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Discussion in 'Anonymous News' started by Robb Scott, Feb 19, 2019.

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  1. Robb Scott Member

    Some of you remember Django, the Boston anon. Some of you wonder, Hey, What ever happened to ol' Django? More likely, you don't, but hey...

    I'm not active in the fight to expose the crimes and abuses of the cult anymore. I do subscribe to Chris Shelton's podcast. I keep an eye on the current "President", whose behavior resembles that of David Miscavige in some deeply disturbing ways. I check in here every once in a while. And...I'm a fanatic for Leah's show. I'm no fan of Reality TV, but it's a popular form, and LR uses the techniques of that form to spread the message we've been focusing on since 2007, and the OG folks have been trying to spread since the 70s. Good news: The show is finishing up its 3rd season, which (I believe) makes it far easier to syndicate. The message will continue, long after "Aftermath" has gone the way of all TV.

    I got lured into this in late 2007, after reading about Scn's attempt to block the re-run of South Park's "Trapped in the Closet" episode. That episode was re-run just a few nights ago. It brought back some memories, and thus this message. Anonymous happened literally days after I started paying attention. I attended my 1st IRL protest in Spring 2009, was active online for a couple years, then...well, the Boston Megaraid kinda took the wind out for me.

    Better news: We won. After Anonymous, Lawrence Wright, Alex Gibney, and now Leah, the world is far more informed about what's going on with this cult. It's dying. Not fast enough for us, but it's finished nonetheless. Halle-frickin'-lullah!

    OK, I'm done, just wanted to check in. Just FYI, since I outed myself here a couple years ago, there hasn't been one sign of cult thugs hanging around my building or place of business. Granted, I'm the smallest of fries. There was maybe a time when I would've been targeted. Now, they can't stop a major documentary by a respected filmmaker, or a critical TV show on a popular cable network hosted by a well-known TV star. An aging former anon with health issues ain't on the radar.

    The planet's been cleared, but not like they had in mind.

    Keep up the good work, Anons!
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  2. sallysock Member

    Really good to hear an update. Often I wonder of how things are for those anons who no longer post, yet played a role in bringing Scientology to" it;s a cult" status. I remember you well and have much respect.

    Chanology. So many great anons and so much fun for a long time. It's been surreal to see the evolution of things. So much full circle stuff. The names, what has changed and how many members that are now ex's.

    I'm glad you were not targeted, but am sorry to hear of your health issues. I hope they are manageable?
    Best from another aging lol anon.
  3. The Wrong Guy Member

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