What has Anonymous done for YOU?

Discussion in 'Fair Game Reports and Personal Experiences' started by Anonagi, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. Anonagi Member

    What has Anonymous done for YOU?

    Simple question, really.

    What has being Anonymous done for you personally?

    For me, I was really depressed in 2007, with a horrible horrible string of bad luck. I turned to /b/ to feel less miserable about myself, and it was always fun hearing Hal Turner blow a gasket or making a pedo shit himself in the chat room.

    Then the war against Scientology started. I got shivers up my spine watching the original youtube message. I still do.

    You see, like others my age, we are the first ones to grow up without any type of barriers on information, distance, or freedom of thought due to the internet. There will be others, but we were truly the first to grow up with it. It's our home.

    And when the censorship started, it truly felt like a physical attack for alot of people. I think that's why alot got involved, as it was a huge motivational factor for me.

    So what has Anonymous done for me the last six months?

    Anonymous has taught me that sitting around and waiting for someone else to do something is not good enough, and never will be for me again.

    Anonymous has caused me to retrain old public relation skills for dealing with media and the police.

    Anonymous has helped me to remember the inner strength I have had all along.

    Anonymous has pulled me out of my depression.

    Anonymous has taught me how useless an ego is in persuit of a greater goal.

    Anonymous has brought out the kid in me, making every protest and raid feel like halloween.

    Anonymous is allowing me to live out the super secret spy fantasies we all had when we were seven years old and saw our first James Bond movie, or any movie where there's a secret organization that nobody knows the members of.

    Anonymous has made me cry when people thank us for what we are doing.

    Anonymous has caused my web programming skills and video editing skills to increase dramatically, simply to try and express all these things.

    I will truly and forever be eternally grateful for Anonymous, being a part of it, and what it has done for me.

    What has Anonymous done for you?
  2. Re: What has Anonymous done for YOU?

    Anonymous awoken me from a three year streak of endless nights at the back of smoke filled dive bars contemplating WTF I was doing with my life. Not really a depression... just a lack of oppression. Every struggle in my life I’d prepared for ended up being easily overcome. Struggle is an important part of life. When you have your dreams you end up looking around wondering if everything you sacrificed to be there was really worth it.

    Purpose is a powerful drug, and I personally always hungers for “more”.
  3. Scythe Member

    Re: What has Anonymous done for YOU?

    I always wanted to be part of a revolution...Kind of like your james bond fantasies. When I found out about the message to scientology video on digg that morning, it was clear as a bell for me. like TC says: this is it, this is exactly it
  4. AnonymousNow Member

    Re: What has Anonymous done for YOU?

    I always wanted to be a pirate.

    I'm not in this for me, otherwise.

    The icing on the caek, however, has been endless LOL's (lulz is old) as our war against the COS unfolds, and the COS reacts to it in bizarre, flailing fashion.
  5. Re: What has Anonymous done for YOU?

    Anonymous got me back onto IRC.

    Anonymous introduced me to a whole bunch of fantastic 'tards who are even wierder than me.


    Anonymous brought me Epic Lulz.

    Anonymous helped focus some NERD RAAAAAAAAAAGE into a worthwhile endeavour.
  6. captainslug Member

    Re: What has Anonymous done for YOU?

    That the public still has the ability to directly effect change.

    That there is hope for the generation I was about ready to disown myself from.
  7. anmoyunos Member

    Re: What has Anonymous done for YOU?

    Anonymous has gotten me out of a year-long depression. It's made me feel like I can make a difference. It's motivated me to get off my ass and out of the house. I've met and connected with people about things that matter, whom I consider good friends, despite having no idea who they are. I've been honing my photography skills with subject matters I've long considered my weakest.

    I'm making history, and I don't know that I've ever had this much fun. That's a beautiful thing.
  8. Re: What has Anonymous done for YOU?

    I am already a busy person outside of work with my many hobbies and various volunteer stints. But sometimes these hobbies quickly turn into SRS BZNZ which kills the fun out of it. Chanology brought the fun back into SRS BZNZ.

    I am already one of those sickeningly optimistic people who see mostly good in humanity. I am generally trusting of people and the world. Sure it sounds naive but I've made lots of friends with this outlook in life. However, I've found that there are not very many circumstances where I can be like that--naively trusting and open--and my life experiences (and I've had plenty) have made me into one street-smart chick also.

    But Anonymous? You guys are that rare opportunity in life that embodies what is good in humanity. The generosity, trust, and respect I've felt being in a group of Anonymous is astounding. It's all mutual too because we're all in this together. This movement has given us an outlet to do something positive in the world with no glory seeking because ego just gets in the way. It's not the Anonymous way of doing shit. It's empowering and liberating at the same time.

