What should we do to help now?

Discussion in 'Iran' started by atmasabr, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. atmasabr Member

    I'm getting sick. Well when you read sick stuff that's what happens.

    I'm tired.

    Could someone please remind me of what we can do to help right now? I could use a little encouragement.
  2. Ray Murphy Member

    Well you could start doing a job that I was thinking of doing soon - start making a list of all the things that show that the murderous Iranian regime is on the run. If we had such a list we could all add to it and be motivated to keep doing our own small things - whatever they are.

    You know - things like:
    * Regime still afraid of journalists
    * Regime still afraid of Iranian bloggers etc
    * Army talking of dying to stop (unarmed) protestors
  3. CradleOfCiv Member

    I think I can add a few things to the list directly from the latest Green Brief:

    2. Vast weekly protests and the heavy presence of Basiji’s have had a negative impact on Iranian bazaars; they are finding it harder and harder to stay open. As a result, commerce is slowly coming to a standstill.

    3. People in Tehran are continuing to honk their horns at the sight of Basijis - and chanting anti-government slogans while speeding away. Many people drive with their headlights on. Reports indicate that many Basijis are quitting their jobs and are being replaced by fresh recruits, many of them under 18.

    8. The spokesperson for Parliament's Imam’s Way Faction declared that the government’s legitimacy was “questionable” after what transpired post-election. Reports from Tehran indicate that many members within the Faction are thinking of not partaking in the “vote of confidence” that will be held in Parliament soon (the President selects a cabinet, and then a vote of confidence takes place).
  4. Ray Murphy Member

    Yes, all good stuff.
    My personal preference would be to see a very long list of extremely concise items - in single lines where possible, which still cover every little bit of progress. It would also be good to get it into some sort of timeline so that the various trends become more apparent.
  5. CradleOfCiv Member

    One way to get a proper chronology could be going through all the previous Green Briefs and pulling out the events indicating the end of the times for Amadaman...

    As to rearrange my earlier post:

    From Green Brief 25 (11 July):

    * Shops are having a hardtime to stay open
    * Basijis are quitting their jobs and are replaced by bunch of kids
    * Imam's Way is considering boycotting the Vote of Confidence
  6. Ray Murphy Member

    Yes, I think we should keep copy/pasting and adding to that.
  7. TWITTER UPDATES from "Bistoon" on Twitter:

    RT URGENT:Lives of Detained Pregnant Journalist(Mahsa Amrabadi) and Paralyzed Politician in Danger #iranelection about a minute ago

    RT Most powerful military force has warned online media of a crackdown over their coverage of the country's election crisis. #iranelection 16 minutes ago

    RT Revolutionary Guard Warns Iranian Web Sites, Bloggers Not To "Create Tension"; Twitter, MySpace, Facebook Blocked #iranelection 17 minutes ago
    Mohesen Hajarian, son of saeed Hajarian was arrested at his home. #iranelection 45 minutes ago
    Sheila Najafi ,expelled student, poet and leftist activist was arrested in Amol by anonymous people there's no news #iranelection 47 minutes ago
  8. From Green Bried 26 (12 July):

    * The Democratic Party of Iran has declared its support for Mousavi.
    * Mohsen Rezaie announced five points that everyone in Iran should realize
    * Ayatollah Bayat Zanjani says remove individuals, illegitimately gaining a government post
    * Fatwa was given in response to the question whether civil servants should stop working
    * Hashemi Rafsanjani may be leading the next Friday prayers in Tehran.
    * People chant Allah o Akbar on their rooftops, some with loudspeakers
    * The sale of Nokia cell phones in Tehran have plummeted by as much as 50 percent
    * Several businesses have complied to M.’s call to stop buying advertisement on IRIB

    From Green Brief 25 (11 July):

    * Shops are having a hardtime to stay open
    * Basijis are quitting their jobs and are replaced by bunch of kids
    * Imam's Way is considering boycotting the Vote of Confidence
  9. atmasabr Member


    took me a while to wrap my head around the idea.

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