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  1. I wouldn't like to think(nor do I believe) that it is just a fad. The trick is, what's the balance point? I certainly wouldn't want to completely take away the history or the collective, decentralized nature totally. There is great power in that. However, there is also potential weakness in the same, so it can be a double edged sword.

    The subject probably bears discussion at some level and we(as individuals and as a whole) need to ask "Where from here?"
  2. I could say it's also rather ironic that the systems that so oppose what we represent are the ones that cause us to be in the first place. Basic principle of action/reaction, I suppose.
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    I absolutely agree with you about this.
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    I sort of agree with you on this point. On the thread why is scienotolo not imploding,there is a post regarding some congress types showing up to fort harrison. we need to find out who specifically. if you could help out with that asap, it would be greqatly appreciated. if and when you do pm me in a convo
    Saxxx (Xander)
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    I don't know if this is the right place to post it, but I think it's useful for the ones who don't know him:
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  7. Tara the question you are answering was asked one year ago.
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    So good to see you Tara.... I still love those sunglasses... hahahahahaha
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    I am posting this news article here because I think it seriously adds to the discussion important information. It does not directly relate to the Scienos. Night Owl may decide to move it, and I am sure I will know shortly. Because the Scienos exert such tremendous influence, and because of past bad acts such as the Scieno Operation Snow White, I felt this is pertinent to the Scienos, and would be important to Anonys everywhere, as you currently view where Anony is today.

    Judicial Watch Obtains Previously Classified CIA Inspector General Report Strongly Condemning Agency Handling of Briefings and Interviews with the Entertainment Industry

    OCTOBER 28, 2015

    Report specifically criticizes CIA’s briefings ‘in which foreign nationals may have participated’ specifically criticizes CIA interface with ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ filmmakers

    (Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today that it has received a previously classified December 2012 Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) report from the Office of Inspector General (OIG) strongly condemning the agency’s handling of “briefings, interviews, visits, and other support” given to the entertainment industry. The report specifically criticizes the CIA’s granting of “Secret level” access to the makers of the movie Zero Dark Thirty. The OIG report was declassified in response to a Judicial Watch request for a Mandatory Declassification review.

    The OIG “Report of Audit – CIA Processes for Engaging With the Entertainment Industry” is critical of both the agency’s procedures and its record-keeping:

    We found that the records maintained by the OPA [Office of Public Affairs] are not sufficient to document that entertainment industry requests to CIA for briefings, interviews, visits, and other support are handled in a consistent and fair manner and that engagement with the entertainment industry is effective in furthering CIA’s goal for engagement … OPA and other CIA employees have not always complied with Agency regulations intended to prevent the release of classified information during their interactions with entertainment industry representatives.

    While the heavily redacted document carefully avoids the disclosure of the eight projects it reviewed dating back to January 6, 2006, it specifically cites problems involving CIA interactions with the Zero Dark Thirty filmmakers. According to the OIG report, “There was an instance in which CIA allowed an entertainment industry representative to attend a CIA event in which information classified at the SECRET level was discussed.” The report then adds in a footnote:

    CIA officials told us that the filmmaker involved with Zero Dark Thirty was invited to the event so that he could absorb the emotion of the event and that he was told he could not use anything he heard at the event for his project. During our audit fieldwork, the then Director, CIA called for an internal examination of the decision to allow the entertainment industry representative to attend the event.

    The CIA Inspector General cites one project in particular that was given “significantly more support” than any of the others reviewed. Though the project is not identified, it is an apparent reference to Zero Dark Thirty:

    [W]e noted that the CIA provided significantly more support to one of the eight entertainment industry projects that we reviewed: [REDACTED]. Entertainment industry representatives for this project met with [REDACTED] CIA officers (the majority of whom were under cover) … on multiple occasions, including meeting with one officer 12 times.

    The newly-released OIG report also questioned the CIA’s granting of access to foreign nationals who may not have received proper screening before their briefings, warning of possible “negative consequences for the CIA:

    We also noted three entertainment projects [REDACTED] in which foreign nationals may have participated in briefings, interviews, and visits provided by the CIA. However, because of the lack of adequate records, we were unable to determine the extent of CIA’s support to the eight projects, the extent to which foreign nationals participated in CIA-sponsored activities, and whether the Director, OPA approved of the activities and participation of foreign nationals.

    Failure on the part of CIA officers to adhere to regulatory requirements could result in unauthorized disclosures, inappropriate actions and negative consequences for CIA. [Emphasis added]

    The CIA IG also concluded that taxpayers were not compensated for the assistance CIA provided to Hollywood film projects:
    CIA Has Not Been Reimbursed for Costs Incurred in Supporting Entertainment Industry Projects …
    The CIA needs to establish a written policy concerning under what conditions reimbursement of costs incurred in providing support to entertainment industry projects should be sought. In the absence of a formal policy, there is increased risk that costs incurred by CIA will not be handled in a consistent manner and that CIA funds may be used for questionable expenditures.

    “The Obama administration put Hollywood before national security in order to help Barack Obama win reelection,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “Has anyone been held accountable for these illegal leaks? The Obama administration put the heroes who killed Osama bin Laden at risk in order to help make this film.”

    On May 1, 2011, President Obama announced that American personnel had killed al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan, and buried his body at sea. President Obama ordered the withholding of photos and video of the deceased bin Laden and his burial at sea, claiming it would be unwise to “spike the football” over bin Laden’s killing, as it might be offensive to al Qaeda and other terrorists.

