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Discussion in 'Anonymous News' started by TheBlackMasque, Oct 19, 2014.

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  1. @Anonymous Member

    When it comes to propaganda, Anonymous is a powerful tool to any activist group. With millions of supporters dealing with various issues, racism is certainly one of them. While I cannot speak on behalf of all of us it is my understanding that the racial debate is being kept alive by the activist group "Black Lives Matter"

    One of the most beautiful things of the internet is that e all live together and interact with each other regardless of our race, religion, political or economic status. Of course there are hate groups on the internet promoting racism but the internet culture itself is a diverse combination of all ethnicities. Furthermore, All races share 99.99+% of the same genetic materials which means that division of race is largely subjective, and that the original 3-5 races were also probably just subjective descriptions as well.

    When the fight against racism is being held in the name of black lives, you are excluding entire groups out of the racism debate and we should not forget that in the end we are all human. Police killings are a serious issue that needs to be dealt with and cops need to be documented by independent journalists filming on the streets, but if you make this a fight against "white privilege" you have lost your initial point of fighting racism. While it is true that there are a lot of racist cops that pull black people over more than white people, this is not the fault of the non-racist white people but because of the racist cop.

    I am not just writing this because I am white myself, but also because life is a struggle to countless people I know, be it white, black, asian, or whatever ethnicity they have. My point is that I think we should not be fighting in the name of any type of race itself, but against racism and violence against anyone.

    Looking at the BLM protest the following things were absolutely outrageous for me to see:
    -shouting in libraries
    -being aggressive towards the non protestors
    -pushing people over
    -shouting racist remarks at asian and white people

    I'm not saying the entirety of the Black Lives Matter is racist, and I'm not taking the "All Lives Matter" approach, what I am trying to say is that we are all human and need to fight racism together. Including racism of actors under the BLM banner


    Source ////
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  2. Anonymous Member

    BLM movement has been hijacked by the nation of Islam which is just as racist as the klan and arguably more dangerous.
  3. The Internet Member

    In my limited experience, people who quote Foucault (as many Scientologists like to do) tend to be full of shit. So I read the above with that in mind.

    The next red flag is the JAQ-off style, the "Imma just asking questions" thing propaganda types do.

    Basically this guy is saying some journalist or journalists are to blame for the innocent people wrongly outed as ISIL by Anonymous. But you cannot nail him down on this point due to the JAQ-off, i.e., "Have journalists abdicated their professional standards?"

    If he wants to lay blame on a journalist or two, let's have their names please.

    If "Anonymous" become the good guys in the public mind, they will predictably be infiltrated and used as "useful idiots" by intelligence people. Probably US, Russian, and ISIL intelligence. Better there is no Anonymous at all than put up with a herd of such useful idiots.
  4. The Internet Member

    People move money in increments under $10,000 because banks have to notify the IRS of transactions $10,ooo or over. A pattern of such transactions is a red flag for tax evasion.

    Tax cheats are rich people not paying their fair share. They can suck it as far as I am concerned.
  5. If you think Anonymous has not been infiltrated by intelligence agencies then you should think again.
    I, myself left for this reason alone.
    Two years ago I made friends with someone here this eventually led to the discovery the anon was an intelligence agent.
    How exactly did I find this out you might ask?
    This person made available to me several files and reports about me held by an alphabet agency.
    Today I still have those files and that person , the anon, still regularly posts on here.
  6. Geez wtf is wrong here it's dead man like totally fucking dead. How did it happen y????
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  8. @Anonymous Member

    My Response To Abby Ohlheiser’s article on Anonymous

    Posted on December 12, 2015

    War Paint / Richie Kotzen


    First off, I’m not a fan of the Washington Post, so when I saw someone named Abby Ohlheiser had written “Anonymous’s wars on Trump and ISIS are part of an identity crisis” (her Twitter handle is @abbyohlheiser )I was ready,to defend my Brother’s and Sisters in the Hive.

    But, first off, it was well written…always a plus in my mind. Secondly, she referenced many Anons who are my friends and follows, or if they are not either of those, they are people I know from being in Anonymous, and I felt her usage of those accounts, and quoting from them was fair.

    Much to my chagrin, I was not upset at all about the article, and found she has brought up very valid points.
    We Anons started as trolls on 4Chan/b and we have never been a let’s hold hands, drink chocolate, and sing kumbaya, and frankly, sometimes that is a good thing.

    I didn’t see that Abby (if I may be so bold as to use her first name), mentioned Hector Xavier Monsegur….aka “Sabu”. I would have expected her to since at one time, many Anons acted like he was a leader (0f a group with no leader). I personally blocked Sabu early on. He made me uncomfortable, and he appeared to have delusions of grandeur.

