What would it take to get you to stop protesting?

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Herro, May 19, 2011.

  1. DeathHamster Member

    Record them, add some LOLCAT images, and stick it up on YouTube.
  2. veravendetter Member

    Quit?! Nigga you crazee? Little cat in the sailor suit said he'd hook up me and my boyz with some studio time, so we can bust some shit. We poppin' off dawg. Top bill on the TRADEWINDS SAILING SHIP niggga.

    Quit?! . . . Shiiiit. . . .
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  3. FerrisWheel. Member

    The moment David miscaivage is stood next to me outside a 'Church' shouting 'CULT!!'.
  4. veravendetter Member

    Yeah, that's why you'll visit it. Ok.
  5. n3uromanc3r Member

    Really depends on what you're looking for. I'll be honest: I haven't been to either in a little while, but I recall the latter (RedTube) being a little more on the amateur side of things.
  6. According to Scientologists, we all find this link incredibly sexy
  7. Anonymous Member

  8. Anonymous Member

    As long as it's as loud as my neighbors are, I'm good. Last week I heard them arguing, I was really rooting for them to break up. haha
  9. skeptic2girl Member

    I've thought about this question sometimes. BUT I don't know what would stop me protesting: it's too fun! :)

    But in terms of goals, I'd LOVE it if the SF (Montgomery St., former Transamerica building) Org shut down! They are way proud of that thing, and it's a shame the cult has taken over such a lovely, historic building. What a fail that would be...
  10. Smurf Member

    If the org were to close down, where would you protest? BTW, the Scilons have discovered the comments section of Yelp.
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  11. Anonymous Member

  12. skeptic2girl Member

    I'm not tellin' ;)

    PS: re - yelp reviews -- notice how almost nobody rated the Scilon reviews useful/funny/cool -- not so for the one-star reviews...
  13. Anonymous Member

    One of the comments from Yelp [5 stars]:

    It must be my lucky day because I just got a BJ at the Mormon Temple in Oakland last week, and this morning one of the front desk workers at the Church of Scientology fucking cruised me and took me around back to one of the bathrooms and gave me a handjob in one of the stalls. I'm not fucking kidding. I'm loving these new religions, I gotta say.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    I wish Yelp had "not funny" or "not cool" or "completely sucks" button.
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  15. skeptic2girl Member

    I can't decide if I hope this guy is actually kidding or not!
  16. Anonymous Member

    He should visit the Christian Scientists in Boston. He might finally get laid.
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  17. dwest Member

    What would it take to get me to stop protesting?

    Honestly, I've never physically protested. When I first came to Enturb or wherever it was called, it was after seeing a poster advertise the third major set of rallies taking place. This was 3+ years ago (two jobs ago is how I'm judging this-and I'm currently unemployed. Gotta love this economy. NOT). Originally it was because I couldn't protest without risk of losing my job and any future career in my chosen field, later it was also because the local or close-to-local protests stopped happening on top of needing that security clearance which I probably will never pass under the post 9/11 Gov't but gotta try!

    So although I have supported the protests in a number of ways (Enturb/WWP cards in books @Borders, other booksellers, putting up/printing posters, being a conduit between a trusted non-anon who knows of my affiliation and wants a message sent etc) I can't answer that directly.

    That being said, there are a couple of things that would get me to back off of the Cof$ and onto other targets.

    The second half of this. Corporate Scientology will always exist, but if it becomes slightly bigger than A Course in Miracles I'll be happy. However, in this case scenario I would also demand the Sea Org as we know it to be dismantled and several other triggers fall into place. Transparency to its members as to the structure to prevent another GO-- -->Snow White from happening by the main church itself. The dismantling of Narcanon being another trigger.

    Or that!

    In other words, you aren't leaving. LOL. Seriously though, if certain other parties who have spoken out against the church (WBM being one person on my list) for over a decade have decided that the church no longer bears anything more than an historical view or a quarterly visit to Gold, I'll be happy. Some of these folks I've seen posting on ARS since the mid 90's and if they would be ready to give it up, I'd know that underneath the shell the clam has died.
  18. Kilia Member

    inb4 STFU HERRO
  19. Anonymous Member

    I will stop protesting injustice when I die. Same with most people of good will.
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Nah, Imma keep going anyways. Who cares about death?
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  21. skeptic2girl Member

    Exactly. Jenny Craig-Fail Jabba the Hub is still phugging with us after he levitated to Teegeack or whatever the cult said he did, so why not keep on keepin' on... JUST LIKE HUB
  22. Anonymous Member

    After reading six posts of yours in this single thread page, I sure wish there was a " merge Bozuri's post's " button.
  23. Anonymous Member

    I fully support that notion.

    I also think you should go and read some of Kilia's hemorrhoid thread. You might get some additional ideas for buttons.
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  24. Jilojab Member

    Once the entire organization is permanently shut down.
  25. When taht abusive little prick David Miscavige shows up in a hermes / goatse shirt leading the faithful in a very geigh version of a Scientology composition called "We Stand Tall" with a Mike Rinder bobblehead doll grooving to da muzac behind him.
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  26. grebe Member

    I would like a shiny new boat.
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  27. ClamSource Member

    When people are free to make up their own minds.
  28. skeptic2girl Member

    sounds good. ALSO DM does live webcast from San Quentin, admitting that Scientology is a crock and L. Ron Hubbard was liar and is NOT coming back (SHOCK) as everyone who wants to take revenge enjoys some; Anons have come to witness the event, but are too busy rocking out and celebrating to pay attention; Scientologists everywhere realize they're FREE and join in the party, tearing up SP declares and asking to borrow five bucks...
    no need for masks now, but frankly, we've gotten so used to the sweaty-non-breathability and trying to interpret each other's conversation through plastic mouth slits that it's just easier to leave them on...
  29. greebly Member

    29 Donuts krispy kreme ones ofcourse
    6 Poppyseed muffins as per delivery from the party mentioned on marty's blog
    oh and some other stuff but mainly those.
  30. Herro Member

    Ha, now that I know how to get you to all stop protesting I'm going to tell my OSA handler.

    I'm gonna be upstat like woah, mothafuckers.
  31. Anonymous Member

    You want people to believe that's a joke, right?
  32. Honestly, if someone from OSA managed to fulfill all the requirements posted in this thread they deserve to be upstat.
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  33. beef Member

    If I could kick DM squarely in the nuts just once... I would stop.
  34. anonymous612 Member

    :( If you can get me my IAS golfcart I totally will stop protesting.
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  35. Anonymous Member

    When will the results be in?
  36. Anonymous Member

    What would stop me protesting?

    A regular multi-million dollar donation from Scientology to a legitimate charity (i.e. a well-known non-Scientolgy charity with a good reputation - OXFAM, UNICEF, Medicins sans Frontiers, whatever - not Narconon or CCHR) - would cool my 'Scientology is a bad thing' ardour.
  37. anonamus Member

    Would be a nice gesture, but most unlikely to happen..

  38. Anonymous Member

    Herro giving me blowjob for 7 days in a row.
  39. Herro Member

    Wait, like one blowjob carried out over a week or multiple blowjobs given in a seven day period?
  40. WogDoc Member

    But DM's nuts are just like his conscience: they don't exist. When does DM show his midget ass in public? When does he go anywhere without a goon squad of security and fawning yes men? He's hiding out and has one foot on the Freewinds so he can escape the law.

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