What people are saying about Scientology on YouTube

Discussion in 'Media' started by The Wrong Guy, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. The Wrong Guy Member

    What's Wrong with Scientology, Part 6

    Published by Chris Shelton on May 12, 2014

    The sixth and final video in my series detailing how the Church of Scientology is destroying itself through its toxic policies and the way it enforces those policies. In this video, I discuss the policy of "Disconnection" which Scientology uses to control its members by threatening to cut all ties with their Scientology friends and family if they leave the Church or speak out against it.

    See my blog for more details of my history in Scientology and my written articles describing specific problems with the Church and how I got out of it.
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  2. Scientology Slave Museum

    HT - Tony Ortega: TIZIANO LUGLI: A new short film about Scientology and ‘slavery’

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  3. anon8109 Member

    Mocking Scientology's Sci-Fi foundation

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  4. Twinkle Member

    2:06 mins in he says they sacrifice people on the top floors. Is that a polite way of saying people jump out of the buildings to their death?
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  5. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Jumped, pushed, thrown, who the fuck knows eh? Actually really surprised that the Shooper-Dooper-Powahz building didn't has a crematorium built on the roof..... or.... duh-duh-ta-dum.... maybe it has? It'd be like, um, the 'real' final product...


    Oh, and the Slavery vid is absolutely brilliant IMHO!
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  6. TorontosRoot Member

    Lots of peeps disscunting the cult, lots more waiting to share their view of it too, but they haven't spoken up. That's 99% of the general public who wants nothing to do with it. We gotta interview themz all. :)
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  7. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Good-lawdy-alrighty! (sides already hoitin' from laughterin' today, yeh, keep it up ya freekz! :p )

    I love that term 'disscunting' , yeh I know its prob a typo, but one of the best I've seen in a while, new meme? I think surely tis so.

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  8. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Disscunting> verb: The act of dealing with those deeply affected/afflicted by diarrhea-of-the-brain .
    Usage~ 'I disscunt this ass-hat as a moon-bat, should DIAF.' 'I was just disscunting this troll and they STFU and left, am sadness.' 'I was sadly disscunted by this posting and jumped off a bridge.'

    Not to be mistaken for 'de-cunting' (the removal/banning of useless trollings).

    Adjective usage~ 'You are a disscunting person, get a life!' 'Another disscunting troll emerges from the quagmire.'

    Just an idea for Urban Dictionary thingy thing.


    Edit~ Why yes I am bored, so fucking watt? :) Hey, it is Friday, kidless for the weekend and startin' early :)
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  9. TorontosRoot Member

    I love the discunting/disscunting of trolls. ;)
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  10. Ogsonofgroo Member

    An honorable profession for any DIYS'rs :p
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  11. The Wrong Guy Member

    This has been posted before in other threads, but it's a classic that also belongs in this one.

    The Death of LRH: What was David Miscavige really thinking?

    Uploaded by XenuForPresident on March 10, 2009

    The infamous David Miscavige announcement of the joyous Death of L. Ron Hubbard in January of 1986. Whilst watching it to grab some footage, I wondered what might really have been going through Miscavige's mind whilst he was announcing the madman Hubbard's death. That gave me the idea for this quick little edit which will hopefully keep you amused until my proper video is ready (hopefully sometime next week). All I really did was add subtitles, but it amused me for a few minutes! Enjoy, and for clearer subtitles, please click on the "Watch in high quality" link to the bottom right of the video window.
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  12. ^^^^^^^Thx, Wrong Guy, Love that vid of 'Ecclesiastical Leader' David Miscavige and his captivated and completely duped (and then some) audience of the Church of Clapping Seals Scientology faithful , The Mighty Thetan LRH's Eulogy, so touching.^^^^^^

    ''You guys........Suck It.........Legally, they're a a fucking church........
    So........Fuck Off!!!!