    Since I think Abby tried to treat us fairly (I wonder is she has read McGill’s Professor Gabriella Coleman’s definitive work on Anonymous), I will reciprocate the favor.

    You brought up excellent points, BUT, those of us who have been involved in Anonymous for some time (the term “OldFags” is one used for many of us who are heterosexual, but been in Anonymous for a while.

    We are NOT a monolith, and many of our “Ops” (Operations) are often ad hoc. We have no hierarchy with one Anon at the top, who sends the directives on what to do, down to other members. This very decentralized, no leader structure (or “non-structure”) mirrors the internet. We are decentralized for the same reason ARPANET (later Darpanet, later Internet) is, and that is, a strike at one point will not take the whole network down.

    I think Abby’s points ARE well taken, and to be honest, almost nothing one Anon says or does will find favor with all, especially Ops.

    As far as “identity crisis”, I think that was far more true when Chanology developed. Some Anons felt it was not our business to take on Scientology, or others, and advocated staying on 4Chan posting pictures. Other Anons though, after the “Pool is Closed” episode of Habbo Hotel, said to themselves and others, you know, we CAN have power, we CAN accomplish things.

    But, back to ISIS and Trump. ISIS is, as I have said many times before, a cancer that is killing , raping, ruining the lives of more Muslims perhaps, than the are doing to Christians. I have absolutely no reservations that ISIS deserves us to fight them, expose them, interfere with their use of social media to recruit, and yes, to ridicule their idiotic “special forces training video”, as I have done in the past.

    One powerful weapon against an opponent, a literal, armed with a semi-auto opponent, is ridicule, is making them look like buffoons because, at the end of the day, if you have no respect for an organization, you usually don’t want to join it.

    Some have said Anons are not in any way, interfering with ISIS. Well,it’s funny, if we were not, many Anons names that appear on ISIS “hit list” would not be there. ISIS created two accounts to try to take me down, and even a website, complete with step by step tutorial, on how to get my account suspended. A lot of effort for someone who is not bothering them.

    I think Abby needs to understand (and I think she may actually understand it) one thing about Anons, and our Ops. It does not take a quorum, there is no requirement for voting on which Ops get undertaken. “Ad hoc” is the best description.

    For example, one of us becomes aware of a Zoo in Canada that is abusing animals, animals are dying in that filth and maggot ridden environment.
    The zoo was called “GuZoo” and I bring that up because I was one of many working to that closed,and we eventually did. Part of our Op, or at least, the part I was involved in, was creating videos showing the horrible conditions, and to encourage people around the world to close it.


    The slaughter of beautiful dolphins in Japan, actually in Taiji Cove, is something many of us have worked to expose and tried to get Japan to stop it.

    My work is usually involved in trying to help animals, expose abusers, push for better living conditions of both domestic and wild animals.

    From my tiny perspective, working in the area I work in, I believe those of us in #OpBeast , #OpProtectAnimals, etc, do support each other and are of one mind. That is not to say there are never personality conflicts.

    Where I come from, as an Anon, is to try to offer respect to my Brothers and Sisters. I may not always agree with a particular stance, or way an Op is carried out, but especially if it is not my Op, I should not interject my feelings too much.

    We Anons can ONLY do so much. We can find a girl has been raped, find evidence, present that to the public, but in the end, there are people PAID to arrest, to prosecute…and if getting justice falls down because law enforcement fails to do their job, what can we do, besides let people become aware?

    Are we Anons perfect ? Hell No. Are we always right ? Again, hell no. But, many of the Monday morning quarterbacking that tends to regale us for what we do or don’t do, is the product of some overweight, meanspirited, toe the corporate line and use the talking points, buffoon.

    The point of course is that whatever you think of us, we are trying. Sometimes to some people it may seem like the keystone cops, but we are getting involved.

    I may not agree with every Anon in the world….I may not believe they are right a lot of the time, but one thing we Anons SHOULD do, and I try to do, is extend respect for our fellow Anons.

    As to whether we should target Trump, he has always seemed to me like a rich buffoon who tends to stick his foot in his mouth and embarrass himself constantly. My own view is we need MORE Anons working to help protect children from paedophiles and animals from monstrous abusers. That said, if my fellow Anons think targeting him will end in a good result, who am I to second judge them.

    My own view of Anonymous “the idea” and Anons, the people who put virtual boots on the ground, is that we are not just a few hax0rs who hax into sites for lulz. My own view is we are a social change movement that tries, in Thways, worldwide, to make things better.

    I think we are more a group that “lights the candle” than curses the darkness.

    Thank you for reading this.