    I am older than some of you guys and believe me when I say that there are few things in life that give you this feeling of empowerment, liberation, and purpose other than travel and/or self-discovery. This is one of them. Live it and feel it as much as you can. It's what's it's about, being human and living life.

    TL;DR: Anonymous has made me love life and people more. I love you bastards. LOTS.
  9. JMac85 Member

    Re: What has Anonymous done for YOU?

    Got me out of my dank apartment, mostly. Yes, it's fucking sweet that I can claim to be a part of something that fights an organization I've despised for years, and is making history as being the first massive-opposition organized entirely of random individuals from the internet, but again it's mostly given me something to do other than work, video games, and becoming one with my computer chair. :wink:
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  10. anonymal Member

    Re: What has Anonymous done for YOU?

    Chanology filled the void that I had when I quit WoW. (It was a shallow void, but a void nonetheless).

    Anonymous has made me laugh.
  11. Anon Char Member

    Re: What has Anonymous done for YOU?

    Anonymous has unexpectedly given me the ability to be able to count calendar days without looking at my cell phone.

    Anonymous has given me the motivation to slim and trim down to fit in the 3 year old tuxedo for SPAI v. Spy next month.

    Anonymous has made me get in shape in general.

    Anonymous has taught me how to use public transportation efficiently.

    Anonymous has given me the ability to recite things with passion.

    Anonymous has gotten me out and about.

    Anonymous has brought me genuine laughter in a long long time.
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  12. anon_6969 Member

    Re: What has Anonymous done for YOU?

    I never really gelled well with the general kids at my school was bullied alot and all the general BAWWWWW people give there councilors and even considered suicide in the past. Then I became a YTMND user and heard about the now epic raid on ebaumsworld over the lohan facial pics which was how I got into anon. I really only watched the raid on ebaums as an observer but got interested and used the various raids to unleash the RAGE that has built up in the years of being bullied. Now here we are finally doing a raid for good and to help causes grater then our own and theres much lulz and satisfaction in defeating the "Big Brother" like corporation of Scientology and I'm proud to call myself Anonymous.
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  13. Hostile Member

    Re: What has Anonymous done for YOU?

    pretty much just as I came up with why I'd been slightly unmotivated, bored and slightly useless in the big picture of the world, anonymous started its campaign... ever since, I've known what my purpose is each morning...

    also, lulz, fun, and of course, the ability to watch and hear scilons completely stumble on their own words when I bring up something particularily enturbulating...
  14. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: What has Anonymous done for YOU?

    Restored a bit of my faith in human kind.
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  15. Bumblefuck Member

    Re: What has Anonymous done for YOU?

    This is the saddest thing I have ever read.
  16. Hostile Member

    Re: What has Anonymous done for YOU?

    obviously, he means the chanology anonymous... if the chans ever restore your faith in anything but the ability to fap to ANYHING, you are one seriously messed up person
  17. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: What has Anonymous done for YOU?

    No actually I meant Anonymous in general. Not just chanology.

    And Bubble is one of the big reasons that faith has been slightly restored.
  18. Znew Member

    Re: What has Anonymous done for YOU?


    That is all. :guyfawkes:
  19. googoomuck Member

    Re: What has Anonymous done for YOU?

    Anonymous has shown me a genre of porn I never knew existed (vore), made me lol a ton and impressed the shit out of me with their cleverness.

    My life hasn't been the same since I followed a google news link about the first message from anon. I've actually gained a little more faith in humanity, I think. Edit to clarify: there are a lot more smart, weird, funny, perverted, creative, vulgar people around than I thought there were.

    You guys are amazing, srsly.
  20. tiggernew Member

    Re: What has Anonymous done for YOU?

    Anon gave this surburban mom a way to reconnect with her passions in life, meet some new people, feel a little edgy again, learn some new skills, refine other skills, and learn that there really are a lot of other people out there who feel the same way I do about lots of things.

    I never knew that. This is a camaraderie that I've never, ever had, and the least suppression of my true self I've ever experienced anywhere.

    It's kind of home now.
  21. Balognanon Member

    Re: What has Anonymous done for YOU?

    After experiencing what I can only describe as a "living hell", I spent 12 years struggling to become sane and independent. I kept saying to the wonderful people who helped me: counselors, social workers, therapists, doctors, friends, and family members..."One day, I'm going to pay the world back for bringing you all to me, and helping me."

    I volunteered for many causes, but only for short terms. I hope I did some good there, but it wasn't quite where I belonged.

    I had a family, got a job. I was transformed, but something was missing. Most of the people around me are quite cynical for the most part. Even my fun-loving fiance thought I was silly when I talked, wide-eyed with excitement, about how much I wish I could help to save the world somehow. When I said "One person can change the world. Just a few people could cause a chain reaction...change the course of history."