    Classic 2008 protest vid says all you fucking apostates need to know, we'll all just Fuck Off now, thx for fixing our little red wagon, Scientology Lady, you're a Real Doll!!!!!!......
    th?id=HN.607988531124505247&pid=15.1.jpg th?id=HN.608029367669817653&pid=15.1.jpg
    ''Legally, Scientology's a Church, So, Fuck Off!!!!.... (Little Red Wagon, Fixed.)''
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  13. anon8109 Member

    Slam style poem starts at 2:00 Had me in stitches.

  14. TorontosRoot Member

    Scientology IS NOT A CHURCH! It is a dangerous mindfucking fraudulent business and a CULT!

    To that jackoasserlanturn
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  15. hey, wwp, esmb and any other faggorty forum that’s out there enjoy this first phase of dox. wwp and esmb are not safe, strat packing because we are coming for your addies.
    Mod Edit: Dox Removed you little scamp
  16. TorontosRoot Member

    Such a snakeomatic. Dox blocked out? :D
  17. Ersatz Global Moderator

    Deleting the post would have been quicker but I thought I might as well have a little fun.
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  18. TorontosRoot Member

    Including making them very butthurt.
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  19. anon8109 Member

    Two young men describe their experience going to a Scientology service.

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  20. anon8109 Member

    First a T.V. spot for Scientology runs in (Danish?) followed by two interviews in the same language. Perhaps someone who understands can give us the gist of it?

  21. anon8109 Member

    Arnold Schwarzenegger sent us this gift from the future. A video of himself from 2034 speaking his mind about the Scientology cult.

    "Deny, deny, deny, deny, deny..."

  22. OT9

  23. The Wrong Guy Member

    Lawyers, do you want to make money religiously with Scientology, Inc.?

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  24. anon8109 Member

    Scientology exposed on radio 24 years ago.

    Same lies. Same scam.

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  25. anon8109 Member

    At 2:35 "We went to the church of Scientology and got a tour and they're really weird. The receptionist was possessed by the devil."

  26. anon8109 Member

    Religious Christian radio show (from around 1991?) interviews two former cult victims.

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  27. anon8109 Member

    Man complaining about being kicked out of an internet group for questioning Scientology and NOI joining it.

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  28. anon8109 Member

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  29. TorontosRoot Member

  30. anon8109 Member

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  31. Random guy Member

    He's an X, and speaks as warmly of the mother cults as Xes usually do. They're doing a form of hypnosis etc.
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  32. The Wrong Guy Member

    I am an Ex-Scientologist

    Published by Chris Shelton on June 7, 2014

    This is my parody of the "I am a Scientologist" campaign which the Church of Scientology has run in the past to try to convince people that Scientologists are regular people with totally normal beliefs just like everyone else.

    I have many more videos and written articles on my blog about Scientology and critical thinking, at Check it out.

    This video was also inspired by Brian Keith Dalton ("Mr Diety") and his parody of the I Am a Mormon campaign. His video of this is here: and I got his ok to style my video after his before producing this.
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  33. Ersatz Global Moderator

    Can't find this one on here. Sorry if it is a repost
  34. Ersatz Global Moderator

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  35. anon8109 Member

    Reporter asks a simple question. Jenna can't answer it.

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  36. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Such a pretty body; such a scrambled brain.
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  37. The Wrong Guy Member

    Is Scientology a Cult?

    Uploaded by Chris Shelton on June 24, 2014

    An analysis of Scientology as a cult, using specific points and examples from Scientology's writings and activities which prove this point.

    Special acknowledgement is made to Janja Lalich, Ph.D. and Michael D. Langone, Ph.D., for article Characteristics Associated with Cultic Groups - Revised at

    Please see my blog at for more articles and videos I've produced on Scientology and on critical thinking.
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  38. Incredulicide Member

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  39. The Wrong Guy Member

    Here's a good one with Stephen Jones that seems to have been missed.

    Scientology: The Cost of the Cult

    Published by Sammy Jenkins on January 25, 2014

    Short documentary filmed by Bournemouth University students into the Scientology religion.
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