    Source ///// https://opposecopyrightcartel.wordp...onse-to-abby-ohlheisers-article-on-anonymous/
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  9. Please send your complaint to

  10. Please send your complaint to

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    Shit posts removed but responses left.
  12. @Anonymous Member

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  13. The Internet Member

    I like to troll AOTF and he is a good sport about it, mostly. Personally, I have zero suspicion of him being a narc. He might be an Irish lefty dude with a good sense of humor. Or not. I dunno, due to Anonymous.
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  14. A.O.T.F Member

    You're OK too, TI. Mostly :D ;)
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  15. Awriiight we get the message now stfu.
  16. White Tara Global Moderator

    AUSTRIA's never ending spamming has been deleted :)
  17. @Anonymous Member

    5A7vJJD3_bigger.png Anonymous@YourAnonNews Dec 18
    Those in power will never stop trying to destroy freedom and privacy. We must continue to fight back, even when the odds seem overwhelming.

    That's going to require a concerted effort from everyone. That means putting differences aside, pooling all of our resources, and finding common ground. Integrity and loyalty is everything.
  18. @Anonymous Member

  19. So stupid. Anonymous supports everyone in these days. Well I predict that A supports a good Mac and cheese.
  20. I like Donald Trump. He speaks his mind and doesn't afraid of anything. He makes me lulz.

    Merry Christmas, Pippi Longstocking.
  21. Merry Christmas tits. That is so satisfying to say. And yes DT as us kids like to call him, shit..really?.Tits? Lol. I thank you my whatever you are.

    I feel he actually has a strategy.
  22. A.O.T.F Member

  23. A.O.T.F Member


    @Samurai_Lucy's Tweets are protected.

    Only confirmed followers have access to @Samurai_Lucy's Tweets and complete profile. Click the "Follow" button to send a follow request.

    The Fuck!? .. Somebody ought to tell her that that will just not work. No use in hiding. No matter how tough things get.
  24. eiii buenas me alludan somo hago para desifrar claves ??? como facebook
  25. xander meehan Member

    I really like that... very well said.... Better to light a candle, and have a lamp unto one's own feet.... at least to walk in a small light...than Curse the Darkness...
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  26. xander meehan Member

    Good to see you brother... Merry Christmas... Hope all things have been well for you... Me... I've been staying busy... and formulating plans...n Hope you have a very excellent New Years Eve..
    Saxxx (Xander)
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  27. xander meehan Member

    Hell yes its stealing... and ITS Been done to me personally on some very expensive property... I am still fighting it... But be without doubt... ITS ABSOLUTELY STEALING>>>>> PERIOD.....
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  28. The Internet Member

    Wait, wut? The Occupy tribe doesn't like the socialist candidate?

    I sure did not see that one coming. Figured Hillary, funded by Wall St, would not be the OW pick.
  29. The Internet Member

    Cry moar Richy Rich the tax evader.
  30. A.O.T.F Member

    Bernie Sanders would garner a lot more respect, if he were to publicly kick Hillary Clinton to the curb. But hey, both you, and I, know, that that will never happen, TI, right!?

    George Carlin ... As he very succinctly put it.

  31. Anyone can protect their tweets twatface.
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  32. The Internet Member

    I heard Sanders call out Clinton on her close ties to Wall St during a debate. I dunno how he could "kick her to the curb." He is the underdog. And he won't be prez cuz "socialist" which is worse than nigger in the US.

    In normal civil politics you try to remain respectful of opponents cuz you usually have to work with them after elections. Americans like moar drama cuz we crave lulz but we need to be more grown up, I think.

    I fear we are going to get Trump for prez. He is such an attention magnet.
  33. A.O.T.F Member

    Anonymous Is Not A Political Party


    Washington, D.C. (TFC) – A couple of days before Christmas, a few different outlets reported on a post that stated the Anonymous collective was endorsing a 2016 presidential candidate. This goes against the principles of Anonymous and pushes the opinion of one person, rather than the collective as a whole. I want to place great emphasis on this, Anonymous is not a political party. As such, there can be no political endorsements of any kind.

    My first encounter with the post was fleeting. I click on random links a lot, and the title of the article was so asinine to me that I chose not to click on it. Just clicking it seemed like too big an endorsement. Low and behold, it gets 40k in shares on Facebook, 0 tweets though oddly. Which piqued my interest even further. Facebook is not the only social media infested with Anons? And I personally watched my feed blow up with people sharing it, but bashing it. I ask, and comment below: Do you as the reader think that sharing a disgusting article is not doing exactly as they have intended?

    The fact is, that one or a few people came up with a list of things that could endorse Bernie Sanders.

    Bernie is much like any other politician. While he claims zealously to be anti-war, history shows that he endorsed many actions abroad, which he will defend even now. Now that you know he endorses war, Bernie still believes 9/11 was masterminded by the 19 named terrorists plus Bin Laden. Please come back here to reality.

