What is a security? IS Co$ breaking security laws? The Co$ front intel gathering thread

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by tinfoilhatter, May 9, 2014.

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    The definition of a security is very, very vague on purpose. For non traditional securities, the supreme court created this test:
    1. investment of money due to
    2. an expectation of profits arising from
    3. a common enterprise
    4. which depends solely on the efforts of a promoter or third party
    I believe that many of the CO$ fronts fall as securities under this test, and as such, fall under SEC jurisdiction. The SEC is a very strange animal, with very strange jurisdictions. They are the ones who do the conflict mineral regulations now. Keep in mind that the SEC is also looking for fraud too.

    I was not in the cult, and i am new to this "party", so i discover new things here every day. I have started this thread, because i have heard reports that CO$ has "profit sharing" and that there are other shady things going on. This thread is for people who are more familial with Co$ operations, how they get money besides donation, and what their fronts do. Feel free to deposit links, information, and other interesting and relevant things here for me to look at.

    The overall goal is to see: what we know about Co$ operations, what the CO$ operations are, and if they are violating any federal securities laws with out realizing it.

    Another little caveat: States also regulate securities, so they may be breaking state laws that they are completely unaware of.
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