    Judicial Watch also immediately requested these photos from the Defense Department and CIA and then, when denied them, sued for their release in federal court. An appellate court upheld President Obama’s decision to withhold the records from American citizens because the records might offend terrorists.

    Other Judicial Watch litigation forced the release of records showing a cover-up and the dangerous disclosure of classified information, as the Obama administration sought to promote the raid to aid Obama’s reelection while at the same time withholding basic information about the raid from the American people.

    In response to the Judicial Watch January 2012 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit concerning the unusual access given to Zero Dark Thirty filmmakers, CIA Information Review Officer Martha Lutz conceded:
    It is my understanding that when the meetings with the filmmakers took place at the CIA Headquarters, the guidance provided to the officers who were undercover or were otherwise in sensitive positions was that they should provide the filmmakers with their true first names only.

    Disclosures by Vice News last month, made possible by the work of Judicial Watch, highlighted even more corruption at the Obama CIA as the agency tried to promote the pro-Obama film for the White House.) Vice News reported that the CIA OIG found several potential violations of criminal law by then-CIA Director Leon Panetta, CIA officials, and the filmmakers. The Obama Justice Department refused to prosecute any of the alleged violations.
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    More at link;
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  16. A heapin' helpin' of color-safe bleach was all those ol' dirty sheets needed to come a sparklin' clean !
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    I will never agree with how the Ferguson deal turned out. Yet I am very very HAPPY that all KKK-ers... seriously get turned out.
    I am very glad that ANONY PULLED THAT ONE OFF. I was never so happy as when Senator Robert Byrd Ole Mister Grand Kleagle Dropped out right DEAD...DEAD...DEAD... Yet the Re-pubE-icans had some of the same stench as well... I am sure everyone remembers ole Strom Thurmond, and Jesse Helms...
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    Anonymous Prepares for Million Mask March in Over 600 Cities Worldwide


    Anonymous biggest Twitter account @YourAnonNews is often seen as an “authoritative” voice within the group, and its 1.4 million followers tend to take their cues about the direction of the collective from their posts. This year, YourAnonNews is taking a more ideological stance in their approach towards the Million Mask March. Their motive is to advocate a free and open society and to focus on real issues instead of conspiracy theories.

    The call for restraint in wild claims doesn’t come from a vacuum. Since the activist faction of Anonymous initially branched out from exclusively protesting against the Church of Scientology, the collective has waged a near constant internal battle over what causes to adopt and which to reject.

    The theory within the collective is that bad ideas will be shunned or actively undermined by the majority, while good ideas will float to the top, but in practice it’s a lot messier than that. Popular conspiracy theories — including chem trails, UFO sightings, and FEMA camps — have gained traction within a subset of the culture. Without leaders or membership, those Anons who oppose these campaigns have limited options in protecting their integrity.

    Moar -

    https:// MdzPzqi-0-4

    5A7vJJD3_normal.png Anonymous @YourAnonNews
    Anonymous does not have one message or one mission. We share an idea: That any one of you can become an agent for change #WeAreAllAnonymous
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    Home 4chan #Anonymous Sub-#Reddit in Entertaining Death Throes: We Interviewed the Assassin
    #Anonymous Sub-#Reddit in Entertaining Death Throes: We Interviewed the Assassin

    By raincoaster on October 30, 2015 • ( 0 )

    Screenshot of r/Anonymous October 29
    Ah, Reddit, the text-based wonderland where news is born and shame goes to die. Ah, Anonymous, the once-anarcic prankster of the internet, now turned grim avenger and righteous “moralfag.” When the two of them got together, we knew it would be trouble.
    As Cryptospherians might recall, back in August there was an internal revolt among the moderators of the r/Anonymous subreddit, a fairly substantial one with over 28,000 members. The victorious faction, fed up with the simpering do-gooder faction, booted them and turned the subreddit into The Furry Pad, a place for sex-themed posts by fursuit fetishists.
    This, predictably, did not go over well among the moralfags, who took to other areas of Reddit and the larger internet to voice their displeasure.
    Nonetheless, a determined group kept attempting to use the r/Anonymous subreddit for, you know, Anonymous stuff instead of furry sex jokes, and finally the core prankster had had enough.