    I don't do much in the grand scheme of things. I research YouTube vids, enter them into Project Chanology, and send the promotion links out to people I will most likely never meet. I've sent postcards, I've written emails and shitty lyrics, and I've given moral support the way only an anxious introvert can. I've also prayed a lot. I've cried and cheered you all on as you march, record videos, report leaks, save lives...

    And I'm happy. I'm fucking ecstatic to be a part of this collective. The only thing that will make me happier is to see those who have been harmed helped the way I was so long ago, and justice for those that have suffered.
  22. Anon1701 Member

    Re: What has Anonymous done for YOU?

    *this is referring to the Chanology Anonymous, not the 'chans Anonymous*

    I first heard about all of this in passing on a social networking site. I saw the planning for Feb 10 and all that and thought "oh, that's kinda neat", then went on with my life. I woke up on Feb 10 and remembered what i had seen and checked up. BAM, there were the reports from NZ and Australia, Europe was starting to pour in. On top of that a few of the forums I read had small hints from posters of the importance of Feb 10 in reference to the protests. I just sat back and thought "Holy crap, this stuff is for real." When I first saw the Message to Scientology video, I felt something stir deep inside, something I'd rarely felt before. It was the feeling of true purpose and I felt compelled to learn more.

    Then I did all my research and learned all I know now. I was so disgusted by the CoS's crimes and the way they hid behind their 'religion'. I debated going to the protests for about a week, then decided to go to March 15. I haven't looked back since then.

    Anonymous has shown me that not everyone is lazy and unwilling to roll up their sleeves and make a difference in the world.

    Anonymous fulfilled the child-like need to be in a SUPR SEKRET club. Only a few know I don the mask.

    Anonymous has given me friends truer than most I had before, and I don't even know their names.

    Anonymous taught me that when conditions are right, something profound can happen.

    I'm so glad I can be a part of it. I've had so much fun at the protests.

    My parents grew up in the 60s and 70s, they saw protests, huge protests against Nixon/Civil Rights/Vietnam. The young of that age saw great injustices in the world and stood up against them. I didn't think anything like that existed anymore, there wasn't anything worth fighting that hard for. Now I know I was wrong. And now, I am part of the solution.

    Plus, I always get chills watching the end of V for Vendetta. Seeing people stand up defiantly against oppression and injustice, people from all walks of life, just moved me. I am thankful every day that I have something like this to fight for and be a part of. One day, I hope to tell my grandkids about all of this, and when they say they don't believe me I'll go and get my mask as proof.

    Carry on Anonymous. We are many, and we are strong.


    Me likey Anonymous, it can done has a lot for me.
  23. OHWOW Member

    Re: What has Anonymous done for YOU?

    Anonymous has given me tons of free porn

    Anonymous has provided me information on many many things on getting free porn

    Anonymous has taught me to hate everyone equally

    Anonymous is there to help me kill my boredom

    Anonymous has taught me the basics of trolling, and how to be better at it

    Anonymous has also made me realize that this forum is populated by a bunch of misguided faggots that think that Anonymous is their friend

    Anonymous made me question game reviews and come up with my own damn opinion on games

    Anonymous has also given me daily doses of rage
  24. Re: What has Anonymous done for YOU?

    Anonymous lets me (and encourages me) to be an inhuman monster. Very fun and all that.
  25. Kilia Member

    Re: What has Anonymous done for YOU?

    Anonymous has encouraged me to come right out and provide a webpage on my website for the dissemination of information about the CoS and Anon.
    Thank you Anonymous...I love you!
  26. tamphex Member

    Re: What has Anonymous done for YOU?

    Anonymous has taught me that circle jerking is socially acceptable amongst young males. Long as the smiles don't touch, it isn't gay.
  27. Whitehatv2 Member

    Re: What has Anonymous done for YOU?

    I'm going to divide it into two parts.

    I'm not techincally an 'oldfag' and I'm sure some oldfags are vomiting at the comments here. (Though if you corner them they will admit some of the same.)

    Anonymous in General:

    It taught me the joys of political incorrectness.

    Proven the fact that everyone on the planet is an idiot.... Even myself.

    That there strength in numbers.

    That you don't need to be famous to make the news.

    The joys of Memes used right.

    The enjoyment of fail when memes are used wrongly.

    That Lulz corrupts lol.

    I am now immune to shock pics.

    Plus last but not least, Anonymous is the only place I've seen that thinks without religious, Racial, or status bias. Which is extremely rare.

    (Like one said above they equally hate everything... Even themselves)


    Made me realize that the 'people' can still act.

    That protests don't have to equal= Boring chants.

