What is your Posterboard going to say?

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Xenu.Headbutt, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. What is your Posterboard going to say?

    Many of us are going out on Feb 10th with nothing but fliers, which is great, but a few of us will be carrying poster boards. Poster slogans are very important because they catch the eye of people far away, and they create a good atmosphere for a protest. People walking up to the church will know what we represent before we start shoving fliers in their faces this way.

    On my poster I plan on writing.

    is FREE

    No Vancouver protesters steal my slogan ok? I still haven't decided what to put on the other side of my board.

    *oops, meant to put this on the media forum.
  2. Atomosk Member

  3. L. Ron Hubbard: Prophet for Profit

    How much do YOU pay at confession?

    Jesus died for your sins, scientology is dying for your money

    Taxless, Pitiless, Senseless.

    Just a few for the signs. Feel free to copy.
  4. donotstalk Member

    mine is just going to say
    I figure politeness goes a long way.
  5. sudopod Member

    Re: What is your Posterboard going to say?

    -If you are truly free, then why are there books you are not allowed to read?

    -If you are truly free, then why are there people to whom you are not allowed to speak?

    -If you are truly free, then why are there places where you are not allowed to go?

    -HONK if you OPPOSE the Church of $cientology!

    -In Loving Memory of Lisa McPherson

    -Operation Freakout: Suppressing critics isn't just for dictators any more!

    All of these, of course, have XENU.NET located prominently.
  6. MarkSherman Member

    I like

    "For Scientology,
    Against the Church of Scientology"

    Just to be clear. It also makes people think less "what a bunch of bigots".
  7. tamphex Member

    One side:

    The other side:

  8. SmellDriver Member

    I will have as my top layer of clothing a long sleeved white shirt, which I feel is an empty canvas begging to be painted with a slogan. Alas, I cannot decide which to use. :?
  9. boborely Member

    I was planning to take one of the pamphlet files from the protesting file, and have it blown up to a 20x24 poster, and paste it on a cardboard backing....
  10. sd0a Member

    I made two for boston.



  11. AthlAnon88 Member

    For Atlanta. Front and back side

  12. tamphex Member

    I had a rethink on mine. It's now officially:


    And the other side:

    TAX IT!

    The bad boy inside me wants to add my full name and the sentence "Come and get me cowards" but I give him some lollies so he's longer in control.
  13. donotstalk Member

  14. an0n348 Member

    Uh, aren't you giving away your identities?
  15. :lrhcries:

    Awesome. This would be a good chant too.

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