    I think you’ll agree: three seconds is quite enough of that.
    The only intelligible part of that page now reads “Go away. NYPA” and of course NYPA is Anon-speak for “not your private army.” One of the moderators told us that the continued requests to “raise Anonymous” and get involved in every petty dispute or noble crusade on the planet was not what he got into this for, and that it was a significant factor in the choice to blow up r/Anonymous.
    The central moderator behind the change gave us an interview about the latest changes. He freely admits he was blackout drunk during the interview, but we and he both feel that it is nonethless both newsworthy and informative. Hell, if certain politicians admitted they were blackout drunk when they did certain things, a lot of drama could be prevented.
    The Cryptosphere: Won’t Someone Think of the Furries???? Poor things. Are real furries actually using the group? Is anyone?
    Blackout Drunk Reddit Moderator: At this point the furry sub-plot is tiring and we’re not really good actors. Even after three months of killing the website, even restricting posting to approved submitters…TRYING DESPERATELY to point out that this [subreddit] is a gravestone and no longer an active subreddit…people still don’t get it so fvanon decided to steal the css code [which is responsible for the look of a web page] from /r/ooerintensifies. If no one gets the point, no one gets to read.
    (Smart people will point out that anything that can’t read CSS can still view the page unmolested…but if you’re still trying to post about activism on r/anon after 2 years of this shit…I think you may need Jesus or a bullet)
    But tell us how you really feel…What kind of blowback have you had?
    Some pack of edgelord twentysomethings that still clutch onto the furry-bashing fervor of the old days got some sand in their cunts on /r/anonymousinaction for 5 minutes but as a whole the real majority anger came from activist circlejerks and the fucktards on places like topminds, SRC, drama, etc that take the community seriously. There were some angry, minority voices in the actual furry community that got buttmad because furries are now very self-loathing as a whole and realize that they are their own worst enemy. Anyone or anything that spits in the face of them trying to reform their image as a toxic fetish community is a threat to people that take such things seriously.
    We called them fags and laughed at them, because we’re all still 12.
    People complained for a minute and left. We now float at about 28k subs, which means about only 1500 live people read the fucking thing and the rest are either dead, banned, bots or otherwise redundant garbage.
    What are the moderators doing now?
    Moving on with our lives. We’re fucking done with this shit. We all have jobs, and people that we care for or care for us. Too busy to care about invisible government sponsored bogeymen and heroin-addicted fuckstains that call themselves journalists then not only try to become the center of attention but also try to get people killed that try to stop them. As for who was in on it, we all were, and the Freemasons and the UN gave us blowjobs while we did it.
    I migt be very drunk. Fuck.
    What are the Reddit admins doing about the changes?
    Hopefully the reddit admins ban anything that has to do with Anonymous and I can jack off to the sight of “page not found” soon.
    Let’s talk about some technical details. What is the connection to Hybrid IT, which is referenced? Why is there an anteater on the page?
    Hybrid IT security is what happens when a /mlp/ shitposter high on cocaine fucks his computer while demanding he be able to cum inside Rainbow Dash. The computer becomes the security, because what is birthed by that unholy congress is a screaming, flaming mass of alienware. Nobody wanna hack dat sheeit.
    The anteater was /u/fvanon’s idea and means different things to different people. To some, the anteater symbolizes a really long weird tongue and a weird long face that looks like someone just took a horses snout and stretched it too much. Some people that I just made up worship the anteater as a cult centered around cunnilingus, fertility, and felching. To me, it symbolizes how much I want to be led to the gay bath house to cum inside Rainbow Dash.
    I honestly don’t know anything about any of this.
    So, what next for the flaming crater which is r/Anonymous? What’s next for you?
    Hopefully the subreddit itself is a recruitment ad for federal prison and all the free man-love. Dicks for life, brohame.
    I’m going to now expose myself at a daycare while fellating a loaded .45.

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    incredible article....
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    Here is another article off of Yahoo today... you all know about this stuff... I do not know if this is just a reprint of old news from another publisher or not... as published today by


    10 Strange Deaths Connected To The Church Of ScientologyNovember 3, 2015

    By Robert Grimminck November 3, 2015

    Science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard founded the Church of Scientology in 1952. One of the main beliefs of the church is that a person’s soul is already damaged and the goal of someone’s life is to shed harmful memories to better themselves through a process called auditing. Souls are damaged because the souls of 3.5 trillion aliens were banished to Earth by a war lord named Xenu. The aliens, called thetans, were put into volcanoes and then destroyed by nuclear bombs.
    Needless to say, Scientology is a religion with unorthodox beliefs. It has also has some concerning and unusual deaths connected to it.

    10 Shawn Lonsdale
    View attachment 640px-Church_of_Scientology_building_in_Los_Angele
    One notable nemesis of the Church of Scientology was a man named Shawn Lonsdale, who lived in Clearwater, Florida, home to the Spiritual Headquarters of Scientology. Lonsdale first got on the church’s bad side in 2006 when he started videotaping Scientology workers outside their offices and then airing the footage on public access television. Lonsdale was also known to stand outside of the church’s headquarters with a sign that said “Cult Watch.”
    At other times, he got into arguments with church members, including a shoving match. Lonsdale charged the man, but the case was thrown out because it looked like Lonsdale was just as aggressive as the man who attacked him. Lonsdale’s interaction with the church became so notorious that he was even interviewed by the BBC program Panorama about the church.
    Looking to silence him, the church hired a private investigator to dig into Lonsdale’s past. The sleuth found that he had two convictions from 1999 and 2000, both misdemeanor convictions related to having sex with men in public. Using the information, the church plastered fliers around town with Lonsdale’s mug shot, warning people of him and they made mention of his two convictions. Members of the church also called his landlord and his employer and told them that he was a religious bigot who was possibly dangerous.
    On February 16, 2008, neighbors called the police to report a terrible odor coming from Lonsdale’s house. The police entered the house and found Lonsdale, who was 39, dead. There was a garden hose leading from his car into his house, and his death was ruled a suicide.
    9 Patrice Vic
    Patrice and Nelly Vic of Lyon, France, received a brochure about Scientology that convinced Patrice to give it a try. He was involved with them for a short time, and even though Nelly thought that the group was harassing them, Patrice agreed to meet with Jean-Jacques Mazier, the head of the Lyon chapter, on March 23, 1988. While in the meeting, Mazier pressured Patrice to do a “purification” treatment for 30,000 francs (US$6,000). Mazier kept insisting that Patrice go through with it, even suggesting that they take out a bank loan if they didn’t have the money. Nelly refused, and the couple returned home and continued to bicker.
    Patrice demanded to see Nelly’s pay stubs, and she refused. Throughout the night, Patrice tossed and turned until about 5:00 AM. Then the father of two got out of bed, said “Don’t stop me; it’s the only way,” and jumped out the window of the family’s 12th-floor apartment. He did not survive the fall.
    Eight years later, Mazier and 22 other members of the church were charged in connection with the death. The church slammed the trial, saying that Scientology, which is considered a cult in France, was on trial and that the trial was a sham. Nevertheless, Mazier was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter and given 18 months in prison. Twelve others who were involved with the church were charged with theft, complicity, and abuse of confidence. They were given suspended sentences that ranged from 8 to 15 months. The charges against the remaining 10 members were dropped.
    8 Quentin Hubbard

