? You are obviously far superior to me. If you don't like my thread why entertain it. This has been a dialogue between the two of us. "The community" may have something to contribute. Sorry to disappoint you. You have thoroughly made me wrong. I can deal with it.

    So, what happened to the real Rick Greene?

    ...for anonymous above
  18. Sonichu Moderator

    The reason many would, to help you be a better poster in the future. We only savagely flay you with criticism because we love you! And for 2 other reasons:

    1. To help train you to not lose your cool under fire. Scis have the tactic of "Bullbaiting" when you protest, so if you have a short fuse you'll be a prime target for it. Anons fuck with you to remind you to build a thicker skin so this sort of shit doesn't bother you.

    2. To cover your bases again in the future. Improving your posts makes it easier for anons to figure out what you are talking about, and thus more likely to reply in a helpful matter.

    tl;dr These are just beginner mistakes. I'm sure you'll grow out of it.
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  19. Smurf, you always seem to be the one digging real info when no one else is. You'd be a really good serial killer, and I say that with the most affection possible :)
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  20. Smurf Member

    What serial murder has to do with info gathering is something only you would know, I guess.
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  21. Ooh, a little ad hom. No room for that here. Much love my blue friend :)

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