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Discussion in 'Anonymous News' started by TheBlackMasque, Oct 19, 2014.

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  1. xander meehan Member

    GO ANONY ...GO ANONY... GO ANONY GO............
    GET SOME.....................
  2. Hacker Outs Himself as FBI ‘Snitch’ and Claims He Helped Track Down ISIS

    Written by
    Fruzsina Eördögh and Lorenzo Franceschi Bicchierai
    November 23, 2015 // 03:47 PM EST

    A hacker who in the past gained notoriety for hacking the Anonymous pseudo-official Twitter accounts, now claims he served as an FBI informant and helped the US government track down the hacker turned ISIS fighter Junaid Hussain.

    “5hm00p,” a well-known troll, hacker, and member of the trolling and hacking collective Rustle League, identified himself over the weekend as an FBI “snitch,” as he put it.

    “What the fuck have I done,” he tweeted cryptically early Sunday morning. Then, more than 15 hours later, he began tweeting at the FBI Twitter account, with some tweets clearly written in anguish.
    “I lost a lot of good friendships and my fucking honor,” 5hm00p tweeted at the FBI, according to an archived copy of his now deleted tweets. “I'm so embarrassed to show my face in public now because of this.”

    He said that he helped kill a hacker named Junaid “TriCk” Hussain, who left the UK and joined ISIS in 2013. 5hm00p claimed to be traumatized by the experience.
    “I fucking helped you MURDER him. Do you know how I feel now when I sleep at night?”
    “I fucking helped you MURDER him. Do you know how I feel now when I sleep at night?” he tweeted. “Regardless that he was a terrorist and an animal I sure as fuck felt betrayed.”
    Hussain was killed in Syria with a drone strike on August 24th, along with two of his body guards. Hussain was the leader of the Islamic State Hacking Division, a hacking crew with ties to ISIS. Before he was radicalized and travelled to Syria, Hussain was a member of a notorious hacktivist group called Team Poison (or TeaMp0isoN), which is how he came into 5hm00p’s orbit.

  3. Jesus H fucking christ! Weev has finally lost his fucking mind.

    Thanksgiving hatefacts

  4. White Tara Global Moderator

    Damn, Weev never ceases to blow my mind :rolleyes:
  5. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Wealth of archeological evidence lol
  6. [IMG] Danny Dannington@yokalli Nov 26
    Today I am going to eat copious amounts of food while discussing how the native americans contributed nothing of value to the planet.

    They contributed a hell of a lot more than the above cunt will ever do.
  7. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Look! He's right! We came out of Europe.
    Oh dear. We came out of Africa.
  8. The Internet Member

    Trolls gonna troll.
  9. Anon De Plume Member

  10. ideafarm Member

    Wonderful! But why is "censorship" included? All of the other items are goods. Do you think that censorship is good, too?
  11. Tkyrpt account of old has been dark.
    New one- not a fan.
    I know, it doesn't matter if I have good opsec.
    Thats not a concern.
    Random thought.

  12. You're a noob, and a fucking idiot!
  13. Anon De Plume Member

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  14. Anon De Plume Member

    #OpSingleGateway: Anonymous Hacks Thai Police Servers, Proves Its Point


    In a reminder of the staggering cybersecurity inadequacies of a country gearing to set up a new national firewall, online hacktivist collective Anonymous has hacked the servers of Thailand’s police department.

    Hacked readers will know of Thailand’s military government’s aim to squeeze all internet communication into a single gateway. If you aren’t aware of the master plan, Thailand’s Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha and his cabinet ordered the country’s National Police Department, the Information and Communication Ministry along with the Justice Ministry to look into the means to set up a single gateway for the internet.

    Moar .....
  15. Anon De Plume Member

  16. White Tara Global Moderator

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  18. @Anonymous Member

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  19. @Anonymous Member

    Anonymous launches campaign to get David Cameron banned from Facebook for 'violent threats'


    Anonymous supporters are furious with David Cameron

    Members of the hacktivist group Anonymous have embarked on a campaign to get David Cameron banned from Facebook.