    Photo credit: Vintage via Amazon
    Born January 6, 1954, Quentin Hubbard was the eldest son of L. Ron and his third wife, Mary Sue. Ron had seven children altogether, and his oldest son, Ron Jr., was supposed to take over leadership of the church after Ron passed away. But Ron Jr. left the church in 1959, so Ron chose Quentin to be his successor. Quentin, however, didn’t really take Scientology seriously, even though he had risen to be one of the top-ranking auditors. (Auditors guide people through processes so that they can be considered “clear,” a state in which Scientologists believe they are free of inhibitions that are caused by painful images in their subconscious.)
    When Quentin was 22, he apparently said that the practices his dad came up with didn’t work and that he just faked the results. Quentin also said that he thought his father was crazy.
    Saying something like this was one of the worst things that you could do in the church, even if you were the son of the leader, and Quentin was told he would have to hand over his credentials and start all over again. This type of re-training would take years, but Quentin didn’t seem to care. That night, Quentin disappeared from the Scientology compound in Clearwater, Florida. He left behind a rambling note about UFOs and said he was going to Area 51 in Nevada to fly spy planes. Three hundred operatives from the church’s Guardian Office, a Scientology organization that is compared to the CIA and KGB, were sent to find him.
    On October 28, the Las Vegas police found a white Pontiac without license plates. A young man was unconscious inside. The engine was still running and there was a tube going from the exhaust pipe into the car. The young man, who didn’t have any identification on him, appeared to have had sex sometime before he lost consciousness as there was semen in his rectum. He stayed in a coma until November 12, when he finally passed away.
    On November 22, the body was identified as that of Quentin Hubbard. Apparently when Ron was given the report on his son’s death, he said, “That little s–t has done it to me again!” The first autopsy said Quentin had died from asphyxiation from carbon monoxide. Mary Sue was devastated and ordered three more autopsies to be performed. The final one came back as inconclusive. Mary Sue also told people Quentin had died from encephalitis, which is an inflammation of the brain. Hubbard believed that the death was a murder to get at him. Others believe that Quentin may have committed suicide because he was gay, a violation of the teachings of Scientology.
    L. Ron Hubbard died 10 years later, and David Miscavige became the leader of the church, a position he holds to this day.
    7Theresa Duncan And Jeremy Blake

    Forty-year-old Theresa Duncan and her boyfriend of 12 years, 35-year-old Jeremy Blake, were well-respected artists and bloggers who started dating in New York, then moved to Los Angeles in 2002 before returning to New York in 2007. By the time they returned, they were both acting paranoid. For example, they claimed that they were being terrorized by Scientologists.
    While a joint paranoid psychosis is quite possible, Duncan and Blake did have a real connection with the church. Blake had designed an album cover for a famous Scientologist, the singer-songwriter Beck. It was during this time that the couple started to talk more about Scientology. It was also during this time that the couple got a two-movie picture deal with Fox Searchlight. They planned to make a movie called Alice Underground, which would star Beck. Then Beck said in an interview that he never agreed to act in the film.
    That may not have been exactly true. Beck did say in an Italian newspaper that he was excited to make his acting debut in a movie with a plot that was very similar to Alice Underground and that it would be directed by a first-time director who was a friend of his. According to emails from Duncan to a friend, Beck apparently wanted to use the movie in New York to get away from the Los Angeles–centric Church of Scientology. But since Beck said he never planned on doing the movie, it folded and moved to another studio. After losing the film, Blake wrote a 27-page document for an intended lawsuit against none other than Tom Cruise, whom Blake blamed for the movie failing.
    With their lives seemingly out of control, Blake found Duncan’s lifeless body in their apartment on July 10. She had overdosed on over-the-counter medication. A week to the day after Duncan’s death, Blake went to Rockaway Beach in Queens, undressed, and walked into the Atlantic Ocean. A business card was found saying, “I am going to join the lovely Theresa.” His body was found five days later.
    One final oddity about the story surrounds the authorship of the high-profile article of the deaths for Vanity Fair. One writer was taken off the story after writer Nancy Jo Sales was put on it. What’s weird is that Sales had an unusual personal connection to the story. When the couple moved to New York, they rented an apartment (the one Duncan would eventually die in) in an Episcopalian church. The priest of that church was Sales’s ex-husband. People have questioned why someone personally involved in a case like that would write the story. One strange theory is that Scientologists secretly had an working editor at Vanity Fair and that Sales was put on the story to distance the Church of Scientology from the deaths.
    “The Golden Suicides,” as they have come to be called, are still unresolved. Was the couple experiencing a joint psychosis and paranoia? Or were Scientologists, who have a history of secrecy and harassment, actually terrorizing the couple? After all, people like Duncan and Blake are exactly the type of people the church wants to attract. Just how sinister were their deaths?
    6 Alexander Jentzsch

