what the MSM doesn't say about child sex trafficking

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by commisiar, Nov 16, 2013.

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    The article is about sexual exploitation of children in the US, so not sure where you are going with the comparison to other countries. I think the points were what was not discussed in the MSM- that 50% of the victims are boys, women can be clients, families are the pimps, children do not think of themselves as victims.
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    Well that's the thing in some small part, the united states department did a report about this problem a few months ago that showed Russia or China to be the worst and was given to the U.N headquarters, It should be relevant and it is.
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    Please link me. That would be pretty shocking to ignore the rest of the problem.
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    okay then this was the report last june shown by Reuters, bloomberg news, and some other news sites.

    Um the funny thing however is that this was done by the state department and canada has a passing grade. Also listed was 19 other countries in the states department report but it strained their relationship with Russia and China.

    Regarding the U.N aspect... They waited until October 13 of this year to get serious about this but I think they aren't really interested as other countries complain they haven't done enough.<span class='pullme'>In short, when you empower a woman, you change the world</span>ttp:/

    This is a multi billion dollar industry that needs to close and do you know what? The U.S doesn't do enough to fix domestic problems, were always elsewhere chiding people about such problems. But yes The U.N decided not to get serious until last month its a real shame.
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    At least they are moving on it now. It's a huge problem especially in vulnerable populations- war area, poor refugees, people moving to wealthy countries to get away from poverty.
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