    The masked hackers launched an "operation" against the Prime Minister after MPs voted to launch a bombing campaign in Syria.

    Details of "#OpDavidCameronsFacebook" are now being shared across social media and hacktivist websites.
    In a statement, Anonymous activists wrote: "After the UK's vile vote to bomb Syria, we call upon you at this dire time in the world to mass report [Cameron's] Facebook page as a ‘credible threat of violence’."

    The campaign is intended to be a humorous protest carried out for "many lulz" and is is unlikely that Facebook will actually give Cameron the boot.

    Dozens of Anonymous supporters have now joined in with the campaign or tweeted their support.

    Ordinary people with no link to Anonymous have also tried to silence the Prime Minister on Facebook.
    On his official profile, critics and supporters have left almost 30,000 comments beneath a post which said: "I believe the House has taken the right decision to keep the UK safe - military action in Syria as one part of a broader strategy."

    A number of people claimed to have reported him under Facebook rules which ban posts which are "threatening, violent or suicidal".

    Source -

    Facebook users reporting David Cameron’s Syria air strikes post as a ‘credible threat of violence’

    The site appears to be rejecting the reports, despite its community standards specifically focusing on ‘threats to people living in violent and unstable regions’

    Facebook users are reporting David Cameron’s post about the air strikes on Syria, but the site doesn’t appear to be taking it down.

    The night that Parliament voted to bomb Syria, Cameron posted: “I believe the House has taken the right decision to keep the UK safe - military action in Syria as one part of a broader strategy.”

    Just minutes later, a Facebook user called Toby Goodwin said that he had “reported David Cameron’s Facebook page for being a ‘credible threat of violence’”. The post had received 14,000 likes at the time of writing and is now the top comment beneath Cameron’s original post.

    Continued -
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  20. @Anonymous Member

    Anons are simply humans around this world who had rather light a candle than curse the darkness. We are trying to make the world safer for animals, children, women, LGBT folks, in sum , trying to help people who are often victimized because they are seen as weak or powerless.

    Anonymous: The last hope for many

    The history of Anonymous was colorful. As a group, we started as trolls on 4Chan, but, as a result of a series of events, this group of trolls,was changed into fighters for the innocents, defenders of those who would dare share secrets with the American public.

    Since anyone can create a Twitter account, complete with a Fawkes mask avi, and stick the word Anon on it, we, as a group, are perhaps the easiest group in the world to infiltrate, and those who infiltrate it, with the aim of discrediting us, all too often, find some media outlet who will believe the person is an “official Anon” because they repurposed some old Anonymous video, with the spinning globe intro, and a text to speech voiceover, spouting whatever news they want to spout, making whatever threat(s) they want.

    But, truth be told, for many, many people, Anonymous is often the last hope for people who have had loved ones murdered, for young women who have been raped, children who’ve been abused, and for poor animals who are tortured in the most horrible of ways before being murdered / killed (I personally believe the word murder SHOULD apply to these horrible killings of innocent creatures).

    Although the press is always fired up when Anons either hack some account and leak gigs of information, or when we take down some internet sites, those of us inside the Hive, know that these acts are only the tip of the iceberg of what we are about.

    The DMs I get on a fairly regular basis, are enough to make you cry. They are from people who have had loved ones killed, often ostensibly by police, and the police are covering it up, they are young women in small towns who got raped and who are not getting justice, or a multitude of people seeking justice for animals that have been abused.

    And, lest we forget, our ongoing fight against ISIS. In the last few weeks, the mass media has given us plenty of attention with regard to our fight against ISIS, and also, the whole thing of an alleged data leak on the lists of KKK members.

    I’ve noticed several media apparently are reading from the same hymnal, spouting the same talking points, working from the same boilerplate, from someone or some organization which wants to portray that we are not really hurting ISIS, or that we are instead, interfering with other “official” groups efforts against ISIS like the FBI or DHS.

    If we were not hurting ISIS, then they would not be spending time attacking us “kuffars” and sending out “warnings” of silly efforts to protect themselves from Anons. They would not be targeting @CtrlSec or me, or lots of other Anons fighting ISIS.

