What people are saying about Scientology on YouTube

Discussion in 'Media' started by The Wrong Guy, Aug 8, 2012.

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    Shitfaced podcast #7 talks about Leah Remini's chat with Joe Rogan
    Skip to 32 minutes in or click this handy link
  2. Lol, 8 views.
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    Sailpoint Technology - WISE company?
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    This appears to be a montage of getting introduced to Scientology, complete with L. Ron Hubbard music.
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    Poking your head into the CoS and yelling "Leah Remini rocks" is apparently now a common thing to do when visiting Hollywood.
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    These guys went in and asked a Scientologist directly about Leah Remini's series:
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    Two ex-JWs break down Reza Aslan's "Believer" episode on Scientology - Part 1:
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    Part 2:
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    Someone trying to make sense of Tom Cruise's famous turtleneck interview
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    Left the building with an uneasy feeling and no wiser about what Scientology is.
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    Video baleeted due to cult threats. :/
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    This girl apparently joined because she watched Going Clear and thought HBO was lying. Took her a year to figure out the media doesn't always lie..
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    I feel so sorry for her. :(
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    Josh Reeves discovers Steve Fishman's Lonesome Squirrel book and decides it holds all the answers to the conspiracy universe.
    Skip to 31 minutes in or click this handy link.
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    Lolol, different trees, different nuts falling., on de same ol' rotten ground imho.


    And thank you so much for the 'handy link', and saving a few more of what brain cells I have left.. *bows*

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    This guy presents the chinese whispers version of Scientology from his bedside
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    Danny Masterson becomes a chat topic on a show called "Hot T"
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    Yet another Christian minister sharing his research on Scientology and its pitfalls.
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    Most ministers would be in their 40's or older. This one is young, under 40.
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    Of course, you're right. I'm sorry, I meant to say Youth Pastor.
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  23. Gets it mostly right. Over 300k views

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    EhAy, the more criticising the cult, the less who will fall victim.
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    Appears to have confused Scientology with Christian Science, otherwise pretty much gets it.
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    Re-enactment of Paulette Cooper's treatment by the CoS, with bonus British accents and smartphones.
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    Dudes put up a "For Sale" sign in front of Big Blue, watch how fast security comes. Skip to 7 minutes in or click this handy link.
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    Scientology Stole Money From My Bank Account | Steven Mango

    Scientology made several unauthorized debits from my checking account as well as from my credit cards when I was a member. In addition, money was withdrawn from the account I had inside Scientology without my permission to buy sets of Basic Books. Money was charged on my credit cards towards the International Association of Scientologists as well as Ideal Org programs. Scientology commits fraud and I am going to continue to expose their financial crimes on my channel until they stop doing so!
  33. I earlier posted this in the thread about Grant Cardone. At 11:20 Steven appears to allege that Grant Cardone makes money making bridge loans (no pun intended) to Scientologists to pay for their Bridge to Total Freedom.
  34. A curious video by the Cambridge Museum of Science.

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    School project
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