    Photo credit: Sinar Parman
    In 1982, Heber Jentzsch became the president of the Church of Scientology International. Two years later, his wife, Karen de la Carriere, gave birth to the couple’s only child, Alexander. The couple’s relationship with the leader of the church, David Miscavige, was apparently rocky. According to de la Carriere, Miscavige forced Heber to divorce her in 1989.
    Over the years, Heber was the face of the church, but in 2004, he had fallen out of favor with Miscavige and he was forced to go to “The A to E Room,” now known simply as “The Hole” (pictured above) at the International Base in Los Angeles. The Hole is described as an office prison with bars on the windows and the doors, where 60-100 executives., both male and female, are forced to stay all day and all night. They only leave the room to go to the showers. The rest of the time is spent doing intense training and confessing. In 2010, Karen de la Carriere, who was a 40-year member of the church and studied directly under Hubbard, spoke out against the church due to the treatment of her husband. For that, she was ex-communicated. Her son, Alexander, cut her out of her life and de la Carriere never spoke to him again.
    On the night of July 1, 2012, 27-year-old Alexander went to bed at his in-laws’ home. The next morning, they noticed him sleeping in the bed but didn’t see him get up. Twelve hours later, at 9:00 PM, they saw that he was still motionless in the bed. He was discovered unresponsive the next morning, which was July 3, by his father-in-law. Instead of getting help right away, his father-in-law drove a child to school, returned home, and then finally called 911. Alexander was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead.
    Members of the church were told (before the coroner had even finished investigating) that Alexander had died from a reaction to a “prescribed painkiller” The official cause of death was listed as a combination of methadone and pneumonia.
    What is so strange about Alexander’s death is that the church tried to keep it a secret. Shortly after the death, Alexander’s wife had his body cremated before Alexander’s mother could see the body. They weren’t going to do a memorial service but then decided to do a private one after the death garnered media attention. Karen de la Carriere was not allowed to attend. Heber Jentzsch was allowed to attend the funeral of his son, and he gave a eulogy. It was the first time that Heber had been seen at a church function since 2004, but he has yet to be seen in public. According to one of Heber’s brothers, Heber said he thinks he won’t ever get out of The Hole alive.

    5 Edward McBride

    Thirty-year-old Edward McBride was training to be a Special Forces commando with the Australian Army when he decided to withdraw in 2005 because he had injured his knees. During that time, he lodged two complaints and applied for a medical discharge, but it would take four months for that to happen.
    Around the same time that he injured himself, McBride was getting heavily involved in Scientology. In August 2006, McBride took out a $20,000 bank loan to pay for three classes. By the time he finished the classes, he was going to church three nights a week and all day Saturday. He was also going through the auditing process. The last part of the process involved being measured by an electropsychometer, or an “E-meter” (pictured above). This is a low-level electrical reader that, according to Scientologists, detects changes in the human psyche.
    On February 7, 2007, two days after finishing the auditing process and the day before the E-meter test, McBride, who was a trained electrician, threw a rope over an electrical tower and caused a 110,000-volt charge to surge through his body. The explosion was so strong that it left burn marks 10 meters (33 ft) away.
    When piecing McBride’s final hours together, the state coroner asked the Church of Scientology for the files on McBride, but they refused and shipped the files to the United States. What the coroner did find out was that in the last 48 hours of his life, McBride had been called or texted 19 times by members of the church. The police said many of the calls were “forceful in nature,” demanding that he return for the final test and saying that L. Ron Hubbard would not approve of McBride’s actions. When the members of the church were interviewed, they claimed that they just encouraged McBride to come in and finish administrative work. However, the police countered that the messages sounded much more urgent and aggressive than the church members made them out to be. The police wanted to know what difference it would make if he postponed it for a day?
    The Church of Scientology denied any wrongdoing in McBride’s death, and the church was never charged in connection with his death.
    4 Susan Meister


    In 1970, Susan Meister joined the Church of Scientology and seemed to be happy. She got more involved and in 1971, she went to live on their ship Apollo, which was just off the coast of Morocco. In 1967, Hubbard had started the Sea Organization, a group of facilities on boats that were used to train its most dedicated members. Apollo was one of those ships.
    On June 25, 1971, Susan apparently shot herself. Her father, George Meister, flew to Morocco to find out more information. When he went to the church, they refused to show him his 23-year-old daughter’s body. Instead, they only showed him a picture of her body. She had died from a gunshot wound in the middle of her forehead, and on her chest, the gun was clutched in both hands. George said that it would not have been possible for Susan to shoot herself in the middle of the forehead and still hold on to the gun with both hands on her chest.
    George Meister returned home after four days without seeing his daughter’s body and for the next several months, he and the church fought over Susan’s body. Her body was not shipped back to the United States until December 1971. After being shipped home, an official from the church offered George a settlement, and George rejected it. He thought it was odd that the Church of Scientology would make him an offer, because if Susan’s death was just a suicide like they claimed, why would they need to make a settlement?
    After George rejected the settlement, he said that he and his wife started getting threatening phone calls, saying that they were going to get the same thing their daughter got.
    3 Mary Florence ‘Flo’ Barnett