    And then, tonight, a post was made from an Anon account saying that the Feds had infiltrated #OpISIS and were arresting Anons for “cybercrimes”.

    Look, here’s what Anons do…we interfere with pedophiles who post child porn on social media, we interfere with the recruitment of ISIS members, we interfere with animal abusers, and help expose rapists. We don’t get paid, we don’t have our real names associated with doing good things…we get no ribbons, stars, gold watches. We do the job the FBI, CIA, and DHS SHOULD be doing, but often, are not, or are not doing effectively.

    Anons are simply humans around this world who had rather light a candle than curse the darkness. We are trying to make the world safer for animals, children, women, LGBT folks, in sum , trying to help people who are often victimized because they are seen as weak or powerless.

    The things we do, any FBI agent SHOULD feel good about going home and telling his children or wife that he did that today.

    Sometimes, people ask, who will Watch the Watchers…well… WE will Watch the Watchers,and if they harm or abuser innocents, we will name and shame them, leaking their personal information around the world so they cannot hide from the ire of the public.

    I honestly hate that there is so much evil in this world, that so many innocents are targeted daily, but at least, people know when everyone else in an official capacity, cops, FBI, DHS, CPS, have turned their back on them, they can contact us as a “last resort”.

    This is why I am an Anon. This is why I am proud to be an Anon. And, this is why we need more Anons because, the number of bad guys continues to rise, and they continue to grow bolder.

    Thanks for reading this.

  21. ideafarm Member

    I'm a new member so don't have a "like" button. If I could, I would "like" your post 100 times.
  22. The Internet Member

    Kill yourselves.
  23. ideafarm Member

    I know that he's spamming, promoting his blog. But I like what he said, and didn't discover that it was spam until after I posted. Perhaps a moderator should remove the link to his blog, which duplicates the text posted.

  24. Its not his blog.
    In actual fact it's been stolen from elsewhere..
  25. The Internet Member

    The part I do not like is Anonymous(tm), the brand.

    Masks are important when protesting Scientology and maybe in a few other situations. But you shouldn't need them if you're just trying to do good things.

    A couple years ago a bunch of moonbats created something like only they called their virtual cities "vibes." Vibes are like tribes but they are virtual. They had a web site,, I think. We called them "plannerfags" when they brought their nonsense here. They adopted the Guy Fawkes mask, memes, and Anon in-jokes. But they'd wear their masks on top of their heads when they made YouTubes. They just liked the coolness of the mask I guess. One guy put Anon logos all over his car. Not very Anonymous actually. I hope that is clear.

    Plannerfags were into all the popular conspiracy theories. It was like NaturalNews spammed a bunch of heads the way they spam Facebook with their paranoid memes. Plannerfags seemed capable of believing anything. Just say, "Monsanto" and you could get a bunch of them riled up for action. Fact checking was not a strength.

    Plannerfags were suddenly legion on our Internets. But I think that was due to the sock puppet skills of the web master. A little trolling kinda made the whole thing vanish, lol.

    AOTF was a plannerfag and occasionally he will have a wank while dreaming of being part of Anonymous(tm). He's a nice guy but he doesn't understand the need for skepticism and critical thinking so he has some wrong ideas in his head.

    I do not mind individual moonbats. But an army of them calling themselves "Anonymous" and on some mission to save things will not end well. Cuz those who can get you to believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.
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  26. A.O.T.F Member

  27. @Anonymous Member

    Growing up with computers, I was always fascinated by my interaction with so many different people from all over the world many who held similar interests. I adopted the culture and started to become an internet citizen. While I was spreading memes, copying media through peer-to-peer networks and chatting with like-minded individuals there was this feeling something was wrong.

    I felt like I was being held down by this power I couldn't fight, the organizations that gave me my paycheck, the governments that told me how to live life, the media telling me what trends I should follow and to what ideas I should conform.

