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Discussion in 'Anonymous News' started by TheBlackMasque, Oct 19, 2014.

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  1. Well, I picked The Black Masque because I couldn't think of anything better :3
    And im not part of anything, I just follow Anonymous and want to help in any way i can, but im in the UK :(
  2. And what do all these videos and Makeup things have to do with whats going on with anonymous :p
    I just want to find out what i can help with :3
  3. anon8109 Member

    You don't have to reply to the trolls TheBlackMasque. The best thing to do is ignore them.
  4. Read the Welcome to WWP thread and you will stop asking these questions because you will know the answers.
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  5. Sapere Aude Member


    I was born in South Africa 57 years ago at a time when Apartheid was digging it's cold steel claws into that great nation, my homeland. My parents both dead now were politically active in the anti apartheid movement.

    They made a choice to fight for the equality and freedom of non whites in the country during a turbulent and very dangerous period in the history of SA, a cause they believed in and considered worth risking their lives for.

    By the early 1980's my father decided we should leave as his growing unease gave him cause to fear for his life and ours. And we left quietly in the knowledge that it was safer to do so, telling no one and not risking their lives in turn.
    From both parents I inherited my own sense of injustice and carried on in my own small way standing up for the rights of people who were unable to give voice themselves. Some of those battles have been fought and won, some are ongoing.

    Today I'm here researching these beautiful anons and their work, and not expecting to be handed anything on a plate. Instead I hope to find a way of lending a hand, if I can't I'll exit stage left.

    What I'm hoping you'll understand from this is if you want to be here and help take time to search and discover how you can help instead of expecting to be told.

    Find something worth standing up for. Where you are doesn't matter. What you believe in does.
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  6. rof Member

    Someday the world will find out why we protest.

    Today is not the day.
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  7. A.O.T.F Member

    To the OP

    Let me make one thing perfectly clear. I am not a troll.

    We here, who consider ourselves to have a sound and sane degree of moral independence, be that we defy the state on many levels, and that makes many of us here a target. You really do need to understand the fact, that the internet is indeed serious business. This is not a game for the faint hearted, my friend.
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  8. laughingsock Member

    Take it easy on this kid, he's 12 after all.
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  9. anon-6 Member

    Sunderland is a short drive from Newcastle Black Mask. I wonder what is going on at that org on a day to day basis? Say you and a few mates could get over there, drum up some support, hand out fliers, and let us all know what is going at the org. heck I might even show up if there is a promise of caek and lulz. Manchester anons might be willing to give you some pointers.
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  10. Sapere Aude Member

    Later today I'll be at my local electrical store protesting about my toaster. The guarantee expired on Tuesday and today the toaster stopped working. Not serious ground for protest I agree but it rankles slightly.
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  11. anon-6 Member

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  12. Ersatz Global Moderator

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  13. This thread is gonna change the world.
  14. Lucy Jay Member

    YO! I am new and need help around here. Tell me if we got protests
  15. Anonymous Member

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  16. Lucy Jay Member

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  17. Rickglass Member

    Go find the nearest pub where soccer hooligans hang out and just start fondling one. It's part of our "Support Manchester United" campaign.
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  18. imogen Member

    Pm me if you are interested in some civil disobedience brother. All legal of course. Happening every 6th of the month at 6pm in Essex.

  19. Can't you read?
  20. anonLX62 Member

    now days

    having a hard time trying to tell who is who:confused: when I'm trying to find me a great lady to get marry to! they all look the same, but when it come to ask their name:oops: if it don't beat all every one of them say to me "My name is Anonymous" love!

    its like going to swampy redneck cookout and they all walk the walk, dance the same two step, come to talking they only know three words Not to day! and they have ever lasting mud cover faces too!
  21. mr.blank Member

    How can I become anonymous
  22. TrevAnon Member

    Guess you already are unless your real name is Mr Blank.
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  23. BrainStorm Member

    if you read the first page of this thread, I think you will find the answer.
    But you are probably the OP.
    Check this website for more answers:
  24. Anonymous Member

    Powerful words. Thank you for sharing your story.
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  25. A.O.T.F Member

  26. A.O.T.F Member

    Greek Revolution Against Corruption - Will We Follow? Russell Brand The Trews

    Syriza "Today we have defeated the Oligarchs"

  27. arPnonymous Member

  28. arPnonymous Member



    well said
    its all...
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  29. A.O.T.F Member

  30. A.O.T.F Member

    So you thought you were so smart when you bought that Samsung Smart TV.

    WRONG! .. You were plain fucking stupid.

    A 46-page privacy policy which is now included in all newly purchased Samsung Smart TVs states that voice recognition technology “may capture voice commands and associated texts” in order to “improve the features” of the system.
    The policy, a summary of which is also posted online, ominously advises users to, “Please be aware that if your spoken words include personal or other sensitive information, that information will be among the data captured and transmitted to a third party through your use of Voice Recognition.”

    Writing about the privacy policy for, Michael Price, counsel in the Liberty and National Security Program at the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law, said he was now “terrified” of his new TV, noting that voice recognition is just one feature that could be used to spy on users. The television also logs website visits, has a built-in camera for facial recognition and uses tracking cookies to detect “when you have viewed particular content or a particular email message.”

  31. Cognitio Member

    What they are pushing to the market with these smart TVs, we already have on our smart phones.
    Every app you install has access to everything on your phone, read their terms and conditions :p
    This is common and accepted... it's strange no?
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  32. A.O.T.F Member

  33. Cognitio Member

  34. A.O.T.F Member

    Jon Stewart says he’s leaving The Daily Show


    Ending one of the most venerable and trusted careers in making a complete mockery of the news, Jon Stewart has announced that he is stepping down as host of The Daily Show. According to sources who were there (some of whom are already passing word along on social media), Stewart let the news slip at the taping of today’s episode, telling those in the audience that he’s retiring.

    No word yet on when exactly he’s leaving, whether this means he’s ending his time in the anchor chair to focus on being a Serious Movie Director now, or just how much this is Brian Williams’ fault. Presumably all of this information will be revealed in time—and delivered by Stewart himself tonight on your television. We’ll update when we have more.

    UPDATE: Comedy Central just sent out this official statement confirming the news, and saying that Stewart will remain with The Daily Show until later this year. It also says that the show will “endure for years to come,” suggesting that it won’t end with Stewart:


    FUCK! REALLY?.. Man, I'm gonna miss the incredibly funny, and gloriously crazy son of a bitch.
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  35. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    He changed journalism, that's for sure
  36. BrainStorm Member

    What is journalism? The meaning as changed for the better? hehe
    How does joking about events, change the perception of them for ppl?

    Sorry I don't mean to derail the topic, I just like to argue lol =P
  37. RightOn Member

  38. HSBC files: Ed Miliband to repeat accusation about Tory donor Lord Fink


    Fink - an unpleasant, disappointing, or contemptible person

    How apt.

    It has come to our unfortunate attention, that the above is a cunt! And that we are coming for him, and people associated with him.

    We are Anonymous
    We do not forgive
    We do not forget
    Expect Us!
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