    Photo credit: Scientology Media via Wikipedia
    In 1981, Michelle “Shelly” Barnett, a longtime Scientologist, married David Miscavige (pictured above), who worked directly under L. Ron Hubbard. After Hubbard’s death in 1986, Miscavige became the leader of the church, a position he still holds.
    On September 8, 1985, Shelly’s mother and David’s mother-in-law, Mary Florence “Flo” Barnett was found shot to death. She had been shot three times with a long-range rifle, twice in the chest and once in the head. Despite the number of gun wounds, the death was ruled a suicide. Flo had previously attempted suicide and her wrists had fresh slashes that were healing. Despite that bit of history, it’s a bit baffling to conclude that the 51-year-old woman, who was 160 centimeters (5’3″) tall and weighed just 51 kilograms (113 lb), fired four shots and hit herself three times with a long-range rifle.
    After the death, not much was made of the case. That was until 1991, when Time released an expose on Scientology that led to a court hearing about the church’s policies and practices. According to court documents, a former high-ranking church executive testified that Flo had joined a splinter group that opposed Miscavige. At the same trial, another former member of the church confirmed that Flo was part of the splinter group at the time of her death. Also, according to multiple witnesses, both Miscavige and Shelly were disgusted with Flo. After she was dead, Miscavige supposedly said that, “The bitch got what she deserved.”
    David Miscavige denied in court that he had anything to do with the suicide. None of the evidence, including the medical and police reports, points to him as a suspect. It’s also interesting to note that Shelly has been off the radar for a while. While the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed that she was alive in 2013, she has not been seen in public since August 2007.
    2 The Australian Mass Murders

    Photo credit: THERKD
    One of the most concerning aspects of the Church of Scientology is that they are strongly against psychiatric help, including medication. This, of course, has become a problem when people who are mentally disturbed are either members or try to join the church. Two of the most notable of these incidents happened in Australia.
    Scientology first took root Down Under in 1995. In October 1987, a man named Frank Vitkovic did a church personality test that said he had hit rock bottom. The volunteer who gave him the personality test said it was obvious that Vitkovic was mentally disturbed. So she encouraged him to enroll in one of their classes. On December 8, Vitkovic, who was 22, walked into an Australian postal office with plans to murder his friend. When Vitkovic fired at his friend, the gun jammed and his friend escaped. Eight other people weren’t as lucky and were shot to death. Seventeen minutes after the massacre began, Vitkovic jumped to his death. During the inquest into the mass murder, it was argued by the coroner that Scientology was a factor in the mass murder. Vitkovic, who was obviously mentally unwell, met with the Scientologists who told him that his life was at rock bottom, and the only help they offered was a pamphlet and a course. This could have worsened his already fragile mental state.
    Another incident happened in late 2006, in Revesby, New South Wales. Twenty-five-year-old Linda Walicki was diagnosed with mental illness, but her devout Scientologist parents wouldn’t let her get psychiatric help. Instead, the church sent them drugs from the United States. It seems the drugs didn’t have a calming effect: Walicki later stabbed her 15-year-old sister and her father to death and injured her mother as well. Walicki was found covered in blood wandering around the neighborhood. When police arrested her, she said that she had butchered her mother, father, and sister.
    1 The Fort Harrison Hotel Deaths

    Photo credit: Anonymous9000
    The Fort Harrison Hotel is located in Clearwater, Florida, and besides being an exclusive Scientology hotel, it is a high-level training center and the spiritual headquarters of the church. The church bought the 220-room hotel secretly in 1975. and since then, it has witnessed a number of unusual deaths. The most notable one is that of Lisa McPherson. McPherson had been a Scientologist for 18 years when, in 1994, the Scientology publishing company she worked for moved to Clearwater. She moved with it. In September 1995, after five years and 175,000 of Scientology counseling, McPherson was declared “clear.”
    On November 18, 1995, McPherson was involved in a minor car accident. After the collision, she got out of the car, took off her clothes, and said she needed help. She was taken to a psychiatric hospital but signed out a short time later against doctors’ orders. She was taken back to the hotel where a woman named Janice Johnson was put in charge of her care. But Johnson didn’t have a license to practice medicine in Florida. The license she had was for Arizona and even that was restricted after disciplinary problems. Seventeen days later, McPherson’s health was much worse, so the people who were caring for her took her to a hospital where a Scientologist doctor worked.
    In the process, they passed four other hospitals. When the doctor saw McPherson, she was bruised, looked unkempt, and wasn’t breathing. The doctor pronounced her dead. There was no obituary or police report; the church just quietly buried the body. Eleven days later, news of McPherson’s death leaked out. Officials at the church said that McPherson had come for rest and relaxation and then suddenly fell ill. The medical examiner said that wasn’t possible and that she would have been showing signs of dehydration five days before her death. In fact, she probably was not responsive 24 hours before she was pronounced dead.
    The family sued the church and the State Attorney’s office opened an 11-month investigation. The church was initially charged with two felonies. In the end, McPherson’s family and the church settled for an undisclosed sum, and the charges against the church were dropped.
    But that was not the only death in the hotel. Before McPherson even came to Clearwater, there were problems at the hotel. For example, in 1980, in the span of 11 months, 161 calls were made to 911. There were also at least seven other deaths of physically healthy people who stayed in the hotel. Then there are strange deaths like those of Josephus Havenith (who was found drowned in a bathtub full of scalding hot water) or Roger Nind (who came from Australia to get a $70,000 refund and was killed in an accident the day after his arrival).
    What is most baffling about the deaths is how uncooperative the church is with the authorities. Besides trying to keep the deaths quiet, whenever someone calls 911, the police respond to the call, but the church’s private security does not allow them to enter the hotel. The church claims that the calls to 911 are caused by most international guests trying to dial 011 to make an international call after dialing 9 to get an outside line.
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  24. xander meehan Member