    One day I stumbled across some video of journalists being bombed by the US government- it was Collateral Murder a video released by WikiLeaks and made possible by Chelsea Manning’s brave act of Whistleblowing. The organization immediately sparked my interest as they claimed to "open governments". It was like a void being filled knowing there was someone challenging these governments and institutions. When their funds were cut off by Visa, PayPal and MasterCard there was this online presence calling themselves Anonymous taking down these payment processors. I was amazed to learn, anyone could join the movement, and so I did. I started to contribute by making a video every time they released a new statement. These horribly edited video statements were my first efforts working with the collective. As I got better and better with my video editing and writing I got more involved every day.

    Every time restrictions and laws on the internet (ACTA, SOPA, PIPA, TPP) were trying to get past we could always rely on information released by WikiLeaks to bring transparency to its contents, and Anonymous would always find a way to retaliate. It was a full-on cyber battle. The biggest bomb in this information warfare was the massive data release by Edward Snowden showing the mass collection of data on every internet user. The only way to retaliate was using proper encryption, a lesson all of us should have learned a long time ago. With help of the Electronic Frontier Foundation we found secure ways of communication and file sharing. Everything went through encrypted channels over anonymity networks and we became more decentralized every day.

    As the war continues to develop we need unity between big actors (WikiLeaks, EFF) and internet citizens (Anonymous) doing whatever they can by any means to defend our rights both on and offline.

  28. The Internet Member

    Ah. You are suppressed by suppressive persons. Scientology can help with that.
  29. The Internet Member

    Of course I do not hate you, AOTF. I find you to be intelligent and caring. But holy shit the conspiracy stuff in your head.
  30. A.O.T.F Member

    I'm am very cognizant of the fact that no one is infallible and perfectly knowledgeable on all issues, TI.
  31. The Internet Member

    Right. No one is infallible. But that doesn't mean it is okay to dismiss the weight of scientific evidence pertaining to some issue.
  32. @Anonymous Member

    One on one with Anonymous

    Setting up an on-camera interview with someone who won't share their location or identity poses its challenges. After exchanging countless direct messages and multiple Skype names, CNNMoney was face to ... mask with a member of loosely organized hacking collective Anonymous.

    Known for their "hacktivist" approach, the group has attacked everyone from government agencies to terrorist groups to banks. Under the Guy Fawkes mask, members stand for different causes and don't always agree on who should be targeted. While the group is decentralized, members connect in Internet forums to plan various online attacks.

    One of their commonly used hacking methods: denial of service attacks -- essentially overloading a website with traffic until it crashes. They're also known for hacking companies and releasing sensitive data on the web.

    CNNMoney spoke with an Anonymous member about why he believes hacking is the new form of protesting. While he wouldn't share personal details, CNNMoney communicated with him during prior Anonymous attacks and verified that he is a member of the collective.

    CNNMoney: Why do you hack?

    Anonymous: There are many answers for this question. But for Anonymous, hacking is a practical way to show we can change things. We hack because we can. [The government] needs to know it is not in total control. And people need to know that too. Control is an illusion, and it must be broken.

    Anonymous is sometimes categorized as a "hacktivist" group -- what kind activism interests you?

    Anonymous is about giving voice to the silenced. There's no particular kind of activism we give priority to. We are interested in giving power back to people. Besides, we want the Internet to be a common asset. Its infrastructure must be rebuilt so no government or corporation can control it. Universal encryption should be a security tool for every citizen to keep their personal information safe.

    How do you choose your causes?

    Usually in brainstorms. But some things just happen organically. It's a little chaotic. You have an idea, you show your idea. If it's good, more people will help you. And it can become global. Every once in a while someone tries to use operations to call attention for their work, their careers, their private interests. But it just won't work.

    What do you say to those who say Anonymous breaks the law?

    If change comes through breaking laws, I think the laws must be broken.

    Is there a line you guys won't cross?

    Hard to say. Depends on the situation, the urgency, the seriousness. We can't answer for everyone, you know? But we would say the "personal interest" line -- if we take something from anyone, it's going to be given to someone who needs. Or it's gonna be public. Like information.

    Could you explain your code of ethics?

