What has pleased you in this campaign?

Discussion in 'Iran' started by Ray Murphy, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. Ray Murphy Member

    Many things have pleased or impressed me during my involvement with this campaign, but at the moment I cannot recall which things were the best, but here are a few that come to mind immediately:

    * Google's management quickly arranging translation for the Farsi language.
    * Twitter's management delaying a temporary shutdown for service.
    * The Chinese protesting group supplying a private communication system
    * The U.S.A. keeping out of the picture.
    * Mr. Mousavi showing great bravery and hanging in there
    * Hackers and assistants "standing in front of" dangerous web pages
    * Seeing people from all over Europe here
    * Women in Iran showing courage on the streets
    * Hearing more positive things about the Iranian culture

    What has pleased or impressed other readers?
  2. Kruge Moderator

    I'm impressed by the will of people from all over the globe to *do* something.

    (of course not as much as I'm impressed of the bravery of the Iranians!)

    To put aside national boundaries or religions and try to achieve something just as human beings who see fellow human beings in need.

    What happens here has raised my average respect for homo sapiens a little. :)
  3. atmasabr Member

    Well, I did like Obama's speech. The first one. He seems to know what he wants to do.

    There are a lot of things that give me hope, but it's a very grim feeling for me.
  4. skollie-IRAN Member

    The incredible bravery of the Iranian people.
  5. maxoud Member

    I'm pleased with the fact that now people of the world know more about Iran and Iranians and their culture and the difference between Iranian people and their government.
    and the fact that all Iranians are not as ugly as Ahmadinejad or as bearded as khamenei.
  6. Ray Murphy Member

    I have been impressed by the peaceful nature of the vast majority of the protesters on the streets.
  7. akuma_river Member

    The resilience of these people to continue protesting, spreading the message and helping others.

    Several times before people have tried this and when faced with brutal crackdowns, such as this, they have quietly scampered off and they movement died. But the Iranians are sticking with this and continuing to try to get together in large numbers. It's awe inspiring how much courage they have shown.
  8. I am pleased to hear the world reacting in political ways by not recognizing him as president of Iran. Meetings canceled. Invitations withdrawn. Iranian TV in Jordan banned.
  9. Ray Murphy Member

    One of the fake president's trips was abandoned because he feared being kidnapped.
  10. atmasabr Member

    Eh, don't push your luck. Iranians have a lot of competition in the looks department :p
  11. حمید Member

    Do not give up you too

    I am pleased to know you and see all your support here and I will be even more if you please would not give up. As a reminder, 9th of July is another day the regime of terror violated Iranians rights.
  12. Ray Murphy Member

    I've been trying to refrain from commenting about physical appearances, but there does seem to be a high percentage of good looking people of both genders in Iran. I'm also starting to appreciate (more than ever) the architecture, artwork and calligraphy etc.
  13. atmasabr Member

    I don't disagree.
  14. Kruge Moderator

    Iran, well, in fact the whole area we call "Middle East", has an amazing history with a whole bunch of cultures that developed there. One can spend a whole lifetime (actually people do) by researching it.

    And yes, Persians and Persianesses (?) can be bloody good looking humans! :D
  15. Ray Murphy Member

    That's got a good ring to it - Persianesses. I doubt if they would object to your terminology.

    Talking about the Middle East in general. Another thing I've noticed in the past while watching TV news, was the attitude of Middle East men during catastrophes like earthquakes and bombings etc. They all seem to get moving very fast to actually DO something to help - often in unison, and a bit quicker than some other cultures seem to act.

    This also reminds me of a difference that is supposed to exist between Western and Eastern (as in asian) cultures. One sociologist said on radio that in Western cultures when a problem arises the tendency is to ask "How can we solve the problem" but in Western cultures the tendency is to ask "Who can we blame"
  16. Kruge Moderator

    While this might be true to some degree this very forum here is proof it's not correct for all "Westerners". ;)

    Back in the 70s or 80s (someone help me out here maybe? it's been a while...) the Red Cross sent support material (clothes, food) to Poland and my father (pretty average worker) used his vacation days to drive trucks to Poland and back, he was a Red Cross voluntary. The allied forces after WWII ran an air bridge into west Berlin, sending food and stuff. International help after natural catastrophies etc...

    Mankind as a whole is great at hitting each other over the head with clubs for all kinds of shit, but then again and again history also shows us that people *can* care.

    I would like to believe that, because the world is growing smaller through technology, more and more people will realize that we are one race of beings.

    You know, when you get to play games or discuss all kinds of stuff with people from around the globe on the interwebs you can't help but notice that, at the bottom of it all, we're all much alike. Yes, there's lots of different cultures and all that, but I mean *really* at the bottom. There's both nice and nasty people, intelligent or daft ones *everywhere*.

    And when you get to know someone on that level, in the future a theoretical regime will have a much harder job on telling you that "All people from Absurdistan are evil conspirators and have to be destroyed!".

    On that level I really think that globalisation can be a good thing. ;)
  17. Ray Murphy Member

    I've replied to this without looking up the history of that air bridge into West Berlin, but from memory a phenomenal amount of effort that went into preventing starvation in Germany.
  18. Kruge Moderator

    Raisin Bombers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  19. Cattypuss Member

    What impressed me most is how the protestors found unique non violent ways of expressing their displeasure to their 'government'. Shouting from rooftops, honking car horns, taking video and uploading to Youtube, using Twitter and wearing green. The sad part about their efforts is that they are fighting a government that uses extreme violence in return. How can they possibly win in those circumstances???? You tell me....:(
  20. With dignity, the one thing the oppressors will never necessarily have over the oppressed. Regardless of the outcome now, the eyes of the world have been opened. My eyes are opened. Even if the regime wins, it has already lost the moral victory. Its legitimacy is harmed, likely irrevocably.

    But, with regards to the OP...what has pleased me? The bravery of the Persian people, and the compassion of the rest of the world. This has really been an even that has drawn people from all around the world together in a way that I might not have believed possible before.

    May good ultimately continue to come of all this.
  21. Vee Member

    Seeing random people around the world who dont know each other, from different cultures and backgrounds working together. Its kinda like what humanity is supposed to be!
  22. Ray Murphy Member

    In this shrinking world, I suppose it could be compared to one state in a country getting a raw deal and the other citizens assisting.

    In recent years after seeing reports about a lot of problems and conflict around the world I've often thought about the old English poem "For whom the bell tolls" - where we are reminded how other people's losses can be ours too (or something like that).
    I've never had a big interest in poetry but that one has always stood out - not so much when seeing the written words, but when it is recited well.

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  23. What has pleased me most in this campaign? That in this world there really do exist people who want change so much that they would unite to fight for it.

    These people have given me hope that there is something we can all do to shape our own futures. While I don't have much to give back, the story of the Iranian protests will never be forgotten in my books - spreading the word of these people is the least I can do.

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