    This is more repeat stuff... for me its remarkable that its running again... its important... I am just surprised that its being reprinted... more than likely because of Remini... yet more people reading it... even if its again is a good idea...
    This article is obviously by the US mag....

    Leah Remini: Tom Cruise's Ex Nazanin Boniadi Forced to Do Months of Menial Labor for Scientology After They Split

    November 3, 2015

    Tom Cruise's Ex Nazanin Boniadi Forced to Do Months of Menial Labor for Scientology After They Split Leah Remini isn’t holding back when it comes to Scientology and its No. 1 celebrity face, Tom Cruise.
    In her shocking new memoir, Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology, Remini makes a series of claims against the church and Cruise, 53, including one about his secretly selected girlfriend,The Iranian-born stunner, 35, joined the church at age 17 when her mom became a Scientologist.The King of Queens star, 45, said she met and befriended Boniadi in 2003.

    “Then in late 2004, she disappeared,” the sitcom star wrote. “I wondered if Naz had gone back to her ‘real life.’ Years later, I found out what had happened to Naz during this time. She underwent a confidential mission for the church where she thought she was being prepared for a special humanitarian project, but ended up with the role of Tom’s girlfriend.

    ”Cruise had just split from actress Penelope Cruz after a three-year relationship, and Remini claimed the higher ups in the church decided to find Cruise a new girlfriend.

    First, Remini said they allegedly convinced Boniadi to break up with her then-boyfriend by telling her he “admitted to several transgressions against” her. When she confirmed this story, she broke up with him. She was then allegedly forced to undergo a series of physical

    “Her orthodontic braces were removed, her hair color was darkened, and Greg [Wilhere, a senior Sea Org executive] took her on a very expensive shopping spree in Beverly Hills to buy a new wardrobe for her mysterious meetings with ‘dignitaries,’” Remini wrote.

    Eventually, she allegedly dated and lived with Cruise for three months. Throughout their secret relationship, she was supposedly asked to “report anything ‘non-optimum’ she observed in Tom so that they could help him.

    Remini also claimed that officials would ask Boniadi if she thought Cruise was “happy” and one executive suggested: ”Why don’t you be more aggressive with Tom and just put your hands down his pants when you see him?”

    After three months together, Boniadi was one day asked to relocate to a fancy hotel, according to Remini. She also alleges that Cruise did not contact her and she only dealt with Scientology officials who eventually ended their relationship without Cruise’s direct involvement.

    “Devastated by her experience, Naz confided in a friend who seemed to want to help her,” Remini wrote. “The friend then immediately wrote up a nine-page report on Naz.”

    The report caused Boniadi to be punished, moving her to a cheaper motel.

    “[She was] subjected to doing four months of menial labor, including tasks such as digging ditches and cleaning public toilets with a toothbrush,” Remini wrote. “Eventually she was promoted to selling Dianetics books on the streets of Tampa…She wasn’t allowed to talk to anyone, particularly her Scientology friends, since she was considered a traitor. She was not allowed to go anywhere alone unless escorted by either church security, ethics staff, or a representative of Flag’s President’s Office.”

    Soon after, Cruise began dating Katie Holmes, who would go on to become his wife of six years.
    Today, Boniadi is a successful actress who has had recurring roles in hit shows like Homeland, Scandal, How to Get Away With Murder, and General Hospital. Part of her story was also featured in Marc Headley’s 2013 book, Blown for Good: Behind the Iron Curtain of Scientology. In the book, Headley claimed that Boniadi found out about audition tapes casting for Cruise’s future girlfriend while she was still dating him.

    “This girl wants to know all about these audition tapes,” Headley told the New York Post at the time. “She’s like, ‘When did this take place?’ And I’m like, ‘I don’t know, November, December 2004.’ She starts crying, gets up and runs out of the room. She was going out with Tom Cruise in December of 2004 — we were still auditioning girls then. That was Naz. That was the first time I ever met Naz.”

    When Boniadi's story was first brought to light in Vanity Fair's 2012 expose on the Church of Scientology, a representative for Cruise told ABC News in a statement: "Lies in a different font are still lies - designed to sell magazines."

    The church, for its part, has dismissed Remini's claims in her new book as "revisionist history," saying in a statement, "She needs to move on with her life instead of pathetically exploiting her former religion, her former friends, and other celebrities for money and attention to appear relevant again."

