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Discussion in 'Anonymous News' started by Disambiguation, Nov 14, 2014.


Is Adrian Chen a penis?

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hermaphrodidic 5 vote(s) 62.5%
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  4. Anonymous Member

    I don't mind Chen. I find him amusing.
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  5. The limits of anonymous is the freedom of it's movement itself: if everyone can join the movement, how can we be sure that everyone that's joining respect our values? What if some people start killing innocents on the streets wearing our identity and pretending to be us?
  6. Ogsonofgroo Member

    It has been foretold (blah-blah) that there will be those who will use 'hidden identity' shite to carry on fuckery. Pretty sure its fairly easy to decern which anons are what, even given the broad spectrum. This particular brand of 'Anon' here has been pretty damned consistent with who, what, and why 'we' are, just to make sure places like wwp etc. aren't lumped into the occasional fuckery from those trying to ride on the coat-tails, or attempts to smear de chans etc.. It has always seemed to me to be a kind of tight-rope act, I mean ffs, some retard kills somebody and is wearing a GF mask for example, there is a certain cult of insanity ( helllllo CoS) that would be more than happy to try and link that sort of stupid to the likes of the herd -o'-cats here etc.

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  7. I am with you, I apologies to my elementary question. I'm new on the forum even if I carry my values for many years
  8. The hive mind differentiates between real and pretend Anonymous initiatives. If some asshole says "Attack Disneyland" the hive mind says "wait.......what?
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  9. laughingsock Member

    Yes, this maybe true. But does law enforcement differentiate?
  10. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Only if they want to
  11. meep meep Member

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  12. "Note: We have received several emails criticizing the role of Anonymous hacktivists and and their phony twitter handles. From now on we at HackRead will give less coverage to Anonymous due to their lack of professionalism and coordination over operations they plan/conduct" source

    Hackread seems to belong to the average medias "system".
  13. Berserker101a Member

  14. anonLX62 Member

    i never once think Anonymous was only hackers group only, i think there are a lot of
    people of all walk of life are in it as will now. who have all type of jobs they do for a living! yes it may have started out as hacker only group at one point
    but i think it gone wild and there are more normal people catching on to it walking alone side Anonymous for what is right!

    Anonymous have to say if it feels good and sink in one soul nicely then I'm all for it!

    *living the country side of life here! "Fan of Anonymous"
  15. Crest Member

    It's hard to say exactly what Anonymous' values are in the first place. I mean...hell, it started on /b/, the land without morals. It's not that everyone should "respect the cause" because Anon has no cause. Anon is a mask worn by many different sets of ideals and therefore kind of polices itself, with "good" ideas taking root and becoming reality and the "bad" ones often just crawling off to die in dark corners. It's also rather two-faced. Those who try to see Anonymous as "the good guys" are going to be rather disappointed, because Anonymous itself is neither good nor bad. They do good things, they do bad things, and most of all they just do whatever interests them.
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  16. demistus Member

    What if your not that great with computers is there still ways u can help the group
  17. anonLX62 Member

    will its like supporting your local sport team! don't break the laws and be there to chip in anyway you can (if you can make it to the location) in peaceful way! i would think!

    not like what happen in Ferguson it started out peaceful, but then it got out of hand full blown riot!

    family lost their stores and other people shooting guns off. Anonymous is not like that

    Anonymous care about the people! same time we don't do people harm or damage property ether!
    don't make statement we going to harm any one ether like shoot some one!

    Anonymous support people world wide anyway they can, but not by harming anyone or damage property!

    anyways that how i seen Anonymous!

    side note; you never pull Anonymous chain ether! that just asking for trouble!
  18. Crest Member

    Not exactly the thread to ask that but yes, there are many ways to help. Also, WWP does not support anything illegal. If you're looking for the oobr kewl h3xx0r group...wrong place.
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