What if Tom Cruise left Scientology?

Discussion in 'Tom and Katie' started by blownforgood, Sep 18, 2012.

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    That'd be a first BFG, for those of use that only know you as BFG for so long and reading what would eventually become proven.

    You are leik a Svegali to scientology, cept you don't manipulate, you corroborate.
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  4. Xenu Is Lord Member

    That is one lucky kid, she will never know how close she dodged that bullet.
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  5. The Wrong Guy Member

    Oh yes she will.
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  6. Budd Member

    Uhm, is Connor... black?
  7. Clusterdux Member

    Yes. Adopted. Use Google before making an ass of yourself :)
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  8. Anonymous Member

  9. Budd Member

    Sorry, but you just made an ass of yourself.

    What is a Google?
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  10. anonamus Member

    Isn't it fascinating how a thread about a crazy actor possibly leaving a sinister cult can evolve into 10^100 ?
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  11. YouSeeNothing Member

    As a father, I can't imagine leaving my kids for 50 days if I have the option not too. Military families do it all the time, but everyone in the family supports them and they stay in contact. Tom has more money than Xenu and could afford to fly to NY weekly if he really wanted to see his daughter. Sadly, I think he's made his decision but it's never too late for him to be a real father and blow.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Suri has probably received her goldenrod Disconnection papers. Her only terminal is the International Justice Chief and to do Steps A-E.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Fool! Nobody has more money than Xenu!
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  14. blownforgood Member

    Hmmmm. Seems my Scilon crystal ball is working better and better.

    And for my next post - I plan to blow your mind. It might be a bit cryptic to the noobs but most will figure it out.

    OSA/RTC - Prepare yourselves bitches. You can send your letters to whoever you want. When that kid turns 18 in January, I am going to tell him everything - and I mean EVERYTHING. Sis will obviously find out too, so lock it all up and write your checks now. It wont matter much, the truth is the truth. Put them through the "where did I come from rundown" or whatever you want. Pimping will seem like a holiday when this one hits the street.

    Oh yeah OSA, because Tiny Fists tells you so little of what he is up to on his own you will play this game at the biggest disadvantage.

    Oh yeah - on your little connections chart program, just draw a line between every person on the internet you have a record of because that is how this shit works now. We will make a new system and call it "2 degrees of Scilonville". Everyone knows of someone who has been screwed by scilonville. Everyone. Try it. It's fun.

    Also, quick question before I sign off - Do you have to count Facebook & Twitter on your entheta stat? I know you track it, but does it count on the stat?

    Until next time...
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  15. Anonymous Member

    Umm, We love you. Hahahahahah OSA.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Very cool. Can we play take a wild stab in the dark on this?
  17. blownforgood Member

    I will give you a hint. He is NOT a Lannister. Although we cannot be sure about that for Tiny Fists. HE appears to be Lannister in every way. Tyrion's little stupid brother maybe.
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  18. TinyDancer Member

    I love it when you let your inner bitch out to play.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    ;) hmmmm, can't be jett Travolta, he died from neglect, didn't he?
  20. TinyDancer Member

    Game of thrones is too complicated for me. But I guess, BFG, you're saying he's not Miscavige's child. How about Bella?
  21. Anonymous Member

    tyrion was a dwarf with mismatched eyes wasn't he?
  22. Anonymous Member

    Denises child?
  23. TinyDancer Member

    Someone Hill?
  24. Anonymous Member

    BFG, do we really have to wait till January to get to the main course? Begging pleading!
  25. Anonymous Member

    Roll on January 17!!!
  26. blownforgood Member

    Yes, Jan 17 to be exact. Not cool to do before then. Possibly illegal as well.

    OSA is already hip to what is coming, so no harm done. Giving everyone else a heads up so enough popcorn to go around. I cannot guarantee someone else will not blow this up in the tabs, but it will not be me before Jan 17th.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    All good, but just in case you didn't know, potato chips may be the new popcorn. Popcorn Lung it seems is pretty bad. ;)
  28. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, the last name is Ten, AKA HILL 10!
  29. Anonymous Member

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  30. rayana00 Member

    January 17, 1995 (age 17 years)
  31. RightOn Member

    tease me please me
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  32. Anonymous Member

    January 17, 1995 (age 17 years)
    Connor Cruise, Date of birth


    Tom Cruise - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Cruise and Kidman adopted two children, Isabella Jane (born December 1992) and Connor Antony (born January 1995).
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  33. Anonymous Member's_son_African_American

    Is Tom Cruise's son African American?


    yes, he's adopted.

    Tom and Nicole Kidman adopted a son Connor Antony Kidman Cruise in 1995. Because he is adopted Connor's heritage is not really known but he is said to have been born to an African-American woman from New York.
  34. Anonymous Member

    heh heh
  35. Anonymous Member

    Remember back in 2008 when chanology was employing the shotgun approach (relax OSA, metaphoric only), quite effectively ofc but still kinda 'whatever strategy will stick to the wall' game.

    Now I often feel we've all moved on to the game of chess. And the other guy doesn't have an advantage.
    It certainly has been a fun ride from there to here.
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  36. Clamosaurus Member

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  37. jensting Member

    Well, I LOLed. Carry on, Marc
  38. rayana00 Member



    Could Scientology's most famous ambassador be parting ways with the church?
    A shocking report in the new issue of Star magazine, which hits newsstands Friday,details recent twists in Tom Cruise's life that's spurred speculation the Days of Thunder star might be inching away from the controversial institution he's become synonymous with.
    “Tom hasn’t admitted that he’s definitely leaving Scientology for good,” an insider says of the new developments. “But he’s distanced himself from those in the church and has been hanging out with good friends who aren’t part of the religion.”
    Sources say an introspective Tom, 50, isweighing the damage his affiliation with the controversial church has done in his relationships with ex-wives Katie Holmes andNicole Kidman, as well as ex-girlfriend Penélope Cruz.
    “Tom’s been leaning on friends who have different perspectives, getting advice on moving on from Katie as well as on everything he’s been going through with Scientology,” the insider said. “He’s finally seeing that being such an advocate for Scientology hasn’t served him as well as he’d hoped -- he’s gone through three divorces, and his public perception has sunk to an all-time low.”
    And if that didn't provide enough food for thought, the Mission: Impossible star is pondering what impact his devotion to the cause might have in his relationship with his only biological child, Suri, who Katie holds primary custody of. Tom has shown to be a very devoted father to Suri in the past, setting up some difficult decisions to make if the church drives a wedge between he and his daughter in the future.
    For more on these shocking developments, check out the new issue of Star magazine, on newsstands Friday.
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  39. Mutante Member

    Do it Tom. Do it now.
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  40. Anonymous Member

    i doubt connor is miss cabagge's kid, he shoots blanks

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