Whatever happened to Babbles Schwarz?

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Oct 30, 2009.

  1. Goosh Goosh Member

    Re: Whatever happened to Babbles Schwarz?

    best way to troll babs: get rathbun to comment on her
  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: Whatever happened to Babbles Schwarz?

    He complained today on his blog that he is spammed by DM but also Anon trolls. Are you guys getting to him with postings about Babs? Lol. Too bad that he never published one of these.
  3. Smurf Member

    Re: Whatever happened to Babbles Schwarz?

    Marty's been babbling & whining & pointing fingers whenever he feels someone is criticizing or, in his sick LRH-fueled mindset, trying to inhibit his ascension to the Scientology throne. He now refers himself as a "true Scientologist."

    Am surprised that Jeff Hawkins has joined his splinter group though:

    "I stand with Marty Rathbun on this. I hope the spammers find some sanity at some time in their live preferably right now!! Not giving in to your impulses will make you a better person."
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: Whatever happened to Babbles Schwarz?

  5. Goosh Goosh Member

    Re: Whatever happened to Babbles Schwarz?

    kind of obvious what's going on


    hubbardian paranoia at its finest, they don't even trust each other
  6. Lorelei Member

    Re: Whatever happened to Babbles Schwarz?

    Don't poke the crazy person with a stick (or say her name three times in a row while looking in a mirror) or she'll eat us in our sleep.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: Whatever happened to Babbles Schwarz?

    She got another blog, but not as funny as her love and kiss blog:

    Barbara: May 2010

    Did anybody see her huge collection on FBI letters on Hubbard?

    Rolled over the FBI like a tornado? She's hyperactive. :eek:
  8. thatPTSkid Member

    Re: Whatever happened to Babbles Schwarz?

    barbara is crazy. i don't just mean crazy as in "fucked-up" but as in "seriously mentally ill." as fun as it is to pick apart her moonbattery, she really doesn't deserve to be singled out for any particular attention. to be honest, the CoS isn't much of a fan of her either AFAIK.

    just how crazy is she? well, a few years back, we went several rounds in ARS about "remote controlled germs" she believed psychiatrists were using to attack her. now, i loves me a good conspiracy theory, but i like my theories to be compatible with basic tenets of physics and biology, and there were a few... let's just say problems... with her theory. problems like the fact that the radio waves required to control something the size of a bacteria would have to be such short wavelength and high power that they'd make your cells explode as the water inside them boiled. of course, trying to explain this to her is as much use as trying to tell her that she wasn't born to LRH in a secret underwater military base that her husband the REAL marty rathbun is currently being held in.

    Question for Barbara Schwartz - alt.religion.scientology | Google Groups

    good times.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: Whatever happened to Babbles Schwarz?

    Barbara Schwarz - Encyclopedia Dramatica
    you can add the dox here
  10. eddieVroom Member

    Re: Whatever happened to Babbles Schwarz?

    Well, on the plus side, she does believe that she's worth a few million in NanoTech Research. That must count as self-esteem in some way...
  11. ILoveMyOriginalMartyBlog

    Blog for the original Marty
    Super Power spinning? (It is not Scientology but rather “Jack Vistaril’s and DM’s squirrel stuff based on p$ych inventions!)

