What Mousavi wanted

Discussion in 'Iran' started by Ray Murphy, Jul 25, 2009.

  1. Ray Murphy Member

    I just came across this article from 12th June.

    Primarily, Mousavi has promised the elimination of government-sanctioned discrimination and inequality towards women. Concretely, he wishes to overturn strict Islamic dress code requiring the concealing Hijab robe, to democratize education for them and to provide equal judicial rights on par with male Iranians. Finally, and most surprisingly, he wishes to abolish the institution of Iranian “morality police” whose job has been to imprison, whip and humiliate any woman who infringes the dress code or acts “unwomanly”.

    A New Iran for Better? or for Worse? - The End is Coming
  2. No wonder they've been so harsh on him, if he was in his rightful office as President of Iran the basiji would be out of a job!

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