    \Anonymous is comprised of many different people from around the world. In turn, the political spectrum of such a group is broad to say the least. There are anarchists, communists, socialists, democrats, libertarians, republicans, and even fascists. To endorse one political figure is literally giving the power we are trying to obtain; back to the ones that already have it. I think Bernie has had his time at the capitol.

    At this point in the race I would just assume not even vote. When politicians vote it’s for war, but when they speak it’s against it. What good does voting for politicians do, if they’re not voting in favor of the people?

    Source -
  34. Ersatz Global Moderator

    I don't care if AOTF is Charles Manson as long as he follows community rules he is welcomed here, as are you. We do have a rule against sock outting and thread spamming, both of which you have broken. You have annoyed the users here enough. You have accomplished nothing other than sounding like a bitter spurned teenager. Run along.
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  35. The Internet Member

    I have some tinfoil I wanna share cuz board.

    Seems to me there are PR hacks playing around with the voice of Anonymous to manipulate the 20-40 demographic in the US.

    There aren't "real" anons and "fake" anons. But there is a culture that arises from people working together and harshing on their own faggotry before putting out PR. In the early days of Chanology, anon have way. Artfulness. Grammar. Minimal words to do the job.

    The hack way is different. They try to control conversations. Something about that makes them tl;dr too much. They use drama as a means to an end. First comes thesis. Then antithesis. Then synthesis. It is at that point of synthesis that they suggest to the mob the best course of action to take.

    So here it is. First, "Bernie Sanders for president." Then, "No Anonymous doesn't support one guy." Then, "Bernie isn't that great anyway. Best thing to do is DO NOT VOTE."

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  36. @Anonymous Member

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  37. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    The "don't vote" folks are "I'm gonna vote, but not the way you would"folks.
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  38. A.O.T.F Member

    Anonymous = Apolitical? Or, are we just going to wait for the system to collapse in upon of itself? If so, will we attempt to move in, and clean up their god awful fucking mess? Or, will we wait for them to push the button? Are we going to let them turn us all into crispy critters? ... Becoming shadows of our former selves. ,,, FUCK THAT!

    Theory in Action, Vol. 8, No. 1, January (© 2015)
    DOI:10.3798/tia.1937-0237.15001 1

    Anonymous: A Political Ontology of Hope

    Garry Potter
    It is argued in this article that Anonymous is a kind of socio-political grouping hitherto unique in human history. It exists in a manner that in some respects is the very antithesis of a political grouping. It is not only that it is leaderless, amorphous, changing and radically extreme in terms of direct democratic procedure. These features have appeared before on the historical political landscape. But the internet, and Anonymous's relationship to it, present them with a unique potential for future revolutionary political action. Whether they will realize this potential is not certain. But Anonymous is still evolving. Their social and political evolution is traced through its various stages to ground some very hopeful speculation as to their, and our, future.


    copies available for a fee from The Transformative Studies Institute.
    E-mail address: Website: ©2015 by The Transformative Studies Institute. All rights reserved.]


    Anonymous, Hacker, Hactivist, Hope, Ontology.

    Imagine if computer hackers, the daredevils of the networked world,
    suddenly became principled political activists; if they had a mission
    besides breaking and entering; if they had more to prove than that
    they are smarter than whoever designed your computer system, if
    their targets were selected as part of well organized, thoroughly
    researched, international human rights campaigns. (Naomi Klein,
    Garry Potter, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor at Wilfrid Laurier University. He has made two feature length documentary films, Whispers of Revolution and Dystopia: What is to be done?

    Whispers of Revolution - watch full movie -

    Dystopia: What is to be done? - watch full movie - full movie.html

    He is also author of the book Dystopia. In addition, he is the author of two other books: The Bet: Truth in Science, Literature and Everyday Knowledges and The Philosophy of Social Science: New Perspectives, as well as numerous scholarly articles. He was also co-editor of the book After Postmodernism. Currently he is producing a series of educational films about classical sociological theory for Insight Media. Address correspondence to: Garry Potter, Wilfrid Laurier University, 1402 - 57 Queen Street North, Kitchener, CANADA N2H 6T7; e-mail:

    1937-0229 ©2015 Transformative Studies Institute

    Source -
  39. Dallasanon Member

    Donald thump is no different than Obama in my opinion. He's a bully that will follow Obama's lead in the way of trampling the constitution and spitting on congress. Also he will use his power to crush any opposition just as Obama has. Burnt Sanders is an economic retard and billary is a pathological liar and a bitter old closet racist. The clear choice for true smaller government and reform is ted Cruz. But I fear that won't be allowed.
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