    with 4 comments
    Dearest Marty, my one and only,
    Ron’s (the real founder’s not his impostor’s) research absolutely provides safe ways to heighten awareness and perceptions. I experienced it myself. No cult, hype, hypnosis, or trace involved.
    But take for example DM’s Super Power spin apperatus. It has p$ychs written all over it: “a gyroscope-like apparatus that spins a person around while blindfolded to improve perception of compass direction“. Just thinking about spun around like a hamster makes my stomach turn.
    I am certain that German p$ychs spun me around while unconscious after they kidnapped me. I got compass directions problems ever SINCE. And DM is now doing the same thing to Scios. What a fool! I orient myself now at the where the sun goes up and down to find directions. No need to be spun around some more.
    DM has such a psych invention also at the Int Base where he has people run around a pole, getting introverted and dizzy, as THIS happens by constantly running in circles. It is an implant, and DM isn’t a Scientologist who is able to figure this out.
    DM says “he follows in the footsteps of LRH”. This is not true. Nothing is further from the truth! He does not follow in the footsteps of Scientology founder. He follows in the footstep of Ron’s impostor, the psych agent “Jack Vistaril”, and DM also adds his own brand of idiocy to Scientology. And DM KNOWS that “Jack Vistaril” was not the founder and that Mosey’s husband isn’t you, and he keeps it from Scientologists and the world.
    Marty, bet on it that psychs and other secret service doctors have really loud and crazy laughs when they order their infiltrators in the orgs to introduce p$ychs crap in our religion. The only reason why DM got the job as the COB is because he is not smart enough to figure that he himself will suffer the psychiatric consequences of never becoming a real OT but staying a remote-controlled dummy.
    Dr. Benjamin Rush adapted the rotation treatment for psychiatric purposes. He believed that spinning would reduce brain congestion and, in turn, cure mental illness. He was wrong. Instead, Rush just ended up with dizzy patients who were still crazy. If a Scientologist is spun around, he/she’ll not get super powers. Being spun around in high-speed is not a normal thing for a thetan. It is an implant method. It is nothing else.
    Cold water shocks are psych methods too. Typically for p$ych agents “Jack Vistaril” and His Cobness to throw people in cold water, which can stop a weak heart from beating. These idiots are just lucky that nobody died yet.
    And what is that stuff about bacterial position within DM’s SP Rundown?
    Germs and bacteria and are making people sick and are killing them. They are body thetans that should LEAVE the body, but it seems in “Jack Vistaril’s” and DM’s super power squirrel world, germs are accepted: “Cellular and bacterial position…” Looks like those on DM’s Super Power Rundown are not aware that cells are fine but bacteria not. If I understood it correctly, they seem trying to get them in “certain positions” instead of getting rid of them…
    Marty, when I read “alive cultures” on dairy products, it turns me off because I know that alleged “good” bacteria and “beneficial bacteria” can be turned around. Like animals, they suddenly can attack the body, and they do just that and cause disease, aging, and death when medical terrorists activate them with remote control, electromagnetic fields and microwaves.
    One side of original Scientology that is completely gone due to the medical and psych controlled infiltration of Scientology is the clean lifestyle: good-bye germs, hello youth, health, and biological immortality!
    Some people say that germs are no problems and that they are part of normal life and that we even need them to survive. These people are such fools. Germs might not do too much damage without medical terrorists activating these germs to multiply and attack but medical terrorists do that all the time. All people become victims to germ-activated illnesses sooner or later as they buy into medical snake oil.
    While so-called Scientologists are made accepting p$ych methods, p$ychs, and doctor$ are using devices and electro-magnetic fields to cause Scientologists diseases, just as they do this to other people on this stupid planet.
    P$ych and medical crap dropped into Scientology, including outdated p$ych trash like running and spinning in circles and if I am not mistaken, so-called Scientologists are now accepting germs or bacteria, instead getting rid of them. Just what the doctor orders.
    Some who do DM’s Super Power might think they can control these bacteria into doing what they want, so that they won’t get sick. But lots of bacteria on this planet are bred in medical labs under certain codes and then dumped into the world. In order to stop them to attack the body and being influenced, these codes must be cracked first. Also, the electro-magnetic fields that medical terrorists are using to make germs attack a body to get a person sick or die, must be eliminated. Or Scientologists at least should live under conditions where these fields and germs activation can’t reach them.
    For the price of the Super Power Building, DM could have built Scientologists the most beautiful oasis for physical immortality where they can live wonderful OT lives without aging, sickness and dying. Why is it important not to drop the body, after all, we are born again? Because psychs and other secret service doctors steal also OTs their memories after they die. People come back mind-controlled and with stolen memories! Including “Jack Viastaril’s” and DM’s brand of OTs!
    Ron, you ,and me would build such wonderful places for Scientologists, and that is why we were outed and a fool like DM was put on the COB chair who keeps my blog down in the search engines, Marty. What a non-Scientologist he is! Personal power is all he wants even for the price of selling out his own eternity.
    Super Power seems having a lot to do with the body or through or via the body. The Purif too, and I did it and I found that it really worked. It makes sharper and more alert but other stuff that “Jack Vistaril” introduced does not. Ron indeed did not just research purely spiritual matters but also how to keep the body young and healthy. Any real Scientologist should be able to figure that Ron researched not just spiritual but also physical immortality too and came up with great working solutions, e.g. an alternative way of living that differs from any alternative lifestyle I have encountered. Eating biological food as DM and others does IS NOT ENOUGH.
    Many of those who were around Ron’s impostor “Jack Vistaril” smoked. DM smokes too. It is a strong addiction. (Although he always appears to be very well-groomed and has a chef to make sure that he gets all nutrients, I can see on DM’s skin that he smokes.) Maybe it is also true that he drinks. Smokers don’t want to hear that they have to stop smoking. They hope to get biological immortality by not having to stop it. They don’t want to stop their destructive ways of life. So stupid! They suck in the remote-controlled germs in those cigarettes that when activated can cause all kinds of lung diseases. Behind the tobacco industry are absolutely secret service psychs and other doctors and the pharmaceutical industry as they are getting rich through diseases caused by smoking.
    Thanks to DM’s lack of ethics on all dynamics, original Scientology alternative lifestyle villages are not built, instead DM invests money in non-source buildings and one in which p$ych spin and other psych methods are being used.
    Despite that also p$ych and medical crap will be delivered in the Super Power Building, Scientologists should be aware of possible terror actions against them by those p$ych- and medical-oriented minds who think that an idiot for a COB and infiltrating and altering Scientology wasn’t enough harm done yet against Scientology.
    If DM would be smart like you, SEGNPMSS never would have allowed him on the COB chair for so long or at all. The reason why he got the job is because DM is such a moron with absolutely no OT powers. He can’t predict the future a tiny bit. That guy is as blind as an unethical mole.
    Love you bunches, Marty. Many tender and passionate kisses.
    I wish you could finally speak out.

    Not A Whale!!!!!
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