    It never ceases to amaze me how these S.O.B.s get away with this BS.
  25. MetalAnonMN Member

    Minnesota's effort for November 5 2015

    FB event page
    Twitter @MillionMaskMN
    See yous there!
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  26. Vexumbra Member

    I would just like to point out the irony of Minnesota's state capitol building being located on a street named after one of the greatest revolutionary minds the 1900s. Ah...the irony...
  27. xander meehan Member

    Most excellent... I absolutely love this... GO ANONY.... GO ANONY... GO ANONY...GO
    This is so EXCELLENT... I seriously love all of you so much... This actually lifts up my spirits...
  28. xander meehan Member

    Yup... how right you are...
  29. Guess what, The FBI has file on a large percentage of Members who post on this website. I know you don't want to hear it, and I know the moderator will most likely delete it, but I thought you should just know, Just In-case. It's better to know the truth, Always......
  30. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Yeah the FBI cares about our discussions. We b so tuff.
    I'm sure this board is monitored daily by various alphabets. The FBI is the least scary. They must have a " file" of our discussions but not a "file" on each member. No one here plans DDoS or hacking into government websites.
    I warn newbies about the surveillance.
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  31. The Wrong Guy Member

    Those fuckin' mods deleted my feet and now I have to walk on stumps. The bastards! It's gotten completely crazy here, I tell ya. Fuck those fuckin' mods!
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  32. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    The Milliom Mask March
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  33. arPnonymous Member

    Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Matrix16248 said:
    Guess what, The FBI has file on a large percentage of Members who post on this website. I know you don't want to hear it, and I know the moderator will most likely delete it, but I thought you should just know, Just In-case. It's better to know the truth, Always......
    Yeah the FBI cares about our discussions. We b so tuff.
    I'm sure this board is monitored daily by various alphabets. The FBI is the least scary. They must have a " file" of our discussions but not a "file" on each member. No one here plans DDoS or hacking into government websites.
    I warn newbies about the surveillance.

    Moar or less only because thats not how they monitor these days; I mean waaaay back they did manual searches and there "could" be a person of interest or 2 but theres no reason to casefile everything except general user numbers and maybe trending topics to add to the big datafile of "wheres the buisness going on"

    + Its not like back with scientology that we had people who actually thought stalking us would do jack shit ^*^

    Nope its not the internet nor the protest part that matters.. its the "what kind of person are you" that does...

    Im hungry for alphabetsoup now btw.
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  34. arPnonymous Member

    For example I think the "scientology membership dropout graph" did wake interest at least over here on mainland europe where o.a france is highly in the process of banning these cash-scam bullshit salesmen...

    Now we wait till politicians realise they are the biggest bullshit salesmen... I be dead then though ;)
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  35. BlackPanther Member

    *blinks slowly* I can't with imbeciles. Disam you shut it down. Respect!
  36. Hahahahahahahahhaah
    Yeah the FBI cares about our discussions. We b so tuff.
    I'm sure this board is monitored daily by various alphabets. The FBI is the least scary. They must have a " file" of our discussions but not a "file" on each member. No one here plans DDoS or hacking into government websites.
    I warn newbies about the surveillance.
    *blinks slowly* I can't with imbeciles. Disarm you shut it down. Respect!

    No offense....But you must not be that informed....They have a file of over 70 million Americans.

    Read this if you have the Time:

    And this:

    I'm being Polite and respectful to Both of you. You just simply need to look up on how they do it, no offense...It's like a "Team Effort" with these Agencies. No, they don't track everyone, but its quite simple, If you're a Member or moderator you just ever so slightly politically subversive. Not quite enough for them to have a file on personally but they do match, patterns of conversation and through that they gain an overall assessment of who is who. Data mining is all about pattern matching behaviors and with that you can tell if someone new is posting or if that person had similar types of sentence structure, to a previous post.
    If you're a black panther you moderately politically subversive. The Gentleman above who said that the FBI monitors most of us is wrong too. They Monitor some of us, though, they have a classification system to find out whether or not you're likely to be prone to violence.
    Don't just show "Respect to someone" Because you almost sound like the person above the moderator doesn't have a point. I mean everyone is human, and I consider everyone's point of view, Having an open mind about everything means that you can learn everything that this universe has to offer. I conduct just a little analysis of the content people that post on here. The truth is you can learn from anyone, and let me ask you something politely and completely respectfully, why would you say "I can't with imbeciles" when you say it with that sort of sentence structure, you don't sound like you make any realistic sense at all. Just respect everyone's point of view and you can study and learn from them.
  37. furball Member

    Does it look like we give a fuck?
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  38. If anyone has the Time......Look up FORNSAT TS/SCI on TOR browser or Yahoo or Google Images its how the N.S.A. collects Intelligence Worldwide also Look up the: Domestic Intelligence Directorate TS/SCI on the same TOR browser. Additionally look up: Sentry Owl, Equation Group TS/SCI, Sentry Eagle, Boundless Informant TS/SCI. Moderator Please Don't Delete This we all have the Right as Citizens of this world to know what SIGINT is doing and what companies work actually with the Government to undermine our Privacy. Sentry Eagle is so Invasive its not even funny.

  39. Anonymous have for many years secretly accessed U.S. government computers in multiple agencies. Exclusively the FBI. One can attribute the blame for those specific incursions to a lack of security in their use of Adobe Systems Inc's software. Multiple undetectable back doors were initiated. I do believe that there is gigabytes of hacked FBI employee data still sitting on multiple Hard drives. Somewhere.

    Who's watching the watchers?

    We are.
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