What if Tom Cruise left Scientology?

Discussion in 'Tom and Katie' started by blownforgood, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. raboon Member

    All your calls, texts, emails and web browsing habits are recorded by governments and global corporations. Do you know what that's for?
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  2. billybob Member

    I doubt Tom is aware of all the negative press - remember, he's socially isolated inside a bubble of KSW idiots who keep him away from entheta.
    Plus he's not exactly a good reader! (Unless you actually believe his claim that Hooked on Study Tech worked for him!)

    Also - "Cult Watcher" - I had to double take when I saw that handle - a shout out to Shawn "proflex" Lonsdale, perhaps?
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  3. Archer Member

    What if WWP was still doing actual shit instead of wild pointless speculation on forums?
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  4. RightOn Member

    OMG!!! did I just defend Tom Cruise?
    Must walk away from the 'puter! walk away!
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  5. Hi. Who is Shawn pro flex Lonsdale??
  6. sallysock Member

    Google is your friend.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    ^ Hey what about letting other people post...maybe take a break for while you think, it would be nice.
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  8. Cudgel Member

    There's only one real answer to this question.

    Bricks would be shat.
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  9. Puppetmama Member

    A thread of delicious tinfoil. I feel like I should "dox or get the fuck out" but it was the train wreck that drew me to this shit in the first place. Moar!
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  10. Anonymous Member

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  11. another123 Member

    ProTip: See thread titles that don't end in a question mark.
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  12. tigeratbay Member

    Some people like to take chances and look into things that promise and sometimes it is good. Should you have taken that course and seen for yourself what you were saying no to, then that's good. People that are afraid to get hooked means they had some idea of being caught and what the negatives were. Lots of people feel strong enough to just try it. Some win and some lose. It's not black or white, but grey and individual, depending on circumstances.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Cult watcher,

    so happy you are here. Keep reading, lurk moar, etc.

    It is suggested you read materials about the current make up of COS (mainly very old timers, second generations; little or no "raw meat" like you assume get involved in COS now).

    TC got in COS back in the day and has had decades to ignore the interwebs and have COS handlers run interference with "entheta." He is not an open eyes end user. Anon is interested in when/if/whether he will blow because footbullet, no more TC monies to DM, potential gossip lulz, photoshops of Slappy McScotchnLifts etc. etc.

    Finally, Shawn Lonsdale is one of the many places you should START to learn about "This is Why." Also suggested reading: Lisa McPherson, Kyle Brennan, Quentin Hubbard, Anonsparrow, AMA, Chuck Beatty, EpicNoseGuy, Operation Snow White, Operation Freak Out, Narconon Trois Riveieres, the list goes on. Agent Pubeit not recommended.

    Again, keep reading. Happy to see ya.
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  14. Hey. I do know about Shawn Lonsdale. I knew about his anti Co$ activities and apparent suicide, I just didn't know his name. I have also read about Operation Snow White and Operation Freak Out. I read about Lisa Mcphearson's death as well as the recent deaths at Narcanon. I'm confused. Am I not supposed to post? I've ben reading about Scientology's crimes for years and was an avid follower of Tony Ortega's columns.
  15. Anonymous Member

    Keep posting. And become a member of the community here. :) I lurked for years. Mo bettah to have a dialogue than read a monologue.
  16. Anonymous Member

    People are trying to be helpful. At wwp- if someone is to choose to answer a question, it is custom to answer it with dox. In the case above, you asked who Shawn was...and vid was provided to you. That's nice.

    In the case of TigerAtBays comments- she is one of the kindest anons you will ever meet and IMH, trying to provide you with background topics. That's nice, too.

    It is clear that you are relatively new to chanalogy.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    Me above- sorry comment I was referring to was anon. Carelessness noted.
  18. billybob Member

    Welcome Cult Watcher, and may I suggest you register?
    It will let you edit your posts, and rate others posts!

    And remember that there still exists some of the old Anonymous culture here, so if someone tells you to LURK MOAR or DOX OR GTFO or something else rude and disrespectful, best not to let yourself get all butthurt about it!

    In the long run, hanging with us trolls will make you stronger!
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  19. Anonymous Member

    Post away, n00bie, but note that you might feel like a freshman at a meeting of PhDs


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  20. Anonymous Member

    I'm not sure if you're using the exact reference to "donkey punch" that I'm pretty sure Marc used in reference to how Paul T Anderson treated Cruise -

    So PTA was the pitcher in this scenario and then came on Cruise's back after the 'punch'.

    If you did get that, and I'm being slow....well then, carry on.
  21. blownforgood Member

    Sorry, A huge amount of back story to all of this.

    Tom shot the movie Magnolia with PTA. At the time Tom had all but left COS. Some critics call toms work in this film his best and the closest he came to acting in his carreer. Rumor also has it that PTA and Tom were getting quite buddy buddy. Then Nicole gets knocked up and the divorce happens. Tom gets sucked back in to scilonville and leaves PTA in the dust and starts getting Scilooney again.

    So at that time (2001) PTA is like wtf with Scilons and starts looking into it. The Master is born.

    The donkey punch thing was a metaphor - or was it?

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  22. RightOn Member

    yes I know now it was a metaphor
    and yes I already knew what a donkey punch was from when Danny Masterson used to use "DJ Donkey Punch" as his name as a DJ. I had to look it up back then.
    Masterson changed his DJ name to" DJ MomJeans".
    What an idiot.
  23. PREACHER Member

    he will start his own top gun cult, & he will just discover he is as useless as everyone else sees him to be
  24. PREACHER Member

    is it just me or is he an "assshat" just curious lol
  25. Anonymous Member

    DJ Mommy Pants, actually.
    Yes, he is, always very superficial.
  26. Anonymous Member

    What if you were to ignore threads which it's obvious from the title you're going to dislike, instead of getting all snotty?

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  27. Eudae Member

    I'm abandoning this thread until that picture has been incinerated by modwrath.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    To you is it porn, or gore?
  29. Eudae Member

    The former at first (spend enough time on 4chan...), but now it's just revolting to see that much snot dribbling down her face.
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  30. Anonymous Member

    I think it's funny, but then I'm a parent of a child that age, so I get much worse at home.
  31. Anonymous Member

    Me too, seen worse.
  32. CarterUSP Member

    It's nice to pause and reflect on that fact.
    The full power of the CoS, miscavige's monays and osabots... they couldn't handle that girl from Dawson's Creek.
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  33. Anonymous Member

    What I like to think about is that Bert Fields got pwned by a Catholic divorce lawyer from Ohio.


    With all due respect to attorneys in Ohio, LA and NY lawyers would think a lawyer from "flyover country" ain't beans. So the pwnage of Fields is especially sweet. Lifting a pint to Martin Holmes, the Grand Architect of Win (c'mon, the New York and Jersey lawyers were just cover for Martin's sweet sweet moves). Note to Bert: time to convert to of counsel status, put on the madras, and spend your days on the sofa with Wonder Bread baloney sammiches and reruns of Golden Girls.
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  34. Anonymous Member

    She's got the height and reach on Tommy and Davy. (And they're both a little light in their loafers.)
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  35. Kilia Member

    Make sure your popcorn is not microwaved.
    Carry on ....
  36. Kilia Member

    My internet son who was protesting the CoS and committed suicide after they got through with him in 2008.
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  37. RightOn Member

    not proven to my liking
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  38. YouSeeNothing Member

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