    It's gave me something to do with my life.

    Destroyed some of my cynicism and Restored some faith in humanity.
  28. Re: What has Anonymous done for YOU?

    my dad was in before I was born. he got out in time. so I always knew it was bad juju, and they had enough goods to con people into thinking they had all the goods.

    but then near 2000, Scientology had an ISP cancel a kid's account because he wrote a NEUTRAL book review of Dianetics. It was for a school project. They claimed copyright violation.

    The ISP caved at the threat of MONEYSUIT.

    I was hopping mad. I was like IS THE FUCKING INTERNET GOING TO STAND FOR THIS?!?!?. That's when I found And I found out, the internet wimped out.

    But then, Chanology came along and renewed my faith in the internet, that people would fight for these historical new abilities and rights, and fight tooth and nail. Fight corporations, governments, anyone who pissed in the Internet's cherios.

    So when I saw the video, I was like "HELL YEAH".

    I already believed that expressing the darkest side of humanity in a jovial manner was infinitely more healthy than suppressing it, and so I wasn't bothered by the chans... some were just plain mean... but it is freedom. if you can't handle assholes you can't handle freedom.

    however, when assholes deprive people of freedom, that's where I draw the line.

    To me, Anonymous is a spiritual value. It is the great equalizer. Don't piss off Anonymous. He might be making your food, fixing your computer, your car, or taking care of your children.

    I am against violence, except in friendly competitions of skill and self defense.

    However, COS makes me see red. I'm glad that Anonymous happened. Otherwise, I would have eventually wrote off the Internet as evolving into another MSM.
  29. i'mglib Member

    Re: What has Anonymous done for YOU?

    Anonymous makes me laugh. Especially the shoops.

    Anonymous pisses me off, for instance when someone calls me a faggot for no apparent reason.

    Anonymous is a source of endless interesting discussion about how organizations will function in the future, about the meaning and the power of the internet.

    Anonymous is fascinating.
  30. Re: What has Anonymous done for YOU?


    Anonymous helped me get out and enjoy my city more, meet more people and friends, and helped me meet a real wonderful guy. C:
  31. Jugular Member

    Re: What has Anonymous done for YOU?

    Provided me with multitude of host bodies for the offspring of Zodd, Untold Horror of Beyond.

    Those of you who don't know, soon will.

  32. Ten Tigers Member

    Re: What has Anonymous done for YOU?

    Anonymous... Jesus... The fucking cavalry, man!! When I saw the first message from Anonymous to Scientology on YouTube, I got tingles up my spine. "Holy shit!! At long last!! YES!!!" I didn't understand WHY, or WHO had made that video and I didn't care. I didn't even care if anything sprang from it, but the very idea that some major shit MIGHT be coming down... It excited me!!

    And yes, this whole movement has piqued my interest, given me a cause and a purpose, and it's something that I feel passionately about, so I'm in my element. I never thought of myself as an idealist. I'm generally pretty cynical and world-weary. Nice to know that it doesn't have to be that way...

    LUguise.... I'm in this until the very end.
  33. the anti Member

    Re: What has Anonymous done for YOU?

    introduce me to many very excellent people

    give me a new cause

    made me realize i can do more then i once thought
  34. Bumblefuck Member

    Re: What has Anonymous done for YOU?

    .emag eht tsol tsuj uoY
  35. Ten Tigers Member

    Re: What has Anonymous done for YOU?

    No way, bitch! I'm wearing PANTS!!! :fuckyou::twisted:
  36. Re: What has Anonymous done for YOU?

    Oh... My other post? I was talking about the Chanology anonymous and Chanology the movement.. But the other Anonymous? *ahem*

    The forum raids. The pr0n. The political incorrectness. Shock pics. Trolling. Etc.

    Grew me some tougher skin, those. Thanks for toughening me up, Anonymous.
  37. googoomuck Member

    Re: What has Anonymous done for YOU?

    You, sir, are a cocksucker.

    That's actually one of the parts I never fail to find funny.
  38. Bumblefuck Member

    Re: What has Anonymous done for YOU?

    You know, we're usually only angered when the things said about us are true.
  39. anonimage Member

    Re: What has Anonymous done for YOU?

    Anonymous has given me faith that people of principle still exist, and that the will to fight is not dead.

    Anonymous has reminded me of what it means to protect something precious.

    Anonymous has taught me what it means to make your enemies pay for targeting what you hold dear.

    Above all else, Anonymous has brought me to a cause I can devote myself to. Hail Anonymous, slayer of giants, and vox populi.

    And let's not forget how damn amusing it is to troll the fuck out of an evil cult.
  40. Re: What has Anonymous done for YOU?

    Anonymous gave me more gay porn then I ever could have wanted.

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