    There's no rigid code. We fight for freedom, so I can't just throw my rules on you.

    Is there a unifying principle?

    Freedom. If there's something that easily bring us together, it's the struggle for freedom. If you lock up any of us, you'll have trouble with every one of us. If you silence one of us, all the others will be yelling.
    We desire the reconstruction of the Internet's infrastructure, in a way that it can be a public good. The universal encryption as a tool for data security was a decision that we as hackers could take. We think that a hacker's role is to give support to a new society, to provoke thoughts of a better future to everyone.

    Source ////
  33. The Internet Member

    How about the freedom from misinformed do gooders who feel they are above the law? Who will provide me with that freedom?
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  34. FUCK! I don't know ... Maybe you should be asking this guy


    And this guy


    WTF is the matter with you man?
  35. The Internet Member

    Get a grip. The world is a complex place. The rule of law is a good thing. Vigilante justice is not. Because if you can do the vigilante thing, people you do not like can do it also.

    I heard a bunch of innocent people had their Twitter and Facebook accounts closed due to OpIsis. That is a bad look, Anonymous.
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  36. Ghd

    TI you do realise AOTF , @ANOYMOUS and Anon De Plume are all the same anon?

    As is this fuckyou are answering.
  37. 897

  38. @Anonymous Member

    On agonistic democracy and Anonymous

    Assistant professor of media and screen studies at Northeastern University

    November was a busy month for Anonymous. On November 5, the hacktivist group released the names and social media information of hundreds of presumed Klu Klux Klan affiliates. In the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks of November 13, Anonymous began revealing thousands of presumed ISIS sympathizers' Twitter accounts and shutting them down through a distributed-denial-of-service attack conducted by means of a botnet. Whereas #opKKK #hoodsoff has come under scrutiny for the publication of an inaccurate list of politicians with alleged connections to the Klan, #opParis has been openly criticized because many of the pro-ISIS Twitter accounts have nothing to do with the Islamic State or even Islamic fundamentalism.

    This is certainly not the first time that Anonymous comes under scrutiny for publishing inaccurate information or for denying freedom of speech to its opponents. Additionally, Anonymous is often criticized for exposing while refusing to be exposed, and for pointing the finger without taking responsibility for its actions.

    But is it really true that anonymity is incompatible with accountability?

    To begin with, as Gabriella Coleman has recently pointed out, Anonymous activists meet on public chat channels and entertain ongoing relationships with the press. This exposes them to a certain degree of accountability, as (good) journalists will tend to verify the accuracy of leaks as well as the leakers’ identity and motivations. Second, Coleman argues that the name of Anonymous is itself associated with a certain degree of fallibility, that is, the public does not expect from Anonymous the same level of objectivity it expects from a reputable news organization.

    This fallibility reminds us that those who band behind the name of Anonymous are first and foremost activists. These activists employ powerful imagery and clever stratagems to affect the media discourse even when the information they disclose or the actions they undertake are questionable. In this sense, following Foucault, we could think of Anonymous as a temporary breakdown in the order of the discourse—a suspension of the invisible discursive structures that regulate both the kind of enunciations and the speakers that are allowed in the public sphere of communication. If the outcomes of Anonymous’ operations are questionable, why do they keep getting so much media attention? How is it possible that individuals who evade accountability are nevertheless able to get their message across? Have journalists abdicated their professional standards?

    moar ////
  39. @Anonymous Member

    When Governments Steal

    If a Government takes away your property without compensating you, and if you have broken no laws, isn’t that stealing? People every day who have business bank accounts, who literally break no laws, are seeing their total bank accounts taken from them by the US Government …if they habitually deposit LESS THAN ten thousand dollars. The Government claims this is “structuring” and will seize all the money. Many small business owners have lost every penny they have under this.

    And, police and various law enforcement agencies, continue to stop people on the road, in a literal form of highway robbery, and if they are carrying large amounts of cash, without having to prove any illegal act has occurred, take the money and often the person’s vehicle. This is called “asset forfeiture”, or, in olden times, highway robbery.

    moar ////
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