What to do with Scientologists who are "out-ethics"

Discussion in 'Martin Ottmann' started by Martin Ottmann, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. From "Highwinds #1" (1990). I wonder what the poor sucker did to have an "ethics handling" by a "Sea Org officer". Did he go "out-2D"? Did he falsify statistics? Did he have immoral thoughts about L. Ron Hubbard, Founder?

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  2. Anonymous Member

    Just look at that Standard Ethics Presence... lol

    "Golden rod"... no doubt Hubbard's favorite kind ;)
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  3. billybob Member

    OMG that fugly sweater!
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Probably picked out by David "Goatse" Miscavige.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    pornstache FTW
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Caption :Guess what I have for you under this book?"

    The porn stach gives it away
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  7. afternon Member

    My ethics is so hard for you!
  8. ZeroC Member

    Shoop Da Whoop
  9. Anonymous Member

    Always amazes me how fucking gullible folk have to be to fall for this shit.

    Fake navy uniforms, "ethics", L Ron Fucktard and his worthless "tech".

    Don't mean to offend any exes that woke up and are now exposing this shit but WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING??
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  10. Anonymous Member

    Hey! We had to pay A LOT of money to see the Ethics Officer's hard-on... ;)
  11. Anonymous Member

    What's even funnier is that people actually fall for the shitty Miscavige flavor con trick.

    His retarded ideas of swirly gold TV graphics from the 1990's and all the Ideal Org bullshit when everyone knows these orgs are totally empty with zero new recruits, they still think it's worth a crap?

    The level of brainwash is impressive. Gotta give that fat junkie Hubbard credit for that.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Straight up and vertical
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Everyone outside the cult, perhaps. It is in the general nature of cults to not question the statements made by Dear Leader.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    Attention Indies!
    there it is in blue and blue lol.
    Hubbard was behind the order of putting Ethics in.
    It wasn't DM who wrote it.
    So I guess your argument will be, "how" the ethics were put in?
    Hubbard vs DM?
    Newsflash- For example, Hubbard got ethics in on Sea Org members aboard the Apollo and ordered a 4 year old boy to be locked in a chain locker for days for making holes with his teeth in a piece of paper. He also came up with over boading people. And when Hubbard felt that they were enjoying their ethics dip in the cool ocean a little bit too much, he ordered to have their ankles taped together and were also blindfolded.
    Thank you Hana Whitfield for those stories!
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  15. The ugly sweater prop was often used in Sea Org magazines to visually underline the contrast between the in-ethics, sharp & tough looking, uniformed Sea Org officer and the out-ethics, sweater-wearing, soft-looking, average Scientologist, who needs a serious ethics handling. From the same "Highwinds" issue:

  16. Anonymous Member

    :eek: Omagord!
    An entire long sleeve sweater in electric blue!
    My eyes can't take that, even in a little picture; Gotta wonder what it would be like to be there in the very same room as that! Ugh!
    Also, who the hell would ever sign up for an organization that boasts of it's own Gestapo?

    Oops, sorry I Godwin'd.

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